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Friday, April 15, 2011

Unusual International Laws

If you thought the American legal system was screwed up, in some ways, have a look at these laws around the world.

In Australia it's illegal to hire a woman under the age of 45 to work as a chorus girl.

Horses in Mukden, China, are required to wear diapers and their owners are required to empty them at regular intervals in specially made receptacles. (And if you think the diaper of a baby is loaded, imagine how much crap is in a horse's)

In Italy, a man may be arrested for simply wearing a skirt.

This guy should definitely not be wearing a skirt.

If you curse within earshot of a woman in Egypt, the law there says you must forfeit two days' pay.

In Switzerland they have some serious hang ups about doing some pretty normal things on a Sunday. For instance: Clothes may not be hung to dry on a Sunday. You may not wash your car on a Sunday. And it is considered an offense to mow your lawn on a Sunday because it causes too much noise.

In Toronto, Canada, law requires pedestrians to give hand signals before turning.

You must pay a $600 fine in Thailand if you're caught throwing away chewed bubble gum on the sidewalk.

In Germany, every office must have a view of the sky, no matter how small of a view it is. (This one may not make sense but it is very humane.)

English law forbids marrying your mother-in-law. (But then, why would you want to do that, anyway? Geesh!)

Swedish law prohibits trained seals from balancing balls on their noses.

Paris law forbids spinning tops on sidewalks... and staring at the mayor.

In England it's against the law to sue the queen- or to name your daughter "Princess" without the queen's permission.

In Teruel, Spain, the law forbids you from taking hot baths on Sunday. Cold baths are fine.

In Reykjavik, Iceland, it's illegal to keep a dog as a pet.

If you're arrested for drunk driving in Malaysia, both YOU AND YOUR WIFE go to jail. (Doesn't seem fair, does it?)

In Shanghai, China, red cars are outlawed. Other car colors are assigned according to the owner's profession.


PorkStar said...

Very interesting and informative. I was in Iceland last year and I saw people with dogs as pets, though. Still interesting laws. said...

If you curse within earshot of a woman in Egypt, the law there says you must forfeit two days' pay.

Imagine if Kobe Bryant played BBall in Egypt. He recently got slapped with a $100k fine for calling the ref a fa**ot on TV. That's only a half-day's pay for him.

I love this list! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be mowing swiss lawns on Sunday.

The Wolf said...

Nice list. What the fuck were these people thinking and or smoking when they passed those laws. I have a law of my own, stupid people should jump off a bridge while singing the Oscer Myer Wiener song

DocStout said...

I love the list of crazy laws, and while normally I'd jump to the defense of someone wearing a kilt with cries of "That's not a skirt!"
... you don't ever stand like that wearing a kilt, or I think you make it a skirt.

bazza said...

Most of those laws are, of course, archaic and either have been repealed or are not applied.
However, I have spent some time in Switzerland (I used to ski a lot) and it is a very conservative place. Everything shuts down at 8pm. At some traffic lights you have to turn your ignition off while waiting at red.
If you threw a piece of rubbish on the floor a worthy citizen would pick it up and hand it back to you with a scarey stare!
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

THE SNEE said...

Archaic or not...silly laws are entertain-No. I think they're actually scary. Freak me out kind of scary. Interesting to see what laws come from what nation though. Great post idea Kelly! I stand in awe.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Sir Tom Eagerly says:
I say old chap. Men in skirts. Whatever next? Sir Tom in a tutu. Well, actually let's not go there.
Tally Ho!

GEM said...

I was directed here through the Inspiraton award bestowed upon us by our fellow blogger Klahanie and this post proves why you are worthy of it. A very intersting enjoyable read.


Kelly said...

PorkStar- Thanks, dude.

Kelly said... Kobe would probably get his dick cut off in Egypt. Enjoy mowing Swiss lawns Sunday. That's what the rebels do there.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I have zero idea what chemical substances inspired them to make those laws. Your law sounds as good as any these days. Cheers!

Kelly said...

DocStout- I agree, wholeheartedly, on that. Especially since he's an older dude. When you get to be that age, you shouldn't be showing that much skin. People are trying to eat, ya know? I'll be at your site later tonight. My things to do list is getting way backed up. Thanks for commenting, man. Have a dandy day!

Kelly said...

bazza- Have to turn your ignition off while waiting at red? That's fucked up. I can see a lot of problems coming about with that one. The "rubbish on the floor and scary stare" incident would be enough for me to flee that country. I don't handle the really, truly crazy people too well. There's the crazy and then there's the potentially dangerous type of crazy.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Silly laws are entertaining and scary, if you ask me. Glad you thought the post was interesting. And congrats on the Inspiration Award from Gary, Rebecca.

You may stand in awe but I shall sit here in utter confusion, picking my nose and drooling, uncontrollably. Either that or go on Facebook to say something profound. Hahaha... Yeah, right. Thanks for the compliments and I hope you have a great weekend, Rebecca.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous? Sir Tom- Yes, please, do not go there. I do not want to see you in a tutu. My mind is a frazzled mess as it is and I think that image might just be the one to push me over the edge. :) Take care, old chap.

Kelly said...

GEM- Thank you, GEM, for the kind words. I haven't been to your blog as of yet but I do plan on doing so. I'm behind on blog commenting again because of outside inferences. Have a great weekend!

G said...

There are a few anti-Welsh laws kicking around the British statute books -
You can legally shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow in Chester, inside the city walls and after midnight.

The other odd one is that no one ever dies in the palace of Westminster (houses of parliament)...they're always pronounced dead on the way to hospital.

Kelly said...

G- Cool. I'm on my way to Chester for human target practice then. That last one about the palace of Westminster is odd. Thanks for the additional odd laws, G. Velly velly interesting.

Krista said...

Does vandalism in Singapore still earn one an ass-whoopin? God, I hope so!

Kelly said...

Krista- I don't know for sure but it should. I think if you break the law in any country, it should come with a complimentary ass-whoopin. It's just good manners!

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