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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Second Round of Auditions For The Circus

If you missed the previous "round of auditions", click here, friends and neighbors! It might help you when reading this second part of the story. Either that or it will transport you to a far away loony bin, where purple cross-eyed elves and Happy Ewes in crotchless panties frolic about you as you drool, uncontrollably.

As the family of mentally impaired clown midgets left Asmodeus' Astounding Circus, happy to be newly employed, the ringmaster, Gregorio, grabbed a flask of whiskey from his pocket and took a swig. Byron Asmodeus, the owner of the circus, was a large man with dark brown eyes with just a hint of red surrounding the pupils. The look on his face seemed to convey much wisdom. Byron had owned the circus for 20 odd years. His ringmaster, Gregorio, was his hardworking manager.

Asmodeus stood up from the desk to stretch his long legs after hours of judging, took out a joint, lit it and inhaled deeply. After exhaling, he looked to his ringmaster and asked, "Who's next?"

Gregorio put the flask back in his pocket and announced, "Next, we have a very different group of characters up for audition, my old friend." Asmodeus nodded, rubbed his goatee and said, "Fresh meat for my entertainment."

After this was said, the potential performers for the circus were escorted into the tent by a very large, muscle bound behemoth by the name of Gonza. Gonza was a cruel, burly man who enjoyed his job as Head of Security for Asmodeus. Many claimed Gonza had crushed the skulls of dozens of victims, with his massive hands, in the past. Asmodeus knew of Gonza's past and had hired him, almost immediately.

Asmodeus and Gregorio sat down at the large wooden desk after they had taken a short recess between rounds of auditions.

The first performer stepped onto the stage. Gregorio promptly introduced him, saying, "This is Mr. Wait and See."

Asmodeus asked the man, who seemed weak in appearance, what he did.

Mr. Wait and See said, with little enthusiasm, "I wait and see what will happen as we continue to experience global warming and volatile climate change and ignore all the obvious signs of the evidence around us until civilization crumbles, as it has before, and we, as a supposedly intelligent species, die off."

Asmodeus nodded, considered what Mr. Wait and See had said and then commanded Gonza to come over. Asmodeus explained, "Gonza will assist you in your performance."

Gonza cheerfully and ruthlessly grabbed the puny man's head with both enormous hands and with sheer force, popped Mr. Wait and See's head like a candy-filled piñata. Instead of candy, however, blood, brain matter and bone fragments were sent flying in all directions, hitting everyone in a twenty yard radius. Mr. Wait and See's body fell, lifeless, to the floor.

Asmodeus licked the blood off his lips and then shouted, "Clean up on stage 3!"

Not long after this, a little curly haired dwarf waddled up to the stage with a mop, bucket and other cleaning supplies. Quicker than their eyes could register what they were seeing, the dwarf moved with mercurial speed and had the mess gone in seconds. Gonza took the headless corpse and fed it to the ravenous wolves outside. He laughed heartily and then said, "You don't have to 'wait' for your dinner today, my friends."

The wolves quickly gobbled up the body, with teeth gnashing, tearing the corpse into shreds. With their appetites satiated, the wolves slept comfortably, occasionally cutting the odd fart or two.

"Next, we have The Amazing Trixie to possibly entertain us," explained the ringmaster.

Asmodeus eyed the college girl's voluptuous figure and speculated on how he would enjoy having the young woman as a guest, later, inside his mansion.

"And what can you do for me, today?" asked the ancient circus owner, spittle forming at the corner of his mouth.

The girl, completely overjoyed and oblivious to the fact that someone had just been heinously murdered in front of her, was ignoring Asmodeus and Gregorio. She was texting away on her little electronic contraption about her plans for the upcoming weekend.

"Ahem!" shouted Gregorio, in an attempt to get her attention.

Trixie, startled, looked up and coyly asked, "Oh, it's my turn?" Her sizable breasts jiggled as she bounced up and down, bubbly and full of surprising energy.

Asmodeus stared evilly at Trixie and whispered, "Tell us what you're going to do and do it... Now."

The Amazing Trixie giggled and then replied, "Well, um, heh heh, I'm kinda doing it right now."

Ringmaster Gregorio demanded, "Explain yourself, girl!"

Trixie brushed her blonde hair back, laughed and said, "Well, um, I'm able to text and text and text and never stop, no matter what happens around me."

Asmodeus glared at her. Trixie's once overly perky smile turned upside down into a frown as she added, "Well, um, until now."

Asmodeus rubbed his chin and let out a howl of laughter. Trixie was relieved, taking this as a sign that "all was good in the neighborhood", so to speak.

Crimson horns sprouted, suddenly, from the top of Asmodeus' head. Showing the true nature of who and what he really was, Asmodeus stood up and calmly walked over to Trixie. The demon took Trixie by the chin with his clawed hand and with fiery eyes looking down into her almost completely innocent face, he calmly said, "Gonza, will you please escort the young woman outside so that I may confer with her, in private, later?"

Gonza bounded onto the stage, grabbed Trixie around the waist and hurriedly whisked the college girl off the stage. When this happened, she dropped her texting device. Before she was exited out of the tent, everyone heard her exclaim, "Wait! I dropped my phone! I need to text my gal pals about the new color I painted my toenails!"

By this time the other potential auditioning performers were shifting, uneasily, from foot to foot. They looked up at the demon, Asmodeus, who had somehow grown taller in size and more fierce looking. Trembling, a few of them pissed their pants in fright.

Ignoring their fear, Ringmaster Gregorio waved the next one up onto the stage and introduced a man that was clothed in an expensive suit and tie. He seemed very out of place.

"Next, we have Speaker of The House, John Boner."

The politician nervously corrected the ringmaster and said, "Uh...My name is... um... pronounced 'Bay-ner'... actually."

"Boner, it is, then," said Gregorio, unflinchingly.

Asmodeus bent down, inches from the Speaker of The House's orange-ish colored face and menacingly inquired, "What is it that you believe you can do for me in order to possibly entertain our audiences in the future, Mr. Boner?"

Normally outspoken Republican, John Boehner, hesitated at first, then explained, "Well... I can... cry at will in order to seem... genuinely passionate... for the media and the American public."

"Yes, go on," demanded the demon, with smoke rising up from his hellish form.

Boehner continued, "And I am able, um, eh, to help convince members of congress and the American public that... we really have no need for nationwide healthcare that would allow even the poorest of them access to health insurance."

Boehner paused for a few seconds before saying, "And I have done much more than that... to cause, umm, needless misery for my personal gain. For instance, I..."

The demon held up his clawed hand to stop Boehner from droning on about his achievements.

Asmodeus grinned at the evil of which the politician spoke of. Nevertheless, the demon circus owner was considering the weaknesses of the man before him.

The demon sighed and then replied, "Though you show remarkable qualities in the political arena in which you dwell, I'm afraid there is no position you can fill here."

Boehner seemed sad and caused himself to shed a perfect single tear after hearing this decision.

"Awww," said Asmodeus, "Please don't be despondent, Mr. Boner."

The Speaker of The House looked up and smiled, believing that the demon was taking pity upon him. No sooner than this thought pass in his mind that the great, terrifying figure from the depths of hell rammed his arm down Boehner's throat and slowly pulled out the pathetic man's heart, intestines and other vital organs from his body. The politician's screams were muffled by the demon's arm and his body shook as blood and gore gushed out of every orifice.

Finally, the body fell to the stage floor. The head of the human was an unfamiliar mangled mess as every bone, eye and other parts of his face had been reduced to mush.

Gonza walked over with a garbage bag and scooped up the remains. Before exiting the tent, Gonza said, "Thank you, Master. The wolves will have full bellies, tonight."

Asmodeus laughed, heartily and then replied, "Just be sure to give them something for the indigestion they're likely to have with this last heap of human garbage."

Everyone burst out with gales of nervous laughter. Asmodeus sat back down and asked, "Who wishes to perform for me next?"

This story will likely be continued at a later time... at my convenience. :-)


G said...

I've always been distrusting of guys called have a cool style!

klahanie said...

Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and check out this latest posting on
Gregorio, Byron Asmodeus and a whole cast of neato folks auditioning to be in the circus.
I wonder what happens next? We shall just have to 'Wait and See'. And good old Gonza crushing Mr. Wait and See's head must have been the kind of visual that only someone who was there, could truly appreciate for the sheer skill and talent of doing such a thing.
And a dwarf with cleaning supplies to clean the mess up, along with the hungry wolves, makes me want to actually see the auditions. Sounds like more fun than the actual circus.
And Trixie the texting tease. LOL Trixie. I C U U C Me, Trixie?
Anyhow, this is a zany, surreal and rather disturbing posting, which I got some erotic pleasure from.
Hell, it even went a bit political. Now then, I'm worried that my comment might be too long, too rambling and that bloody blogger might not let me post this. Thus, I'd better end this and thank you for this. You are a very sick and twisted man, Kelly. Guess that's why I am in awe of you. Take care and may someone shove a 3 ring circus up your nether regions :)

billy pilgrim said...

i can't figure out if the pot was really good or really bad by the effect it had on old asmodeus.

Greg said...

Well..well well. That was interesting indeed. It seems that the only one that had anything of value to the old ringmaster was Trixie and her magical texting boobs.. or was it fingers?

Kelly said...

G- Lol... Yeah, I'm not sure how many people know this, but Asmodeus is an actual name for a particular demon. Thanks for the 'cool style' compliment. Take care.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hey Gary, thanks for thinking the ringmaster, the demon and the cast of auditioners are so neato. Yes, we shall just have to 'wait and see', eh? lol. I interjected a few new characters to the mix that I thought were interesting. I think I've kicked the ongoing series up a notch when Asmodeus was revealed as a demon. I hinted at that in the first part of the story I wrote a couple months ago. Glad you enjoyed the crazy, political, message-laden story I wrote. It's got a bit of everything, I thought. I hope the erotic parts gave ya a "woody from hell", man. :) Thank you for saying I'm sick and twisted. I have to admit, since I know myself better than anyone else, that is true. Hahaha. And that was sweet of you to say that about the 'three ring circus...' :) Take care, my friend and happy blogging. I'll give you Trixie's number later... if she's still kickin'- and screaming. tee hee.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- To be truthful, the pot effect was meant to be neither good or bad in what followed, afterwards. What the demon did and said, in my mind, anyway, didn't have much to do with the joint being smoked. I just wanted old Asmodeus to have a vice that was different than the ringmaster's drinking. I could have had him reading a titty mag but I thought it wouldn't fit, somehow. Take care, my friend. :)

Kelly said...

Greg- That is correct, good sir. Asmodeus was more interested in Trixie's luscious ta-ta's than her texting fingers. The texting was merely an annoyance for the demon circus owner. We'll see what happens with Trixie in the next installment. Happy trails, Greg!

LilPixi said...

Kelly........ You're. leaving. us. hanging?! Again?!

It's great, very creative, metaphorical, political, but you suck me in then leave me hangin'. lol (*Bustin balls, kinda. I want to hear the rest)

I love the pinata reference, and did I see something on FB earlier about Happy Ewes? I was very distracted today, but of course I finally made it over.

You know I luv ya, but, just finish the story, omg Wai?! lol

THE SNEE said...

I'm feeling the makings of a blockbuster book and movie Kelly......The Circus Chronicles. Asmodeus, the little demon, is a fantastic bad guy, and Gregorio, the grateful spawn, I mean pawn, will clearly figure prominently in this allegorical tale of evil versus.....uh? GOOD? Or GOD?......This was well written, all be it truly disturbing! I can't wait to see where you run with this Kelly. You've got an amazing imagination!

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Lol... Yeah, sorry had to leave you guys hangin'. I have to do that, at times, because my stories are so long (in my head) that if I were to do the whole story it would take forever for people to read and forever for me to write. lol.

I'll likely add another chapter to this one next month. Even I'm not sure what's going to happen, exactly, next. :)

Thank you for all the compliments on this post. It's a little bit of everything, isn't it? Yeah, what you said about the piñata idea and Happy Ewes on FB- I thought I'd throw into the story, somehow. Funny where we get our ideas from. I'm really glad you made it over. I thought maybe something bad happened to you again or, like you said, you got distracted by things. I luv ya, too, lady and I hope you're continuing to get better. Take care, LilPixi.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- hahaha... Yeah, this could be made into a movie, huh? I think it would beat what glop Hollywood has been coming up with, lately. Those bastards can't come up with any original ideas anymore. The Circus Chronicles is a good title. I'm glad you get the allegorical part of this disturbing, slightly humorous tale. I think it was a case of supernatural evil versus human evil, to tell you the truth. The thing with human evil is, is sometimes it can be hidden or subtle (which is worse, at least to me). At least supernatural evil, for the most part, is up front and you know what you're confronting. Thank you for the compliments on this story, Rebecca. I appreciate them. Take care and have a great day!

LilPixi said...

I love the stories, esp. because I don't think my overly-practical in a sense Virgoan mind could even remotely write good fiction (Maybe it depends. I think there are levels of fiction), so I am in awe of the people who can write it, make it good enough to suck you in, and the fiction the write. =)

Love & Farts to you, Kelly.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Thank you, LilPixi. Very kind of you. I'm bettin' you could write great fiction. I've seen your imagination and creativity at work on your own site, "It's a Lollipop World" (blog plug, intentional... lol). What you colorful descriptions and great writing you come up with, regarding the stuff that happens in your life and outside your life is amazing.

Awww... And thank you, kindly, for the Love & Farts. Very thoughtful of you, my friend. :) I did have a great weekend, though it was uneventful as heck, for a change. Hope you have a great day, LilPixi.

Static said...

Does this circus do private events? We could use their talents here.

Kelly said...

I could ask the demon, Asmodeus, nicely, if he'll head up north your way with his troupe of merry makers and entertain the folks in your area. But... I can't be held responsible for any explosions, kidnapping, perverted acts that end in grisly deaths or the guaranteed pools of bloodshed. :) Good luck, my friend!

Static said...

But that is precisely what I'm wishing for. :D

Kelly said...

Lol. Yeah, I bet. That's what I'd wish on some of the folks around here. :D

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