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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad jobs

Thought I would offer a humorous post to lighten things up a bit....

You have a bad job if the guy sitting behind you pins you against your office desk like this

You have a bad job if it entails holding a bag for an elephant to shit in.

You have a bad job if you're working at the top of a really high skyscraper

You have a bad job if you're holding a target for someone to shoot at


The Guy's Perspective said...

OMG too freakin funny!

I think the best one there was holding the bag for the elephant to shit in!

Although I wouldn't want to prep one for a colonoscopy.

Kelly said...

Heh heh. Yeah, I couldn't handle the shit bag holding for Dumbo. Let alone do a colonoscopy. I almost want throw up when I empty the cats' litter pan.

nothingprofound said...

I always thought any job was a bad job, but I'll concede there are worse jobs. You just gave a few good examples.

Me-Me King said...

Why, yes, I have. Thanks for asking.

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