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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Posters That Made Me Laugh

Blame it on writer's block. Blame it on pure laziness. I thought I'd share these gems with you and give you, gentle viewer, perhaps, a much needed laugh for the day. Or, at least, a break from boring old sanity. Just in case you're retarded, click on the pic to enlarge. I doubt if your freakin' eyes are that sharp that you can read the fine print on some of these.

Savor the flavor of the following posters!


One of The Guys said...

Funny! I need a laugh after that horrible Game 7 last night. I loathe the Lakers and that punk Kobe Bryant. He should be in jail.

And it's the first day of summer and my boys are already freakin' fighting. And my daughter is whining. Sucks!

The Wolf said...

I totally needed a good laugh, not becuase of the Lakers, I don't even watch basketball. But becuase when I went for my morning run some fucking old dude was checking me out.

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- Wow. You must really hate them, wishing Bryant was in jail. I don't watch basketball but I can get hyped up over that with pro football, at times. Though, I don't watch that or any other sports much.

Kids are already fighting and whining, huh? Might I suggest the kid carrier from the poster at the top. Heh heh.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Like I told One of the Guys, at the top, I don't watch it either, but, other things that may seem trivial to others can get me miffed. You said you had an old dude checking you out? I would suggest that you should have given him a good beating, but, knowin' your luck, the old freak would probably just get a bigger hard on for ya.

I was doing my usual walk, about a week ago, and an old guy, who I see walking there at the park from time to time, walk walking up a hill as I was walking down it.

He said, "Havin' fun yet?"

I said, "Oh yeah. Having loads of it in this 90 degree heat."

He laughed for a bit. So, once, for a change, I thought I'd stop and be nice and talk to him for a bit. At one point during our short conversation, I told him this was my second time down this particular path that day. To which, he quickly smarted off and said, "Well, that's nothin'. I've been down it 22 times today and I'm still not done." And he was serious, too. Not to mention, he was red in the face, breathing hard and dripping with sweat- seemingly about to keel over any second.

Unfortunately, the stupid remark that came out of his mouth shocked me for a moment. He moved on after I didn't say anything to him and I just stood there, in disbelief. Maybe he thought I was impressed by his amazing willpower or some shit.

Actually, what I was thinking was, was this:

Well, I hope you have fun, you stupid old freak. Good luck on not having a heart attack on your 23rd trek around the path. lol. I won't be there for ya because I'll be home in a few minutes, enjoying my AC and a nice frosty beer.

Glad I could give you guys some laughs. Take care, both of yas.

The Wolf said...

Yeah I was seriously thinkging about giving him a good punch in the face. But at that point I was about 5 miles into my 6.5 mile run, so I figured meh fuck it unless he offers me some candy I won't bother. That and I was too into the Mortal Kombat theme song blasting from my i-pod.

klahanie said...

You got blogstipation? No doubt your usual writing prowess will soon be taking another dump on us lol
I quite enjoyed looking at these posters. This kinda fucking worries me. I needed a good laugh. You see, I was watching the 'World Cup' of football ( okay, 'soccer', you fuckers) and England played absolute crap.
Have a great weekend, dude.

Crazy Brunette said...

I LOVE the parenting one! How did that picture get leaked? Damnit the hubby must've been real pissed at me that time!

bazza said...

We can all use a good laugh at any time! Don't need an excuse. Thanks Kelly.

Mr. Stupid said...

These were all hilarious. I loved the first one on Parenting very much. The looks on their faces is funny.
The one about Clowns was right. Very right. Remember, Ronald McDonald?

One of The Guys said...

I just mean because he got off on that charge of rape a while back because he's a rich, famous guy. And that was while he was married! And then after they won the championship the networks show him with his wife and kid. Yeah, some family guy.

Sorry for the rant. Hope all is well and your writer's block is lifting.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I hear ya on that. I'll have a good idea like that and then get bored with it- the feeling drifts off. But it would be nice to be able to beat the hell out of some perv or other annoying assholes without fear of jail time. :-)

P.S. I envy you for being able to run, man. I can only walk without too much pain.

By the way, I'm thinking of an idea that will involve all of my regular readers like you. You'll see. :)

Kelly said...

klahanie- I'm glad you an an awfully good laugh. You sinister bastard! These posters likely conjured up deviant ideas for you.

And I, for one, I overly delighted that I could help with those depraved notions of your.

What THE HELL am I talking about, you ASK. Well, in truth, I don't rightly know. For ia m ki nda fri ed right n ow.


Kelly said...

klahanie- Sorry about you luck in the World Cup Soccer thingymajiggy. The US is just better. That's all.

Uh- oh, time for Gary to hunt me down like a wounded wabbit...AAAAAHHH

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- Damn it. The problem with being in the correct mental state I'm in now is that can't keep from leaving off words and letters whenever I respod. Like right there, see???

It's true. I hired someone to take this picture when you had your kids in the kid carrier that one time. You evil, evil woman.

Actually, that's a good idea. I encourage child leashes, too.

Kelly said...

bazza- Glad you had a good laugh, friend. I try to bring a little light to the dark when I can. :)

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid- Yeah, these were funny. Glad you liked them. Do I remember Ronald McDonald? Holy Zeus! I see Ronald McDonald every in this small town. Do you know we have 3, count 'em 3 frigging McDonald's restaurants on one strip of highway. That's insane! Ronald McDonald is the Devil!

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- Thank God this weekend is over. Too much Father's Day celebrating and restaurant eating going on. Craziness! Father's Day for me was a three day experience and I'm not even a daddy.

No, I forgot about Bryant raping somebody. That's what you meant by jail... I see. And I agree. Any you can rant all you want. I consider this blog to be a forum of ranting, partly. :-)

Hope Father's Day was great for you and yours. Take care.

klahanie said...

Hello 'wounded rabbit',
Hmmm...let me think...tick, tock...ah yes...Winter Olympics, Ice Hockey...
CANADA= GOLD MEDAL...usa= silver medal...ha ha :-)

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