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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Again... A short post, today. Too much partying last night. My body is limp. My brain- near dead. I just woke up from my near coma to take a big long piss and to make a few comments on the blog. Gettin' too old for this shit, goddamn it! Geesh.

Last night, I was watching a talk show. I think... well, yes, I know it was a talk show before passing out. It was Late Night With Craig Ferguson. God, that motherfucker makes me laugh with his insane remarks and ramblings. At the beginning of the goddamn show, he has two college-age girls from the audience come up. One is a blonde. My bleary eyes can't quite make out the color of the other one's hair.

I better hurry up with this post. I'm starting to fade again into SleepyLand.

Anyway, the blonde haired girl has two phrases tattooed on her arms. The 1st line is on one arm. The 2nd on the other. It's beyond awesome, what they convey.


This is actually a verse from a song- From the band, The Anniversary and the song, Sweet Marie.

Now, I don't know about you, but I love me some goddamn quotes there, brothers and sisters... And this one takes the goddamn proverbial cake and frosting, too. Think about the meaning of those words. Think of how this quote and/or verse can apply to you or any one else throughout life.

While you're pondering the profundity of those words, check out the picture of the beautiful Dogwood tree I took earlier in the week. Very pretty. Invokes a sense of peace, don't ya think? And don't look at the dumpster in the background! Doesn't mean anything. Look at the flowers on the tree and enjoy the moment. This is what Spring means to me. You diggin' it?

If you're not, maybe you're friggin' dead inside. I don't know. All I know is, is that quote up above is loaded with TRUTH, my friends. The kind of truth that should be embraced.

As any of you know, who've been reading this blog for a period of time, you realize I love great quotes as I've had a bazzilion, yes, a bazzilion of meaningful quotes on this blog at one time or another. Click the tag, where it says quotes, off to your right, in the tag cloud, if you're hungry for more, you lovable bastards.

That's all I got for now. Time to go back to bed. I'll catch up with ya and all your blogs when I fully come back to life. lol lol lol...... and so on. :) Peace out, people and have a dandy rest of your Sunday!


klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
How's it goin' eh? Just practising my Canadian, before I go visit n'stuff, as they shower me with praise and gifts and wild n' crazy sexy Canadian chicks who wish to worship my body n' stuff. Yes, then I woke up :)
Anyhow...very good posting, as per usual. "Late Night With Craig Ferguson". I've been out of the loop in regards to American television. Is this guy a replacement for Indiana's other celebrity, Dave Letterman?
That's quite the profound and awesome quote tattooed on the girl's arm and I do like a quote and a blonde-haired college gal, Y'all :)
Great photo of the beautiful Dogwood tree. Incidentally, did you know that the Dogwood tree is the official floral emblem for the Province of British Columbia?
Take care friend and I hope you had a great sleep and a darn good jerking session n' stuff :)

Kelly said...

klahanie- I hope those Canuck chicks suck your bone dry when you get there, dude. I hope they take every last drippy drop of sperm from your scrotum like crazy drugged up vampires with rabies n' stuff. Yep. This ain't no dream, either, dude. It's a BONERfide preDICKtion! "Late... Ferguson" isn't a Letterman replacement. Speaking of ol' Dave, we're quite darned proud of him, seeing as how he's from the Hoosier state and all. He went to Ball State University. A college many of my friends attended and I got to party heavily at. The stories I could tell from those times, would make a grown man's head explode. Yeah, that quote is very profound- on many levels. No joke. No, I didn't know that about this particular tree being the official floral emblem. That's cool. Dogwood trees, in any color, are beautiful, I feel. I'm starting to wake up, after my nap, now- especially after commenting to all five of Static's comments from the Q&A post. Take care, man. I haven't forgotten ya.

The Wolf said...

Those are some very good quotes indeed. I'm kinda curious to know where else on her body she has some words of inspiration

LilPixi said...

I friggin' adore good quotes!!
I breathe them, and at one point, I was just the same with finding & using them everyday. The power of words (which invoke deep thought & positivity) is INCREDIBLE.

Beautiful tree. The sense of peace is from the realization of the beauty & innocence that TRULY lies on this earth aside from all the corruption & angst created by the filthy humans who, unfortunately, don't see the light.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly. You have kept up a standard at least as brilliant as your regular output duting this one-post-a-day month. Fabulous.
Halfway through this one I got the feeling you were on auto-pilot! But it's still a great post. Keep it going.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Well, now... I just bet you are. Wouldn't it be neat if she had a tattoo on her lower back that said: Fuck Me Here- with an arrow pointing down to her ass crack. That's something else my wife has seen at WalMart. A customer came through her line, bent over to get something from the bottom of her cart and she had that on her backside.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- You're so right about the power of words invoking deep thought. Well, they do for some folks, anyway. :) I'm like like you. I love quotes like this. Words like these can really make you think and in extreme cases, can change your life.

I love what you said about 'sense of peace' and the rest. Words that are so true. You have a beautiful soul, LilPixi. Have a great day!

Kelly said...

bazza- Thank you, bazza, for saying that about my standards in posting. This weekend was difficult but I managed to put out a few decent postings despite my "indulgences" and my body's reaction to Saturday night. :) I have to thank you, also, for your support in this endeavor. Take care, my friend.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,

Are you fully recovered? I'm thinking I must be going a bit daft since I thought I'd left a comment on this post. I love the tree. It has for real life blossoms! I saw a crocus yesterday. BTW, thanks for the mention over at Trials of a Madman. Much much appreciated!

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Yes, fully recovered and ready for action in the BloggyWorld. Thank you, sincerely, for asking. And I apologize for calling you Sincerely, sincerely. What? Oh yeah... That's okay about thinking you thought you left a comment. I do that, at times, too. Yes, the Dogwood is beautiful. We have a lot of them around here. That must have been cool to see the crocus. They're pretty. You're welcome on the mention of your nice self on Greg's site. I was hoping you would see the part about the 14 foot snow drift. I hope the snow has vanished for you up there. Day to day, we're never sure if it's going to rain, snow or have a barrage of tornadoes or have complete sunshine around here. It's wild. Take care, Rebecca

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