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Saturday, August 7, 2010

End of The World Delight

Hey gang, let your old pal, Uncle Kelly, tell ya the tale of a lil' planet of long ago. It was called, oddly enough, Idiotica, and it was outrageously overpopulated with a bunch of wacky two legged creatures. They were called DumbAsses.

Now they say the DumbAsses on planet Idiotica started out as crazy turd-throwin' monkeys. But I don't know about that. I have my own theory that seems a bit more sensible. I think a bunch of messed up, drug lovin' aliens got bored one week and dropped by perfect Idiotica for a bit of experimental hooha. Since the aliens didn't poke each other in the porkholes anymore and they were gettin' tired of lookin' at all of the mountains, oceans and trees- I think they decided to break up the monotony of living on Idiotica with an act that would change everything on the planet. Yes sir, the aliens decided to make a new species of being with their advanced technology. Thus, the DumbAsses were emanated. The aliens, seeing what they created, were so embarrassed, they took off like a flea and didn't come back for a real long time.

So after the aliens left the DumbAsses to make decisions for themselves, the Early DumbAsses right away began playing "Take Mr. Stinky and Push Him Into The Taco of Love." When they weren't doing that, they would hunt down vermin, eat til their bellies bloat and hit each other with sticks.

Oddly enough, a lot of the inhabitants of Idiotica delighted in their worship of inanimate objects. The theory being- If ya sing your praises to a rock, the rock will give your people a head of lettuce and other stuff. Here's a sample of a couple of their prayers:

Oh statue of a god I just made up
Please tell me what I should do.
Should I take my first born
And drown him in the river
Or allow him to grow up to be a fine DumbAss like me?

Another one...

Oh big ol' shiny ball in the sky
You are so great
And look so good up there
Could you make it so we have enough beans for the winter
I love you

Later, the folks of Idiotica moved on to praying to deities they couldn't see. A lot of times, they would fight over their deities and beliefs and cause plentiful bloodshed for anyone who didn't believe what they believed. They even had festive events called Inquisitions where they would pick a disbeliever out from the crowd and slowly torture them to an agonizing death. Ha ho! They sure knew how to have a jolly ol' time!

It's been on record in the history books that one of the knights, during a holy war, had this to say, as he plunged his sword into the chest of an unarmed DumbAss, "Come-come, my good man. Cannot you see the practicality of believing in the glory of my god?" The unarmed DumbAss had this to say, "Ahhhh!" Then he died.

During the Industrial Age, The DumbAsses made something that would change their world for years to come. It was called pollution and they used it to slowly poison themselves to death. Hurray!

Another wacky thing the DumbAsses liked ta do was cut down trees. They weren't happy, it seemed, until they cut down every last one. When all the rain forests were wiped out, they noticed (a bit too late) that good clean air and oxygen was a bit scarce.

A lot of crazy things they did to pollute and ravage the planet also changed the weather. It was called global warming. Whew! It's gettin' hot in here. Can you kids say s-l-o-w-d-e-a-t-h?

The main objective of living on Idiotica, of course, was to get more moola (money). And enough was never enough for the typical DumbAss. And the more ya had, the more other DumbAsses seemed to respect ya. Which is funny and truly pathetic when ya think about it. Ha ho! Those crazy DumbAsses loved and worshiped those lil' green pieces of paper more than any other god on Idiotica. In fact, the whole ecosystem of Idiotica was forsaken for the Almighty Dollar. Golly!

Every so often, the DumbAsses of Idiotica would elect a new president, king or puppet. One country of DumbAsses, in particular, prided itself on being free. Free ta do what? The only freedom these DumbAsses really had was the right to vote for a new ruler every so often. They didn't get to make the laws of their land. They didn't get ta decide how much money would be ripped out of their paychecks to support their government. And many times, the DumbAsses' government would control the DumbAsses by telling them lies and forcing them to watch ancient reruns of Gilligan's Island or worse yet, The Jerry Springer Show. Excuse me now- while I puke up a Toyota.

And good gollykins but those DumbAsses enjoyed a good war. It would always be about land, religion, fossil fuels or the color of skin. These DumbAsses would kill each other like there was no tomorrow. Crazy fun for one and all! They wouldn't be satisfied until they had annihilated almost everybody in a big ol' murderous frenzy.

Now a couple DumbAsses would try to rally people for the cause of peace.

Peace. Peace. Peace. That's all they would talk about. They, of course, were killed instantly. Where did they think they were? On another planet or something?

The world wars that would be engaged in later were over food, water and the basic necessities of life. Strangely enough, instead of pulling together so that their species had a chance of surviving, they continued to kill and kill and kill one another. Imagine that!

Finally, the aliens came back to check up on the DumbAsses, ready to introduce themselves proper and such. But when they arrived, they saw that the folks on Idiotica had enough nuclear warheads and other high powered weaponry to entirely destroy their planet 50 X 3 plus 2 and decided the DumbAsses were intent on killing themselves and weren't worth their time and trouble.

With the advent of the predicted Final World War, the seas and oceans boiled while the lands of Idiotica burned with the fires of nuclear devastation. Alas, there was to be no surviving for any DumbAss due to complete widespread fallout and radiation. And did I mention fire? Woohoo!

What started out as a perfectly beautiful, life sustaining planet was eventually turned into a perfectly destroyed ashen rock of lifelessness. The End.

Gosh, you sure didn't see that coming. Did you? Ha ha! Well, this is Uncle Kelly, bidding you a joyous farewell and sweet happy dreams. Aloha, adios and goodbye!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'll Be Back

You're already missing the fuck out of me, huh? Heh heh.

Arnie Schwarzenegger said, warningly, in those Terminator movies, "I'll be back." But instead of coming back and shooting up the place, I'll hopefully be relaxed, yet somehow re energized. Where am I going? To the Caribbeans, friends, on a cruise ship. I've been blabbering about it on this site for months, off and on. And now, the time, is close at hand. After so long of dreaming about it, masturbating to the thought of it, it is finally fucking happening.

Thank freaking Zeus!

But before I actually go, I'm going to take some time off from blogging to take care of some shit here and spend some quality vacation time with the wife. She's been under a lot of stress, lately, from work and it has been affecting her health, unfortunately. Besides, that, I need a break from the blogging world. I'm starting to get a little burned out from it all. It seems to happen every four or five months to me and that usually means I need to take some time off. Recharge the batteries.

What this means to anyone has been dropping by the blog or interacting with me, in connection to the blog, is that I won't be posting anymore. I won't be commenting on any blogger's sites, either. At least not until the 2nd or 3rd week of September and then... wait for it... I'LL BE BACK! And then, after some recuperating, I'll be posting pictures of my Caribbean adventures and bragging about all of the food I ate on the cruise ship, the island excursions, the beautiful scenery and all of the good (hopefully) looking chickies I saw on the nude beach we're going to. It'll be my luck I see an old big bellied freak in tiny speedos that will cause me to barf up my once delicious food, but, at least I won't be here.

That's another thing. I'm tired of being here. The wife and I haven't traveled more than a state or two away in the 21 years of our marriage, with the exception of our honeymoon, so I think we more than deserve to get the hell away. Way, far away.

In closing, I say I have one more post to put up on Psycho Carnival before I make my temporary retreat. It'll be a biggy. And I will respond to any comments made on that post.

And two more things: I will respond to all emails I'm sent, so if you just wanna chat or see what's up with me, go for it. That will be great. And finally, I hope everyone's lives go about as happily as possible without my god-like existence and you remain safe and content.

Take care, everyone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Prime Example of Good Taste and Refinement

Gabriel and Richard Swab, the toast of New York's high society, were currently invited to the Governor's mansion for a charity benefit this past Tuesday. As a show of ample generosity, the sophisticated couple have given a substantial amount of time and money to the Governor's Crotch Rot Relief Foundation, citing that everyone claiming to have a heart to contribute something of themselves for such a worthy cause.

In the past, the Swabs have been applauded by critics and predominate officials, alike, for their unswerving excellence in all things sophisticated and proper.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Strange What Is And Isn't Accepted

What I'll be ranting about today is from the point of view of someone living in the U.S. This post will be about the odd general beliefs of American culture, though many of these beliefs are shared by the rest of the world's populace. Enjoy. Think. Scratch your ass. Or all of the above.


Corporate greed and greed, in general is perfectly acceptable. When this society hears of corporate greed as in the case of Goldman Sachs, the mortgage bankers who routinely screw people out of money, giving exorbitant amounts of money to their CEO's, it makes the news for a couple days. Then the public yawns, when some form of corporate greed is exposed and says, "Well, what can you do?" and keeps working to pay their bills, raise their families and repeats the routine the next day. It's an old story. Pathetic and true. Any outrage may last a day at the most, if there is any.

We're encouraged, in the U.S., from an early age to adulthood that the accumulation of money and material things is the normal course to go in one's lifetime. Money is the end all-be all of existence, after all. And the void in your life must be filled with crap bought at the store, mall or online. Having enough currency to be secure and have a safe place to live in is simply not enough. Enough is never enough for us. We're fat? Yep. Have too many toys, trinkets and electronic gadgets? Sure. The rest of the world hates us? You bet. Do we turn a blind eye to what we are?

Well... Is the sun hot?


I'm surprised that the English dictionary doesn't define a deviate as someone who believes life can be enjoyed by experiencing the simplest of things. You know. The sight of a flowing river or mountain. Love. Peace. A drive through the country. Creating something positive. Sharing something of yourself.

Eh, I guess someone like that would be called old fashioned, out of place. A real nonconformist! A real nonteam player! You better hang that illogically thinking head of yours in shame, freak! Your kind is not welcome and you shall be shunned!


War. What goes with greed better or is more associated with that cultural disease than acts of war? Well, I mean other than vast, pointless loss of life, whether it's military personnel or civilian. War is accepted, sometimes thought of as patriotic, even, and happily used to rob someone of their land and/or natural resources. Doesn't matter what innocent people are killed. Those civilians' deaths may make the news that day or not. Doesn't matter to the public. You can tell because we allow it to happen. That's called encouragement.

War is often celebrated- with the giving out of medals to people who kill other people, parades, banners or news of a battle triumph. Often, it will be explained away as perfectly acceptable using various excuses to justify it with the history-proven reliability tools of manipulation and propaganda.


Talking. Listening. Understanding. Peace.


Celebrity or wannabe-celebrity worship. We can throw youth in the pot, as well. Our society and our media glorifies the rich, famous, young, thin or those trying desperately to be any of those things. That type of societal sickness has always been a great source of ridicule for me. Who's responsible? Media. Magazines. TV producers/networks. Ourselves, for buying into that shit.

Reality TV is as far removed from reality as you can get. It is all poorly scripted hogwash. The attention needy fucks on those low budget (to the networks advantage) shows are advised to act this way or that but they can't even convincingly do that. If I want to watch fiction, I'll watch a real TV show. Give me real actors and a believable storyline, for chrissakes! Or give me an interesting documentary! Anything but reality tv slop.

Youth is overrated, as well. Most movies star young actors these days. Older, more believable and interesting actors have been pushed to the sidelines. Most commercials are geared for the 18-24 demographic with the unnearned spending money mommy and daddy gave to them. My motto: Fuck 'em! That goes for those who cater to them, in any way, especially.


Not paying attention to any of them. They have no more value than the rest of us.


The narrow-minded religious beliefs of organized religions. You could easily demonstrate that this, too, can be connected to greed and war through the uses and sources of books, newspapers, Internet, simple observation and common sense. Try it. It's fun. But I can't be held accountable if your brain starts to hurt from thinking differently. Just sayin'.


Believing in things that most people scoff at. Examples: Ghosts, Extraterrestrials, some things that can't be seen with your eyes, ESP, an afterlife (not necessarily a Christian version) and other phenomenon I could go on about but won't. If I did, I'd never finish this post.

Remember folks: There's no such thing as a 100% guarantee on what is real and not real. That goes for anything. What was scientifically proven or disproved in the past can be squashed like a bug tomorrow.

Keep your mind open for anything. And feel free to dwell upon anything I said. And let me know if your head starts to hurt. I need a good laugh.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Thing About "Stadium Arcadium"

This song, created and performed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2006, is from the double album of the same title. I think this song is really under appreciated in the collection of 28 songs.

Maybe you've heard it before. I don't know. The thing about "Stadium Arcadium" is that it is at once hauntingly beautiful but also deeply mystical, or if you prefer, spiritual. You listen to it and it takes you away through the clouds, throughout the stars and, for me, anyway, you feel as though you have become one with the rest of the universe.

Every time I've listened to it, I'm left feeling inspired somehow.

I know. It sounds like my cheese has completely slipped off it's cracker but I can't help it. I love this song and it's really not that heavy (like the kind of music I often listen to)- at least in the sense of it being a rock song. But it is heavy with heart and soul.

The lyrics are open for interpretation and many have found different meanings to this song from what I've seen on the Internet. The song stands way out among my favorites on the entire double CD set. Don't get me wrong. I like them all but this is the one I always come back to.

Listen to it at least once and let me know what you think. Be honest and feel free to agree or disagree with what I said or whatever keeps your cheese on your cracker. :-)

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