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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Differences

Different people from my own family and my wife's family have went their own ways, either totally breaking it off and having no contact whatsoever or holding decades old grudges or acts of craziness too difficult to explain here. Sometimes a reconcilation happens, rarely, for the good or the bad. And then sometimes, those reconilations break apart again.

On my side of the family: intelligence, cruelty, unexpected behaviour, twisted humor and insanity seem to be the predominant traits of my relatives and myself.

On my wife's side of the family: Predictabilty, the inability to learn from past mistakes, demonstrative in showing love, slow- but not insane

Since the families on either side do not read my blog, I have no fear of retribution. Except from my ol' Auntie Kay. She's one of the insane. twisted ones. Steer clear of her!


Static said...

I have no contact with my own family. Mostly because, I killed them all.

The Guy's Perspective said...

If you combine, intelligence, twisted humor, demonstrative with love, you're close to having a perfect human being!

Of course, cruelty, inability to learn, insanity and slowness pretty much create the opposite.

Too bad we can't combine characteristics. Oh well, perfection is not something we need to strive for anyway.

Kelly said...

Static: That's probably for the best. Always askin' for shit and talkin' to ya on the phone for hours. Damn it. I've tried using cattle prods on mine but they won't "mooooo" just the way I want.

The Guy's Perspective: Insanity, I can deal with. Cruelty, not when it's used against sweet, lovable me. As for slowness, I wish I could just lock 'em all in a dungeon with a ball of string to be entertained with. I actually prefer the insane over the slow. I equate it with a kind of uniqueness and wacky fun.

But you're right about not striving to be perfect. I've know people with that unending goal. They put me to sleep. Snore.

Anonymous said...

The ole' Auntie Kay is flattered by your comments. But since I have an infected tooth, and the anti biotics are eating a hole in my stomach lining. Not to mention, I think the infection has made it's way to my severely damaged brain. I simply cannot come up with any witty comments tonight. I think I'll go puke again! Good Night!

Kelly said...

That's fine. No wit is needed. I hope your infection goes away and the hole in your stomach heals. Whatever you do, don't puke with such force, that shit squirts out of your ass. I've done that a half dozen times- on the wall, in my pants, on the cat.

Take care.

Pratik Gupta said...

i wish this could have been possible with my family too who has started ignoring me or maintaining their distance, since they got a first hand experience of my lucky Bastard...keep writing!! :)

Kelly said...

Pratik Gupta: It's a good and bad thing when your family keeps their distance from ya. At first, ya don't like it... but then, when they start asking you to do things for them, constantly, you like it. By the way, you keep posting away, too. Boring people are afraid of sites like ours. :)

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