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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

They're Selling This?


Me-Me King said...

Oh.good.lord! Where you come up with this shit is beyond me....I love it!

Get your ass over to my place and enter Caption This! No. 26....right now!

Kelly said...

Pretty wild merchandise, aye? I guess you could use that vibrator if you're feelin' CORNY. Ah ha ha. And so on.

I'll be over to your place, Mistress Me-Me, as soon as I do my post. If I don't do it now, the wife will come home in the middle of me writing it up and create hell if I don't give her my full attention.

Gosh, wimmens are great. Frrrrt.

Static said... people buy this stuff? Nothing like hot buttered corn, I guess.

Kelly said...

It's hard to believe, Static, but some people like their corn, hot and buttered. Sometimes, they just use a little elbow grease, or something, to get the job done.

Pratik Gupta said...

Insane marketing brain at work...PDND!!

Kelly said...

Pratik Gupta: So true. Also true: The people who actually buy this crap are insane.

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