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Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Hundred and Sixty Four Tornadoes and At Least 280 Deaths

I found this to be more important to talk about than any Royal Wedding, any birth certificate of a current president or all the rest of that crap the media blathers on about these days. Let's get real, folks. This is real news involving real lives. And it really puts things into perspective.

The National Weather Service reported 164 tornadoes struck, yesterday, on April 27.
Wednesday's tornadic supercell storms, that killed upwards of 280 people in a wind-driven rampage across the Midwestern United States, is the first of its caliber to have been forecasted and monitored through its progression with such first-hand accounts and eyes-in-the-sky intensity. Most of the tornadoes were at least a mile wide. Here's footage of some of the tornadoes captured by people, who, in my opinion, got just a little too close. 280 people now, have been noted as being dead from the destruction, for the record. But the count is still rising as more bodies are found.


LilPixi said...

Here we go again. =( =( =(

We're all going to hell in a disaster basket. I know it. You know it.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good grief, nature flexing her considerable multiple muscles.

Annabelle said...

You know, I'm a southern girl.

I have friends and family from Tennessee to Georgia. By grace of I dont know what, everyone I love was spared.

And speaking of all that other non news bullshit - It really bothers me how our media glosses over the real and shines only on the fake. When was the last news story about progress in Japan?

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Oh yes, indeed, I know it like you know it very well. I've been around over four decades and I've never seen weather this extreme. It's the result of global warming and humankind's arrogance and ignorance. The world can't take it any longer and it it trying to repair itself by shaking the fleas (humans) off it's back. Earthquakes around the world, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods and all the rest are an absolute product of global warming. I've seen and read all of the evidence and anyone with just a bit of common sense can see the truth of it.

Everyone else is in denial.

Kelly said...

The Angry Lurker- And nature won't stop flexing her multiple muscles until it's through with us. We've been a very bad, very ignorant species and now we're sowing what we reap.

Kelly said...

Annabelle- I'm glad that everyone you loved was spared in the south. It really bothers me, too, what the media considers newsworthy. It's a sad commentary on human nature. That fucking wedding bullshit and all the rest is garbage. Speaking of the last story of progress in Japan, what about Haiti? That's how the media rolls. They move on to the next "news" item they think will give them bigger ratings and profits. They don't care about the real news.

I won't watch anything about that fuckin' Royal wedding if I can help it. Not when there is real news going on in the world. Anyway, take care, Annabelle. I hope you have a nice weekend. said...

One good thing about Idaho: No earthquakes, no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no flooding.

Bad news about Idaho: Rednecks, mormons and meth.

Suddenly a lil twister doesn't seem so bad.

My sympathy goes out to the victims of the recent disasters.

bazza said...

I saw something similar on the UK news and it shocked me; especially the high death toll.
We must count ourselves lucky that we dont get tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes etc over here.
However we do get Royal Weddings. We were invited over to friends. All the girls gathered around the TV for hours and most of the men drifted in to the little back-garden drinking beer. It seemed to me that nearly every person they interviewed in the crowd was American!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
Going to keep this comment short. Totally agree that this is much more important to discuss than any vulgar Royal wedding which I considered repulsive and basically took the piss out of those who know what it's like in the real world. In fact, I've been ranting and raving about the Royal crap on Farcebook and on a few blogs.
Hope you and your good lady are okay. Have a nice weekend, if you can.
With respect and a somewhat longer comment than originally planned, Gary :)

Kelly said... Yeah, they don't get those sorts of natural destruction in Idaho. I did think, though, they got a tornado every once in a blue moon. maybe I'm mistaken about that, though. Here, in Indiana, we in the middle of what's know as Tornado Alley. We get a lot of tornadoes, normally. This year, so far, we've only gotten 3 or 4, though but it's still early in the tornado season. In 1974, I got to see a tornado in my back yard. During this time, 100 tornadoes swept through this state and all the surrounding states, creating hell on earth and baseball sized balls hail. Of course, this record was broken just two days ago. Once you see a tornado, up and close and personal, you'll never forget the experience. It's nightmarish!

Kelly said...

bazza- Yes, the death toll from the tornadic disaster is continuing to climb. It's up over 300 now, as I speak. Yeah, so far you guys are lucky.

I would definitely be drinking beers with the guys, too, during the Royal Hoopla- where vast amounts of money has been wasted on a pompous media ceremony that, in the scheme of life, doesn't mean diddly squat. If I were William and Kate, I would have escaped, ran off and eloped somewhere just to get the hell away from the press and the fanatics. It seems to be a big deal over here in America. True. I don't know why. I guess some of these fuckers over here don't have anything better to dwell on. It's a case of people living vicariously through other people, I suppose. How stupid it all is.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hahaha... Good for you. Keep up the good work taking the piss out of those who think this Royal Hoopla ceremony is big important news. I would do it, too, if I had the time. What a waste of money it all is. I read about all the millions that are being spent on this media circus and couldn't help but to wonder how that money could have been used to help people in need and that are suffering in the world. That's what really repulses me.

In regards to my wife and I, we are feeling a little better now as to how things are going just recently. It would take too long to tell you the details but I wish I could. I wish I could write a big long email to ya but my strength has been sapped and I'm lucky to get these comments to everyone typed out. Take care, Gary. Have a great weekend.

Greg said...

Hey Kelly..How's it going. Your still on a posting storm.

Thanks so much for sparing us the Royal wedding! I think you're right about the weather caused by our years of abuse to the earth, we just have ruined the planet that we need so much. I hope it isn't too late.

Take care!

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,

What? You weren't excited about The Dress, or the Birth Certificate!

I'm with you and LilPixi. Our planet is definitely Unsettled, and people ought to pay attention. Do you think denial is part of human nature? And if so, what else could possibly shock people out of their stupor?

BTW, your April, post a day, challenge has been amazing. I had a hard time keeping up at the end,(thanks to daily life interferences)' but truly, If I said it once, I'll say it again. I stand in awe.

Kara said...

I appreciate you posting REAL news instead of the crap the rest of the world is reporting. Who actually gives a shit about a royal wedding in another country?

Awesome post buddy. I'm in the Midwest, so tornadoes interest me a hell of a lot more than two rich fuckers. ;)

Kelly said...

Greg- Last day for posting challenge- thank god. I won't post about trivial crap that isn't real news... ever, in regards to the Royal Hoopla. We should listen to scientists, not politicians when it comes to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Bad news is, the weather extremes will only worsen from now on until most of us are dead or that we're wishing that we're dead. I feel like it's too late- from what I've seen and what I've read. We're fucked this time around. No free passes. Come next year and afterwards, the earthquakes and tornadoes and all the rest we're experiencing will seem like child's play. Have a beautiful day! :)

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- excitement for such silliness. They're all distractions by the media to divert people's focus on real news like global warming and deadly weather extremes. I know I sound fatalistic when I say this but I'm always a realist, too. The weather is only going to worsen. What we are experiencing now, according to the scientists, is just a preview of what's to come. Denial is very much a part of human nature and this time, it will prove to be our demise. When the majority would rather listen to politicians than to people who know what they're talking about, you know it's time to kiss your ass goodbye. Yes, my post a day challenge is wearing me down. Thank you for your support. And thank God it's my last day for it. I have too much going on in my real life recently. It's safe to say, I won't be doing this again. Have a great weekend, Rebecca

Kelly said...

Kara- You're most welcome about me posting REAL news instead of the Wedding Hoopla or nonsense about birth certificates. Btw, Donald Trump is a turd. Unfortunately, quite a few people give a shit about that wedding. Like I've always said, "The majority is not only usually wrong, but they're easily distracted, as well." rather than face real problems head on and working on them, they would rather let the media tell them how to think and what to watch. Thanks for the compliment and I'm with you on tornadoes- we get so many in Indiana during the year, it's not funny. This year, it's predicted to be worse. Take care, Kara!

billy pilgrim said...

what a coincidence, whilst walking my dog i found a mind in the park.

it didn't work worth shit so i threw back.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Well, at least I know now it wasn't my mind that you found. Mine was found by The Snee and she is currently sending my mind back by Federal Express, when it absolutely has to be there overnight. Say howdy to the dog for me. :)

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