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Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Back Online And Seething With Madness

Yes, I'm back. My goddamn computer died on me. Completely! All my files, pics, programs and other assorted insanity was wiped away-- clean as a whistle dipped in hydrochloric acid. And no, I didn't have any back up copies. Yes, I am a dumb ass! But, to my pitiful defense, I was unable to create any back ups in the past because my goddamn CD burner wasn't working right. But still, I should have had it fixed.


Enter Dave, friend of mine and computer whiz. He made the magic happen. Thanks to him, my PC functions. My computer is back and with each day that arrives and dissipates (like my patience for these goddamn twittering birds outside my window) I slowly make my PC the wonderful dumping ground for all of my bizarre goodies it once was.

My wife won't let me have a gun or else I would go outside, in my tranquil suburban neighborhood, and start blowing away birdies!

BTW, it was really fun responding to all of my emails. Nearly a hundred emails from one account. Another 60 something from the other email account.

Blah Blah and Blah

I'm going to pop open a beer and buy a gun. Sounds like a plan.

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