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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Liebster Blog Award and The Last Day of The Challenge

Yes, at last. Thanks the gods! This is the last day of my self-imposed blog challenge where I have successfully met my goal of putting a new post up on the blog every day for the month of April. I tell you what. I have to say hats off to those bloggers that can post everyday. Either you guys that can do it are lucky enough to have an extra back pocket full of expendable hours or you have the stamina of an enraged bull elephant- whatever it is- kudos to ya! I really admire ya. Whatever it is, I'm impressed.

At the beginning, it wasn't that hard to post everyday. The first two weeks went like a breeze. That third week- a little tougher. But that last week, all hell broke loose and I didn't think I was going to make it. During the last week of April, everything was coming at me and the Mrs. from every direction. Health scares involving blood clots and risk of heart failure... check. Wife getting a new job with some unexpected problems accompanying that bit of good news involving the new job... check. Family gathering tensions around Easter... check. Being lied to by my wife's present-for-the-moment employers (for only another week) and thus creating panic and problems for several days... check. Lack of sleep from all of these worries and then some... check. All of that- in one week. And yet, here I am, hanging onto my last shred of sanity. I even managed to do a successful, hilariously twisted guest post, during this self-imposed blog challenge, on LilPixi's blog, It's a Lollipop World, while she is still mending from her surgical procedures.

Damn, I'm the man. Insanity and grace under pressure. Sure, I cheated a bit with a couple video-or-pictures-only-kind-of posts. Any monkey can do them. But overall, I'd have to say, I'm the greatest. And I'm modest, too. Wink. Wink.

Oh, and did I mention that I got not one, not two but three blog awards during this one month period of time? Man, you love me. You reeeeaaally looooooove meeeeeee. :P

This last week, I have fallen behind on commenting on my fellow bloggers' blogs. I will make reparations for this after today. Because of all the personal trouble and lack of sleep going on in the background, I fell woefully behind in my usual up-to-date blog post commenting. I apologize for this. I'll be taking a break from posting on my blog this following week because I need the rest from all the troubles and also because I want to gradually catch up on the blogs I've been missing out on.

One blogger, in particular, I want to point out, now, is DocStout. He is the blog author of What's Next?- The Unemployed Geek. This guy runs a terrific blog about gaming, movies, comics and many fun, zany subjects. His blog is a fun, informative read that shouldn't be missed and I truly appreciate the award he just gave me not long ago. I can now add the Liebster Blog Award to my nearly exploding-from-within trophy case. Look in the furthest right hand column for said bulging case. Tee hee. Gosh, I'm modest.

A special thank you to DocStout for this special award of acknowledgement. You're pretty damn cool, dude.

I thanks the gods the rules for this particular blog award are simple and to the point:

The Liebster Blog Award. Like many other blogging awards, this one asks you to "pay it forward" by passing it on in turn to deserving blogs, particularly 3-5 blogs with less than 300 followers.

Hooray! No redundant questions or over reiterated facts I have to answer and say about myself, for a change. What a relief!

In accordance to the rules and because I like to spread the awards around a bit when I pass them on- I want to award these three very worthy award recipients and I ask that my readers please check these awesome bloggers out. I only award those who I deem worthy. Here they are:

* Pickleope is a recent blog I've come to befriend and enjoy. The writing is extremely funny and entertaining. "Sketch comedy in written form, a Pickleope is the charmingly absurd offspring of a pickle and an antelope."

* Drama Queen from White Trash Chronicles writes this blog. This blog features funny subject matter and down-to-earth true life tales. Drama Queen offers a fresh honest approach in everything she writes. Highly recommended.

* Porkstar from Le Porkstar has a trippy, balls-to-the-wall outlandish blog that really jibes with me in both it's humor and outright wackiness. If you want to read humorous stories and unique observations on life, check out this dude's blog.

So there you have it, folks. I'm taking a well deserved week off from posting on my own blog but I'll be back after that. Meanwhile, I'm going to rest up a bit and gradually catch up on the rest of your sites. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten any of you. Take care, all of you and be well.


bazza said...

Hooray! Not only have you completed your self-imposed task; not only have you collected three awards on the way; you have done it at an amazingly high standard.
The majority of your posts have been, if anything, even better than usual!
Well done Kelly my friend. Enjoy your well earned rest.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

DocStout said...

A well deserved award. Congratulations on completing your challenge. I've contemplated going 7 days per week, but 5 sometimes wipes me out.

LilPixi said...

It is fascinating to me how you did the guest post amongst all that chaos, stress, & blog posting!

You freakin' made it!! =D
Your frequent posting was the highlight of my month. The parts I was around for, that is.
It sure will be missed!!

I recently checked out the Doc's blog as well, and holy crap, it is some serious awesome sauce!!

I hope this week goes SO much better for you & the Mrs., my friend. L&F

The Angry Lurker said...

I think 5 maximum is enough for me from now on, congratulations on the challenge and the award.

Erika said...

I tried to do the whole 'blogging everyday' thing. It really is difficult.... Where do people find their inspiration? -_-

Pickleope said...

Congratulations, sir! That's quite the marathon. Now at the end, go outside! Taste the fresh air. Wait, on second thought, there's too much pollution. Stay inside and crank on the air conditioning.
And thank you very much for the mention!

Annabelle said...

As someone who came to know of you in that CRAZY period, let me compliment your style. I was hooked on your content here and damn if you don't give good comment.

Also, just before I read this I said to Pickleope was "hilariously twisted". So yeah, get out my head.

Get some brain rest! said...

Much deserved break indeed. Great job! April was a dizzying month!

THE SNEE said...

Kelly, I really enjoyed this month of reading. Your posts were varied, well written, fun, interesting and at times.....jaw dropping. I hope you and your wife are well. It appears that Life and Smooth Sailing are not synonyms.

Rest and take care,

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
Big shout out to you for subjected yourself to your self-imposed blogging challenge, when you could of just as easily followed those fucking blogging 'sheep' who did that goddam A to Z Blogging Challenge. Which, let's be honest, was actually a way for the fuckers who set it up to self-promote themselves. Sorry, that was cynical, but do I care?
Really good to see you have received another award. If anyone deserves a bulging trophy cabinet, you do. And well done to those you have forwarded it onto.
I also think that was a very kind gesture, during your hectic month, to guest post on LilPixi's blog :) And a very zany job you did too.
And, many kudos for you achieving this during some more stressful times in your personal life. Much respect, your way.
In kindness and some moose shit, your way, Gary :)


It is tough so I give you props for that. Good job.

G said...

Enjoy the week's been a roller-coaster of a blogging deserve it

Greg said...

Awesome job dude and you deserve all the pats on the back and kudos you got! Your posts, at least the ones I read were great and Psychocarnival great.

Wish i had the time to read them all. Take a break and bask in your glory! I'll check out the sites you mentioned and I'm sure if you like them they'll be great.

Take care!

Rico Swaff said...

Congrats on posting every day in April. I am with you, I have no idea how people do it. Even when I had internet (still using my parents' cpu,) I would have to be a master of omnipresence to write a post every day, comment on other bloggers' entries AND maintain my job. I don't understand it either, but good job dude!

Kelly said...

bazza- Thanks, bazza, for everything you said and the support and encouragement along the way during my challenge. I'm still taking it pretty easy in the blogging world.

Kelly said...

DocStout- Thanks, man. For the award and the compliment. That challenge wiped me out. Still recovering. Still catching up on blogs... yours included. There are things going on in the background that sometimes keep me from getting on the ol' computer. Heh heh. You take good care, man.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Yeah, it was a struggle. During that last week, I almost was unable to post at all and comment on other blogger's blogs. Too much chaos and drama in the background. But I'm glad I could say I did it and do it without impairing my home life- in any way. Home life comes first, as always. I wanna thank you for your support and comments during my posting frenzy. Don't worry about missing anything. You were going through hell at the time with your surgery so I understand. Besides that, you did an amazing job of going back and commenting on every post I had done while you were recovering. I was truly touched by that and appreciate it. It was something you didn't have to do but did it anyway. You're amazing! Believe it or not, I'm still trying to catch up on everyone else's blogs but I'm still taking it easy on that. Have yourself a dandy day! Love & Farts!

Kelly said...

The Angry Lurker- Lol... I know what you mean by only being able to do so many posts a week. Writing up 5 posts a week would be challenging enough. I appreciate your thanks on the award and challenge and I'll be at your blog to comment ASAP. Take care.

Kelly said...

Erika- Not only- 'Where do people find their inspiration?'... But where do people find the time. The time and the dealing with every day life things is what I struggled with- especially during that last week. I'll be catching up to your hilarious blog ASAP. Take care.

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Thank you and you're welcome for the award. You deserve it. I'm gonna take your advice and get out to enjoy the pollution, maybe cough up a lung and later jump around in a dumpster all afternoon- just for fun. lol. Have a great day!

Kelly said...

Annabelle- I thank you very muchly (is 'muchly' a word? I think not) for complimenting my style. I try to write up dandy posts and give good comment. When I'm bleary eyed from lack of sleep or sanity or both, I push myself to go ahead and "git er done." I've taken your advice and have gotten some brain rest, too. I'll be catching up to your blog ASAP. Meanwhile, take care.

Kelly said... Thanks, man. Agreed. April was a dizzying month. Especially that last week for me. Oooh boy! Hey, I'l be catching up on your blog ASAP. I've been taking it pretty easy, lately. Have a good one!

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Yes, I did! With your comments and your encouragement and bloggers like you... I did do it. I'm really happy you enjoyed reading my posts this month. I did try changing things up a bit and throwing every lil' thing in but the kitchen sink. And the good news is, is that things are vastly improving in my personal life and I've been getting much needed rest, as well. That last week was a killer, for a lot of reasons. I can deal with one or two things coming at me but over that and... well... my sanity kinda goes- Bye Bye! Lol. Take great care, Rebecca. I'll see you on Fartbook and your blog soon. :)

Kelly said...

klahanie- Lol... Ah you know me... I don't follow the trends of anyone- A non conformist to the the end, my friend. I actually didn't know about that "A to Z Blogging Challenge" until I read about it on your blog. I think you and I, for the most part, travel in the same blog circles- but not always. The way you described that particular challenge, though, it sounded pretty silly. I agree about the self-promoting part, too. :) I thought of my own challenge before even knowing about the other sillier one. Thanks for the congrats on the award and compliment with guest posting and on that post, itself. Your support and encouragement helped me push onward with my own personal quest, for certain. Life is getting less stressful here and I hope things are going well your way. Take care, Gary.

Kelly said...

ISRAEL CARRASCO- Yeah, it is tough. And thank you.

Kelly said...

G- Thanks, man. It's been a hell of a ride. Take care. I'll be seeing you at your blog. :) Cheers!

Kelly said...

Greg- Thanks for the congrats on everything, dude. And I really appreciate the compliments regarding my posts in April. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I've been taking it easy, lately and basking in my glory. :) I'm glad I finally got around to your blog yesterday. Your latest posts were hilarious, as always. Take care, Greg.

Kelly said...

Rico Swaff- Thanks for the congrats, Rico. Yeah, it is surely hell (at least for me, anyway) putting out a post a day and commenting- with every else going on in my life. I don't get how some people can do it, too, continuously. They either stay at home and have zero responsibilities or they're super quick typists or well... I really don't know. It's a mystery. lol. In any case, have a great day, Rico and if I haven't caught up to your blog yet, I will.

billy pilgrim said...

you da man! we knew you could do it.

shit, i'll bet 50 cents you could do a post a day for a year.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Ha ha... thanks. Holy shit... a post a day for a year? Hell, I'm barely hangin' on to my last fraying shred of sanity as it is now. :) I'm sorry but you lost that 50 cents, dude. I couldn't do it.

PorkStar said...

Wow dude, THANK YOU for the bloggy love and the award, my friend, you totally rule!!

I'm just getting to catch up on some blogs myself, eventhough I ran out of daily stamina for blogging, so now weekly is the norm for me. And kuddos to you for completing this challenge. I shall catch up on your posts as well. It's been a crazy month around here thus far, and I see yours has been much more, on top of the blog challenge. You totally rock!!

Thanks again!!!!

Kelly said...

PorkStar- You're very welcome, dude. You rule, as well! Thanks for the kudos and I can understand doing the weekly post. It's tough when you have responsibilities and real life going on. I think some people have their priorities messed up, at times, when they blog everyday and do nothing but that. I keep imagining somebody with their ass firmly cemented into their computer chair, typing away and not having a life. lol.

Oh well... I try not to be too judgmental. Ha ha. Sort of. Well, okay, I am to a degree. More importantly, I'm glad you like the award and I'm glad I finally got caught up on your blog. I hope you saw the comment I left. It was long, as usual. I tend to ramble, you know. Take care, dude.

Drama Queen said...

Thanks for the mention! It's very much appreciated! :) I'm so behind on reading it's not even funny dude. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Alphabeta said...

Just new to your blog, but that's a serious amount of praise. I look forward to becoming a regular!

Kelly said...

Drama Queen- You're very welcome, DQ. You don't mind that I just named you after an ice cream restaurant, do you? Just joshing ya. Ho ha ho. I'm just too darn funny for my britches. Yeah, you're not the only one behind on blog commenting- though I've pretty much caught up about as much as I want for now. I left a nice long comment on your latest post- a post of which you mentioned this here blog- in which I thank you, in turn, for the shout out. Take care, Drama Queen.

Kelly said...

Alphabeta- Thanks for following. I will try to live up to the fantastic hype by continuing to offer such magnificent post entries like this one. :)

Now, please excuse me while I release a nice long fart. I had a big bean and cheese burrito for lunch earlier.

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