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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please Enjoy The Live Squid Sashimi

The best part is when it stands up. He's saying, "Eat me! Eat me!"

As you can tell, I didn't have the time to put up a big post tonight. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have better luck. But, I thought, this might provide everyone with a look at something that isn't seen everyday... at least not by most people.


Static said...

Somebody should slice that sushi chef from his asshole to his fucking chin with a Ginsu blade. Fucking cocksucker. said...

I'm not sure what I think about this.

I mean, I like fresh fish, but wow.

DocStout said...

Love sushi, not sure I'd want to watch it stand up while being prepared though. Might make me ill.

(Ah, and if you missed it, you got the Liebster Award from my site.)

Kelly said...

Static- That what be fun to watch. I wonder if he would do a little dance after that was done to him like that squid fish. lol.

Kelly said... Yeah I like sushi, as far as fresh fish goes, but I would definitely pass on this... especially with the tentacles still squirming on the plate.

Kelly said...

DocStout- I'm with you there, man. see the answer I gave to LostinIdaho for my feelings on that. And hey, thank you very much for the award. Like I already commented on your site, I'll either do a post on it tonight or tomorrow, depending on the time the wife lets me have tonight on the computer. :) Thanks again!

klahanie said...

You've got to be squidding!
Static wrote basically what I was thinking when I watched that.
And thus, for no reason whatsoever, I leave you with this. Well, it relates to the sea. If you sea what I mean.
A prawn is a crustacean. A crustacean is chiefly an aquatic creature. Typically, having their body covered with a hard shell or crust. One type of prawn is known as a 'king' prawn. Contrary to what I had believed was true; a king prawn is not in line for the throne of the British monarchy. Crabs are crustaceans. One type of crab is known as a 'fiddler' crab. The fiddler crab, does not, as I was led to believe, play a small stringed instrument, or indeed, entertain the various sea creatures, with tunes from 'Fiddler on the Reef'. 'If I were a rich clam...' Lobsters are crustaceans. One type of lobster is named, 'slipper' lobster. To this day, not one slipper lobster has been seen wearing slippers, smoking a pipe and sporting some tacky cardigan.
I wonder if a prawn has 'coral sex'? Do they do it 'atoll'? I wrote this comment just for the 'krill' of it. I think I need 'kelp'. I know this comment was 'all at sea'. Yet, somehow, it 'warmed the cockles of my heart'.
Do you think you can find 'prawn of the internet'? Sorry Kelly, I obviously have no idea what I'm doing and I'm beginning to 'flounder'. Right, that's enough, I'll 'clam' up now.

G said...

I once saw something similar as a kid and have never ate sushi since lol

billy pilgrim said...

i like short posts.

kinda like picking out a live lobster from the tank and having some prick boil it alive!

i've been in countless chinese restaurants that have a dirty scummy aquarium with some almost dead fish you can select for a fresh meal. it turns my stomach.

Kelly said...

klahanie- 'Squidding?' You bet your pike on it. Hahaha... Oh, you do have a way with puns. I wouldn't even be able to try to keep up with all these plays on words you've put out for me to enjoy. I do thank you, though for the hilarious comment. My brain isn't functioning to even medium capacity these days since the wife has quit Wal Mart and found a new job. That is good news in a way but it has created problems which has been robbing her and I much needed sleep and focus and brainpower. The lack of sleep, in fact, made her forget her pills this morning and she had a heart attack from what she told me earlier. I really appreciate the comment, though, my friend. Take care.

Kelly said...

klahanie- I meant to say "she felt like" she was about to have a heart attack. Damn, I can't get anything right, I'm so tired.

Kelly said...

G- Yeah, after seeing something like that, I would probably think twice about it, too. Take care, dude.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Yeah, I wish I could write a longer one but the lack of sleep is getting to me- yesterday and today. The lobster in the tank reminds me of going to the restaurant, Red Lobster and picking one out of there. I know what you mean, exactly, about those dirty, scummy aquariums. The stench alone would turn my stomach.

LilPixi said...

You know, a lot of times YouTube videos don't load right for me on a blog page, and umm, this may be one of those times I'm better off. lol.

Esp. because I've really been wanting to try sashimi for a while now.
Oh, the horror!

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Yeah, this video is pretty freaky. The poor squid fish thing is still alive while the chef is slicing and dicing it and it remains moving around even after that and while it's going into people's mouths. I know I won't be trying any of it.

It was worse than watching a horror movie.

Anonymous said...

The slightly nauseous Sir Tom Eagerly says:
I think I should declare Kelly that I prefer my food a little more.... well, dead.
We've been having to watch bloody hours of Royal Weddings today and Lady Eagerly still thinks we should have been invited.

Kelly said...

Sir Tom- I'm with ya there, dude. Nothing should be wriggling when I'm about to eat it... unless it's woman squirming about on the bed and I'm about to go muff diving on her puddin'. Speaking of things being dead- that's what I'd rather be than watch that disgusting waste of money called the Royal Wedding. I heard the totals of what that thing costs and it makes me sick, knowing how that kind of money could have been put to much better use.

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