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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Living In A Haunted House

My family and I lived in a house that was haunted a lot of the time and then, a few times, there would be minutes or hours of terror. My sister and I experienced it the most as kids. But still we had these freaky experiences all the way up until the time of adulthood. Our friends would, more than half the time they stayed overnight, would have something mysterious happen to them, too.

We didn't doubt their stories one bit.

Here's the rundown or list of bizarre things that happened between the time I was ten through... well, until a couple months ago. My sister experienced some different things that are mixed with these and she would experience some of the same things. So finally, here's the list:

* Loud shouting, at close proximity, in my nearly deaf ear. It would always shout my name "Kelly!" at least once a week. This was a nighttime routine. Of course I thought, it was someone else in the house. Mom, dad or sister. Checked it out. They all said it wasn't any one of them.

* Laughing and talking in the attic. No matter what time of day. It was checked. Nothing there was found. Sounded like they were having a drunken frat party or something to me. It was really a fun occasion (sarcasm) when you had to go underneath the door to the attic to take a shower and/or a dump in the main bathroom. Maybe they were giggling at my penis? Who knows?

* The TV going off and On. The whole family experienced this one pretty often. Always in the middle of the night when everyone was in bed. Any one of us would hear the Television turning on. The sound would be blaring from the TV. Normal TV shows, reruns, commercials and so on. Kind of hard to mistaken it for anything else. Someone would invariably wake up, hear this racket and go in the living room to see who up watching TV that late at night. No one would be there. The TV was sometimes ON. Other times -not.

* Mom would experience something black quickly passing her bedroom door. She told me about this happening on several occasions. It was too blurry to recognize it, she told me.

* Chairs going across the floor upstairs when anyone of us were in the basement. You could hear them scrape across the dining room floor. All of us, experienced that commonly, as well. We got used to that, after awhile. Not too exciting.

* Dolls having their heads turned backwards would be found in the morning. We knew each didn't do twist the doll heads. Semi-common, I think. I'm not the one to ask about that one.

* There were a lot of creaks and house settling events that could be explained away. Some couldn't. Anything to quell the fears was usually told by Dad.

* There were sounds my sister and I hear that made us almost crap ourselves in fear. For me, it was the LOUD running up the stairs and banging on the doors as I heard footsteps coming closer to my bed. This was in the middle of the night. I pounded my fists off on mom and dad's bedroom wall. In the morning, they said they heard nothing. They said they must have been asleep. I was a 16 year old guy whose hobbies included listening to Heavy Metal and lifting weights. They couldn't hear the pounding?

* There was also loud pounding from the other side of the basement door. This happened at least a couple times a year. There was nothing alive being kept down there.

Oh well. All in the past.

My sister has the worst experience -that I promised I would never tell mom or dad. So, I'm sorry to say -I'm not going to tell it here. It does involve something red, though. From that little info, you can likely guess what I mean from that. If not -sorry.

In our youth, I believe my sister and I, in the middle years of living there, perhaps encouraged the visitations or other paranormal activity going on by playing with the Ouija board. Those are very bad things to play with. Check the link to find good info on them.

We would ask it questions. Such as: What exact time, to the minute and second is Dad coming home. It would be correct 80 percent of the time, to the second. And you never knew when he would be coming home because of the job he had. Strange. Our cousin, a few times a month, would blindfold us to see if we were peaking. I wasn't. Pretty damn sure my sister wasn't either. We figured he (my cousin) was an unbiased spectator and he would tell us what answers it would give. He wrote them down.

Turns out, it would be incredibly accurate. Well, most of the time. We asked it when we would die. It was wrong about my cousin. Still alive, fortunately. We asked what was the name of the ghost or ghost that were living there. It kept repeating, "Gus" with that needle guide triangle thing. It also mentioned or spelled out that it was a "lower" criminal. Spirit. Whatever that means, for certain, I don't know. It kinda makes me think Gus was a burglar or something. A mischief maker, of sorts.

A couple years ago, my sister and I were sitting in the living room while we were having a loud family party for one reason or another. May Christmas. Not sure. Anyway, we both heard laughter from the hallway, at a time when everyone suddenly became quiet just a few seconds before this sound. We both looked at each other and realized we both heard the same noise. We both got up and looked to see if anyone was in the hallway, bathrooms and bedrooms and we came to the mutual conclusion that everyone was present in the living room. So we asked everyone if they heard the noise, and of course, everyone denied hearing it.

Personally, I think my sister and I are more sensitive to spirits and other paranormal things out there. My sister still has it, whatever it is. I do, every now and then, but not so much. When it does happen, a picture will pop into my mind, not by reality, of something trivial that actually does happen in a year or more.

And then I'll remember I had this image in my mind before. A couple times, it is something important.

One time, in particular, I envisioned a a bright nuclear mushroom cloud, suddenly, in my mind. It was in the same location and direction of a neighboring large city we live close to. I didn't know that, at the time, when I was just a kid. I do now. Still have the image in my head. The mushroom was on a outdoor theater movie screen. It was as if a movie was playing. Then the movie screen dissolved away and all that was left was the mushroom cloud. A flash! And that incinerated everything.

At the time, I described what I saw to my parents. Dad told me what I was describing (A nuclear bomb going off) and I said to myself, "Wow". Then I felt sad for a few moments but then the feeling went away.

Now, getting back to the ghost experiences:

Our parents always denied experiencing these ghostly happenings for themselves, I believe, so that we wouldn't cause a panic. Or be frightened. It was already all they could handle with keeping us fed, clothed, schooled and so on, many times. So... no blame on them.

My sister can share her own experiences, that I might not know about, if she's willing.

Fun fact: The house has parts of it built from other parts of churches, for whatever reason. I've never looked into it, really. It may mean nothing at all.

We still don't like going into certain rooms of the house. If we do, it's with each other or someone else. We accept the whole phenomena as acknowledged fact between us.

Before my mom passed about five years ago, I remember going to this one place in town that holds a public event for paranormal/holistic type things. It was my first time there. A small bunch of guys were sitting at this table. They were an investigative team. I told them a few things that happened at the house. Of course, this paranormal research team wanted to come and investigate the house but my parents lived there at the time and I didn't want them to be put on public display, if that were to happen. I told them, "No thanks" and my reason for saying that. They accepted that answer after a few minutes of debate. I don't take chances with bad possibilities that have anything to do with our society like that.

I'm sure I left out a butt load of details but I think I've said enough.

That's the end of this post. Nighty night. Sweet dreams and all that rot. LOL.


67 Not Out said...

Arrived here via blogcatalog.

Interesting post. Haven't experienced anything like this myself though my wife is convinced she has seen a dead person twice.

Many years ago I dabbled with the ouija board - it worked and was fun for a while, but one time it started to spell out awful things. I never used it again after that.


Kelly said...

Mike: Yeah, most anyone who has played around with them can tell you- they're an open invitation to lower spirits.

My own wife has seen and talked with a dead grandparent she loved a lot. Just a normal discussion, she said. He was sitting on the foot of our old bed when we were just married and talking away with him for awhile when I was asleep. Good thing I didn't wake up to see that or him. I would have shit myself!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have been attacked personally when I was 17 or 18, many years ago. I was determined to find out what attacked me so viciously that afternoon. If you want the details I will reply at my email address at
Now for the meat of my discovery, which took many years of detailed study, including the bible and what it tells us. The first thing is that if you believe what the bible says about demons then you may have read where it tells us that the dead are aware of nothing, even Jesus demonstrated this during the time when he resurecrted Lazerus, who was in a stae of deep sleep according to Jesus. Even his sister mary told Jesus that she knew he would live again when he would be raised during the second resurection. So we know that when you are dead you are not aware of anything, which the bible supports, and I will give those scriptures if you are interested. Other areas of the bible give us insight as to how the demons, or fallen angels act, things that they do, or things that they like about us humans that angels dont have, like sex with a woman! Other areas include that these angelic creatures enjoy very much, is trickery. One thing you most always remember about these spiritual creatures is that they are much more powerful than we are! They can end our life in a split second if we allow it. Remember that in the bible one angel killed over 180,000, yes One Hundred and Eighty Thousand of the best soldiers in one night, just one angel! They know what our thoughts are and they play on that to fool us into thinking that we are dealing with a persons spirit that has not left this earth yet. That is because that is what you believe, so they play on that belief! The belief that we have a spirit that continues on after death is actually a pagen belief and is not taught in the bible anywhere. So with that said, we can began to understand what these creatures are and how to combat them on their own terms. I will answer all emails in time and as time allows. I have stoped them in their tracks, and I am no longer attacked. Wes

Static said...

Um, I wear a blindfold just as I am peaking...on acid. Colors. LOTS. OF. Pretty. Colors.

Kelly said...

Static: Ahhh, that's nice. But I bet I know what would make that experience even better. You should bang your head against a wall, really hard at least four or five times before putting on the blindfold. I heard it makes the colors that much brighter. And tastier!

Me-Me King said...

I read this originally yesterday and came back to re-read it today....chilling. I think I would have gone to live with the neighbors or my grandparents. Hats off to you, my friend, for sticking it out - you've got more balls than a Christmas Tree!!!

Kelly said...

Me-Me: Thanks for the "balls" comment. Ha ha.

Most nights, I would go without sleep, completely, back then. That's why I have the big bags under my eyes, even now. I never said much about the ghostly/strange experiences to my parents most of the time because they would either ridicule it (even though admitting later that they themselves heard/seen shit) or kind of laugh it off. That was their odd "protection" against our fears, I suppose.

If you or anyone else do any kind of research or reading into the subject, a lot of paranormal reseachers will explain that ghosts/spirits/souls will often pester or communicate the most with kids and teenagers because of all of their mixed emotions and growing pains, so to speak.

Big, stocky 16 year old me would go so far as to sometimes sleep in bed with my sister. That's how afraid I was. I was ashamed of that, of course. Sometimes she would crawl into bed with me, in fear. Anyone who wants to ridicule that, go ahead. I don't care.

After Dad sells the house, it would be interesting to let some paranormal investigative team in there to see what they find out before the new owners move in. And to the new owners, I wish luck!

Static said...

*shock gasp!

Methinks Kelly was being sarcastic towards moi. =P

I'm pretty sure I've had a couple encounters with the paranormal. Twice when I was a kid. I can't say I was all that scared but it does get your attention.

Hey, speaking of balls and growing pains (in a somewhat unrelated story), you have to read THIS. LOL!

Kelly said...

Me? Sarcastic? Say it isn't so. :)

Read it, enjoyed it and commented on it.

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