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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Memories of Easter

I remember when my sister and I were kids and the family wasn't so fragmented, as it is now, and we would get baskets upon basket of Easter Candy. I recall cleaning up one Easter, getting about 12 baskets of nothin' but candy. This is when there were a lot more family members still alive to give us this much candy and everyone was still getting along with each other. Those memories of real family togetherness seem so distant now. It makes me sad.

After getting together at church, sitting together during mass in the pews, we would all go to grandma's house and eat a big Easter dinner and laugh and talk and share stories from the past. All of us would have so much fun, coloring the Easter eggs, too. Mom and the rest of us kids would have the greatest time, coming up with the cleverest designs.

What a joyful time it was.

But... getting back to the candy...

Any candy made of chocolate, white, milk or dark was yummy to me. Couldn't stand those friggin' marshmallow peeps, though. They were like biting into air. I preferred those little chocolate egg candies and bunny rabbits. Damn, I would go to town on those. Sometimes, I believe it's a real wonder that I didn't develop diabetes at an earlier age instead of my mid-thirties.

Now, the hollowed out chocolate rabbits were easy eatin'. But those big 2 or 3 pound solid chocolate bunnies might has well have been made out of granite. I would spend the next four or five days gnawing on all of them sonsofbitches. The ears, of course, are always easy, but the rest, not so much. I think I lost a fucking tooth one year, trying to consume one of these motherfuckers. By the time I was done using my teeth, scraping chocolate shavings off of those chocolate monstrosities, my gums would be bleeding and my face would look like I had dipped my head into a mountain of turds.

There would be times I would use a friggin hammer to bust the concrete-like bunnies apart into bite size chunks. Most of the time, though, my impatience to devour the chocolate would cause me to bust my thumbnails apart with the hammer while holding the bunny on the table. My insatiable appetite for chocolate was that severe.

While deep in my chocolate frenzied ecstasy, growling like a insane wildebeest, teeth gnashing on my chocolate, my younger sister would try to sneak a little of my candy away. Big mistake. I would snarl, malevolently and push little sis away from my big brown bounty as if the 12 baskets of candy were the last baskets of candy on Earth.

When I would say to her, "Eat your own candy," there would be huge globs and strands of chocolaty goo hanging from my upper lip and over my lower jaw and dripping down my chest. I likely appeared as some hideous little monster. But I didn't care. I was in the throes of utter chocolate delight. Day and night, I would gobble on the chocolate. I would be chowing on the chocolate either in bed or outside on the swing set or in the car or in our trees. Wherever- it didn't matter. Finally, after four or five days, I finished it all off.

Sure, I'd need some dental work done by the time I had completed the task, but at least I felt satisfied.

Nowadays, with mom gone from our lives and our family being as fragmented as it is, we (our little group of seven) are lucky to even celebrate Easter. Later today, sometime, we'll go to my sister's place and eat a meal, hide some Easter eggs for my little nieces to find and share stories of the good ol' days, hopefully- maybe even share some nice stories of the present. Even more hopefully, Dad won't be in one of his verbally abusive and extremely negative moods but you never know these days.

Really, the most enjoyment I get out of Easter, anymore, is watching and hearing the laughs and giggles from my nieces as they try to find the Easter eggs. It gives me some happiness to try to help hide the eggs in some tricky locations just to see if they'll be able to discover them before nightfall. Heh heh. And it's a big, fun competition between the two, usually and it's really quite humorous, observing them as they hunt in the bushes, behind the trees and other places. Everything else, at least to me, is just a sad reminder of how good things used to be.

Here's hoping everyone truly has a HAPPY EASTER today. Always remember the good times and always try to create or inspire the good times. You never know how long they're going to last. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you feel a little sad today! Hopefully the memories of the chocolate frenzies brightened your spirits a little. I know, they brought a smile to my otherwise untainted lips!

BTW - I finally got around to accepting that award you gave me! Thanks ever SO and Happy Easter you little chocolate slut!!

Deborah said...

I can relate to the chocolate obsession. My current fave this time of year...Cadbury creme eggs! :)
happy Easter!!

billy pilgrim said...

first thing tomorrow morning i'll be going to the supermarket to stock up on half price candy.

i've had my eye on a giant egg filled with reeses pieces.

THE SNEE said...

Hoppy Easter Kelly!

We spent the day up in Vermont with friends where my son received his very first Easter basket complete with eggs, candy, a giant chocolate bunny just like you described and some green peeps. Strangest edible marshmallow concoction in mankind, I'm sure.

Disappearing family traditions can make all of us feel a bit melancholy I think. But, sharing those traditions with kids can sure help take the edge off of our loss. I'm glad you got a chance to spread the fun you had to your nieces and nephews. You must be a really fun uncle. You have a big heart.

Anonymous said...

The Giant Easdter Bunny Sir Tom Eagerly says:
Yea chocolate.
Did you know, old boy, that chocolate releases the same chemicals in the brain as does an orgasm.
It's been awhile and now I can't remember which I prefer!

Kelly said...

The Minute Man's Wife- Thanks, lady. I can call you lady, right? Or would I be going a lil' overboard with that title??? :) Anyways, glad I could put a smile on those lips. I was once called The Chocolate Pudding King by someone I worked with, because of I'm insatiable love for chocolate pudding. Now I have been promoted to Chocolate Slut. Hooray!

You're welcome for the award and I left a comment on that post last night. Take care.

Kelly said...

Deborah- Oooh wow... Cadbury creme eggs. Yummy. Yeah, sometimes I cheat every once in awhile and eat a little chocolate now and then- even though I have diabetes. Unfortunately, the sugar-free chocolate gives me the screaming shits. Happy belated Easter!

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Haha... Yeah, they sell for half-price around here, too, after Easter. Enjoy that 'giant egg filled with reeses pieces'!

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Hoppy Belated Easter to you, too. Did your son dig in and go crazy with the giant chocolate Easter bunny like I used to do? :) Seriously, though, it sounds like you had a nice Easter in Vermont.

We ended up having a decent Easter, too. It rained constantly so we couldn't hide and seek the Easter Eggs so, instead, we played on my niece's Wii gaming console. I got to play a character that races other characters on a tractor and uses his farts to knock them out of the race. My nieces got a kick out of the noises I would make while playing the game. Yeah, I think my nieces like their Uncle Kelly. It seems like they do.

Those Peeps are not only strange but they taste like air. There's nothing to them. Thumbs down on Peeps. Take care, Rebecca. :)

Kelly said...

Sir Tom, The Giant Easter Bunny- Yeah, I did know that, Tom, about chocolate and orgams. Did you know that my farts smell just like fresh baked bread with just a hint of cinnamon butter spread on top? It's true. Hoppy Belated Easter, Sir Tom.

Greg said...

Yeah I remember trying to gnaw at those chocolate bunnies. Why did they make them so fricking hard to bite into. I like you don;t know how I ate them and still had teeth afterwards.

Kelly said...

Greg- I don't know why the fuck they made them that hard. I don't know if they still do or not. I tell you what though, I picked up a half price solid chocolate Easter bunny today (it was sugar-free- I'm diabetic) and it was only an eighth of an inch thick- a little thicker than a Hershey bar, maybe. And I tell you what... I still had trouble biting into one of those things. No teeth were lost, though. :)

LilPixi said...

Do I hear ya. I've been getting so down lately about the way family changes, we lose some, and it splits apart. =( The sadness of that fucking kills me.

I also know what it's like to have a verbally abusive father whose moods you can't predict one occasion to the next. lol.

Ah, the past week was one giant whirlwind of nostalgia with Easter on its way. *Sigh. (((The good old days)))

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Yeah, so you know what I'm talking about. I think when you talk about this kind of situation regarding the deaths of incredibly close family members and fragmented family with some folks, they don't really get the gist of it. I think the reason is, is if it isn't going on in your own family, all of that seems so distant and unrelatable. I'm glad you know what I'm talking about but I'm not glad that you are sad about it happening to you, too. I didn't know you had a verbally abusive father, as well, that acts the same unpredictable way as mine. It sucks horribly. Especially when they "act out" in public. And I very much know what you mean by nostalgia for the good old days.

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