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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playing With Your Food

It's amazing what art you can make out of everyday food, isn't it? I wish I had more time to write a lengthier post today but I'm afraid I won't be able to make that happen. Instead, I give you these pics to enjoy. See you tomorrow, everyone. Have a great weekend!


klahanie said...

Kelly dude,
I was wondering if you could like slow down with your postings. Maybe go for a bit of one-hand clapping or something :)
I'm struggling to keep up with your award winning blog and I'm commenting on this posting before I comment on the previous posting. Confusing, isn't it eh :)
It's amazing what you can make out of food and you have submitted the photos that prove it. Thanks for that.
Yep, amazing what you can make out of everyday food. Now then, if you bend over, see what you can do with a very large rotting cucumber..
Take care, my friend, I'm now going to backtrack to your other posting....see ya there :)

bazza said...

I think that apple must have been carved by the same man who carves the fancy carrots you get with some Chinese dishes.
I always imagine there's one chap sitting carving them in the kitchen while everyone else is doing all the work!
You must have secret contacts who provide you with these photos Kelly.

LilPixi said...

A subject after my own heart.
I once made a broccoli man with halved olives for eyes & a small slice of pepperoni curled up for a mouth.

What the HELL is that head made out of?!

Hope you're having a really great weekend, Kelly. said...

Now I don't feel as bad for making mashed potato sculptures throughout my youth.

The Eiffel Tater!

Kelly said...

klahanie- Gary, ol pal, like I said in my other comment to ya in way too many words :)... Comment when you can possibly comment. don't worry about keeping up if you can't or don't want to. I don't anything either way. Take your time, man. It's no biggy. Peace to ya, man. :) You see, I'm like on a personal quest- like I said in my posts about the beginning of April. glad you liked the wacky food photos. You sound very excited. I'll bender over the cucumber if you bend over for the pruning sheers. :) Good job backtracking. I'll be over at your award-wiining blog here soon.

Take good care and remember: An apple a day is okay. A apple every minute and you're going to have the shits. Those things do a number on you. Se ya.

Kelly said...

bazza- I think you may be right about that. And that would be one lonely dude chopping away at carrots and apples and fingers and toes. That's not sweet and sour sauce at the Chinese buffet bar. That's the blood of the food chopper dude and his body parts.

Yes, my secret contacts are so secret that if I told you I would have to give you a Banana Split Supremo. Oh no, wait, I'm saving that for Sir Tom. Take care.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- I believe if I saw your broccoli man, in the middle of the night, I'm my nightstand... I think I'd have a stroke and shit my pants. Sounds frightening, in other words. :)

I think the head is made out of cabbage. Kind of like instead of a Cabbage Patch Kid- it's the decapitated head of a Cabbage Patch Adult. Thanks, LilPixi. You do the same. Don't go for any wild car rides on walls!

Kelly said... I think I've seen some of your tater sculptures at the New York Art Museum. Bravo, sir! "The Eiffel Tater" made a lot of people swoon. :)

G said...

brilliant pics - I especially loved the orange one

Greg said...

Dude your making me jealous with all these posts! I just posted the award post you gave to me ohh what was it back in the 1800's.

Anyway thanks and I picked four other bloggers...Thanks!

Watch out for those cucumberbuns

THE SNEE said...

Food Art!!!! I'm absolutely slawed by the cabbage man.
Along these same lines, this morning at brunch, my eggs arrived with a garnish. Smoked Salmon wound into a lovely pink rose. I know. It sounds fishy.

Have a wonderful weekend Kelly!

Kelly said...

G- Thanks, man. Glad you liked them.

Kelly said...

Greg- Yeah, I'm doing pretty damn good so far with the post-a-day challenge I've given my self. A third of the way accomplished. Glad you posted the Originality Award. You deserve it, man. You're welcome! I will check out those four other bloggers later. I have to take a nap. Had a hard night of partying last night and still trying to recover. :) I'll watch out for the 'cucumberbuns'. Take care, dude!

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- 'SLAWED BY THE CABBAGE MAN', eh? lol. Good one. Smoked salmon wound into a rose sounds fishy? Well, isn't that a halibut thing to say?! lol. You are very clever with the ol' wordplay. Have a great Sunday, Rebecca! I need sleep.

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