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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Arcturian's Evaluation

Uxetar beamed aboard on his Arcturian space vessel.  He would miss some of the friends he had made on Earth, during his 142nd year old study of the inhabitants on the blue planet, below, but he missed the serenity of his own home and his Arcturian companions.  After 142 Earth years of observation of the human species, Uxetar had suddenly materialized on the transport platform, realizing what he would miss most about the human contactees he had associated himself with and what he wouldn't miss. His feelings, statistics and observations were all in his report.

Another Arcturian appeared before him.  Ogaim was another fellow Arcturian.  He was a bit smaller than Uxetar and his skin was more of a greenish hue in color.  Uxetar, realizing he was still in human form, morphed into his natural form and more closely resembled the appearance of an Arcturian.  Ogaim welcomed him to step closer to the holographic image of Earth which was positioned in the middle of the science room of the space vessel.  Ogaim was acutely interested in what Uxetar was about to present to him and hear his evaluation.

Before Uxetar could begin to go over his evaluation, Ogaim looked at the live image of Earth and calmly stated, "Look. Another war on Earth."

Uxetar said, "Most likely the end result of a group of people saying something perceived as being negative towards another group of people and their god or idea during the present era."

Ogaim replied, "Or the violence could be over natural resources or a cover for the real reason to make war with another nation."

"With this planet's inhabitants, you can never tell for sure until you read the minds of the handlers who hold the power and hoard the money for their own agendas," explained Uxetar.

Uxetar continued, "Most of the species do not engage in violent action every day.  Some of them, during different intervals of their lifetimes engage, by word or actions, positive notions, expressions of themselves and activities.  They do this by helping the less fortunate by sheltering or feeding them.  Holding a person's hand to comfort them.  Showing signs of concern for animals and caring for them.  I could go on.  But this is all in my evaluation, as you will read."

"I really like the humans who are artistic and have a sense of humor, as well," Uxetar pointed out.  He showed Ogaim, the senior scientist on the Arcturian space vessel, a video clip.  Uxetar said, "Take this dance routine, for example.  It combines both elements of human artistic expression.  Uxetar giggled, aloud, at Ogaim's facial expressions as they watched the video.

This is what Uxetar showed Ogaim:

Uxetar patted his fellow Arcturian on the back and said, "Sometimes their odd and humorous antics can have you overlooking their grievous flaws.  Their sense of humor and other genuinely sensitive attributes benefit one another, greatly."

Ogaim looked over at Uxetar and said, "Well, their forms of entertainment and levity have changed, quite substantially, since I was last dwelling with them nearly 400 earth years ago for my own study period.  That much is certain."

Uxetar leaned over to the right and cut a long, sputtering fart.  Afterwards, he stared at Ogaim and smiled.

Ogaim said, "But that form of entertainment and amusement isn't new."

Grinning for a bit, Ogaim once again regained his serious composure.

He asked Uxetar, "Now tell me about their negative aspects and actions."

Uxetar folded his three fingered hands and glanced down at his report on the table.

With a look of solemn discernment on his face, Uxetar explained, "The more generally violent types of humans might use weapons of mass destruction, in the near future, in the name of their religion or their lack of resources and/or their ideology. Also, large groups of people in a nation have been told lies, repeatedly, as well, until the lies are believed by the majority under the cover of a patriotic redundant chant and thought.  Instead of doing their own thinking and giving themselves a reality check, so to speak, they will do the bidding of the great money and power holders of the world and go to war with a militarily weaker country.

Many people over many of the wars fought during my 142 years of observation there have died for incomprehensible reasons that have never really been revealed to those who fight or rally behind the fighters until a small time has passed or after they have died and been forgotten.

The money and power holders and behind the scenes corrupters "pull the strings" of many majorities on Earth, so to speak.  Meanwhile, there are those who know the truth and are content with distracting themselves with being a part of a rigid system of laws, some of which, lack sense, and acceptable rules of behaviors they have placed upon themselves, their obsessions with their workplace, their idle entertainments, their electronic gadgets and more.  Then you have those that absolutely don't care what is happening to them or their loved ones.  Still, there are few who know the reality of their mass group situation and attempt to cause a positive outcome so all will benefit.  And then you have a few Earth inhabitants who don't know their assholes from table lamps."

Ogaim looked at his friend, Uxetar and said, "One can tell you've spent a considerable amount of time on Earth, Uxetar.  Your unique expressions give you away."

Ogaim smiled.  Uxetar shrugged, smiled and then said, 'Shit happens when you spend so much time in one place."

Uxetar continued by saying, "One of their greatest, widely ignored threats, however, is global warming and climate change.  Those who have control of the upper echolons of status, which is fueled by power and money, ultimately persuade or threaten those would could easily tell the truth of their situation and move in a positive direction, away from fossil fuel dependence and other pollutants that damage the Earth's atmosphere and create chaos with the weather patterns.  They are experiencing, as I'm sure you're well aware from our space vessel's scanner and computers, volatility and more extremities in their weather during the last one hundred years."

Ogaim said, "Yes, it is extremely noticeable to me and most likely to anyone living down on Earth."

Uxetar shook his head and replied, "Yet they still choose to engage in ignorant behavior with these wars, their destructive polluting of the air they and their children breathe and the greed which induces them to erratic, damaging actions."

Ogaim stated, simply, "Uncommon self destructive behavior for such a species that has advanced technologically, throughout the centuries, with their level of intelligence."

Uxetar replied, "But not uncommon for those who possess such intelligence yet are not emotionally advanced enough to balance their technology."

"Still," Uxetar claimed, "They may unite one day when they are on the brink of extinction.  We've seen it many times before with other inhabitants on an alien planet.  Whether they are too late to undo the damage, change course and seriously rethink their goals and agendas remains to be seen."

Ogaim quietly replied, "One hopes they will realize what is important in their lives and unite for their own well being and divert extinction."

Ogaim reminded himself that it was against their Arcturian nature to directly change the course of another planet's inhabitants.  Humans would have to learn, adapt and change on their own.  In time, the Humans might embrace peace, instead of war and work together to conquer their worldwide ills.  Both Ogaim and Uxetar still held a small amount of hope for this to occur.

Uxetar thought of all the accumalitive friends he had made on Earth, during his 142 Earth years there with them, remembering their thoughtful gestures, wise words, love, good humor and nodded, in remembrance and in agreement with what Ogaim had just said.  The Arcturian wished them well and gave Ogaim the entire evaluation.


Kim Thomas said...

I'm clinging to that small bit of hope myself.
Peace (and dancing) :)

Francis Lee said...

There's a sign in the galaxy that says don't visit Earth....could be bad for your health!

bazza said...

Hi Kezza: I think they were compiling The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Let's have the next chapter please!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't think these aliens understand Earth very well. This man has more money than anyone and he's a leading campaigner for stopping climate change. Maybe that's because he can afford to use solar energy and electric cars unlike all the regular Joes.

Pickleope said...

It's you, right? You're Uxetar? I knew it. I knew you were some kind of alien.
I'm guessing that if aliens did in fact visit, it would end up much like you describe, a lot of confusion. That is, if they survived the experience. Hell, if people can't tolerate brown people from a slightly different geographic area on Earth, how would they react to creatures from an entirely different galaxy?

Kelly said...

Kim Thomas- Yeah, me too, Kim. people who hold most of the money and power in this are integral in destroying the world we live in. It will take the willpower of the regular wage earners and regular folks to demand and get positive results to turn things around so that future generations can live in a world without fear, war and diminished resources.

Kelly said...

Francis lee- If I were an alien and I wanted to study this planet or just come here to get away from it all, I might stop by to talk to someone who has a modicum of common sense or have a few Margaritas. I sure as hell wouldn't stay for the ensuing chaos and madness of the Human species. That's for sure. :)

Kelly said...

bazza- Since I've read the entire series of "The Hitchhiker's
Guide...", years ago, I'd say this story has only a little resemblance to that series with this story's few random jokes but it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the main point I was making. I thank you for asking for another chapter to this story, too, my friend, but there won't be another one. I figured I wrote all that needed to be wrote with this one and it is a complete work, unto itself. Take care, bazza.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- I disagree. these aliens in this story know humans all too well. We're a self destructive species with only a handful, out of the billions of it's inhabitants, that give a damn enough to repair the damage we've done and to help others. Bill gates, even if he is sincere, isn't enough to keep the human race from it's self-imposed extinction.

Bill's use of electric cars and solar energy is admirable, though he is, as you pointed out, wealthy enough to afford it, but EVERYONE needs to get involved and work toward everyone having clean energy, discussions of peace and a clean environment. Like I mentioned in the story, it would most likely take an incredible disaster that would put the human species on the the border of extinction. I wonder, though, if even that would be enough to knock some sense into our collective minds. I still hold onto that little bit of hope, however. Peace out, dude! :)

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Lol on your 'You're Uxetar?' question. In truth, there is a little bit of my personality that you could say is Uxetar. Although I and probably a lot of people, if they were honest, feels like an alien among the populace, at times. It's normal to feel that way. Especially when you have so many who are will to play the "blind obedience' game and look the other direction when something is wrong.

I agree with your assessment or opinion on how alien life forms would react if they were to (or already have) visited Earth. Personally, I think they already have stopped by, didn't like what they saw and left this galaxy like a bat out of hell. LOL. Take care, dude.

billy pilgrim said...

you gotta read harry turtledove's world war series. 7 books in all.

alien lizards arrive in the middle of world war 2 and the fun begins!

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,

A mercifully short comment in regards to your provocative posting. Will mankind learn the lessons before it's too late? I heard that this god character that many worship, wont interfere with our free will.

A lot to take in with this posting. And now I shall try to convince you I'm not a robot, an alien visiting, maybe, but not a robot...

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Yeah, I'll check it them out. Our library probably has the series. I've read some of his books before. Not those, though. As for alien lizards, there are claims for that being a true kind of species on the Internet. But I take what I read on the net with a grain of salt, at times.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Yeah, that's the big question? Will mankind learn that they are polluting the air and it will, in turn, create more chaotic weather than we've seen and head us toward extinction. I think the god character you're referring to is letting us have all the 'freewill' to try to repair the damage or increase the dame we are causing.

Good to know you're not a robot, dude. :) Yeah, I had to put the word verification thing back on here because I was getting a crapload of spam. I mean tons. I couldn't believe it.

I shall see you on your site, later, Gary. Take good care of yourself, family and Penny. :)

Dixie said...

Kelly, that's basically the same eval we got over 3,000 years ago. Gosh-darn, nothing changes. Only that time it was "Hock-thuey" that did the report; giving it to his comrade, "Kleanthatup". Then again, I'm not sure they were Arcturians. It was an ice age, I was cold, didn't hang out to hear the report.

Yep, your basic human sux. Or should that be "base" human? Either way I betcha the farting will always be the best part, no matter which species hits the planet. Species feces makes the er, man, or non-man, as the case may be,

I'm stopping now; having a psychotic episode... NEED yum-yums!! Bye Kelly. This was extremely interesting; sounded real. Oh, it was?

Kelly said...

"Helllooooo Dixie.. I say hellloooo Dixie.... so nice for you to come here where you belong." I'm singing this right now. Is that nutty or fruity?

Yeah, we probably got that same evaluation 3,000 years ago. And on a more serious note, the human instincts of selfishness, selflessness, a few acts of love here and there, violence, survival and a modicum of peace within some of us are just some of the basic characteristics of the human species since we began to think and use primitive tools.

"Hock-theuy" could have done that report you're referring to 3,000 years ago or it could have been some alien dudes named Larry, Curly and Moe. Ya never know. :)

Personally, I do believe alien life exists and with all the accounts of UFOs throughout history by credible witnesses, I wouldn't dismiss the idea that they have been studying us.

I agree with your evaluation in your second paragraph and it gave me some chuckles. that's true, too. Farting will probably be the best that humans have to offer, in the long run, if we keep up with the pollution of the planet and treating our fellow humans like crap. Real communication and understanding is start and I think we've haven't grown up enough, emotionally, yet to handle our advanced technology or to sit down and talk to one another as if we know we are equals.

Well, like you, I'm stopping now. :) I've ranted and joked long enough. Enjoy your psychotic episode and yum-yums. A wonderful combination, I have to admit. Yay! Glad you found this story interesting. You asked if this was real. My bet is that something similar has happened like this- with different names and in different times with different words but, basically, saying the same thing. Take care, fair Dixie. Stay warm!

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