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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pants On The Ground

This seems to be, for an extremely odd reason I'm not sure about, the song that's sweeping the country. It's a song that will bring a tear of insanity to your eye. You can pick which eye. Larry Platt, a contestant on American Idol sung the very unusual song the first time. The song surprised the judges because the song contained weird yet true words coming out of Platt's mouth.

In the video clip below, Jimmy Fallon does an excellent job impersonating the great Neil Young, singing the same song. It's funny. And Neil Young is one cool dude, too. His songs could be meaningful, poignant, telling the truth of how things are in life or all of it put together. It's not celebrity worship I'm demonstrating here, folks, it's just that I respect the man for his thoughts, music and talent. Click the above link to know more about Neil Young. Or better yet, listen to his music to really know him.

Here's the You Tube video of Jimmy Fallon's parody of "Pants On The Ground":


Dark Slander said...

"Pants On the Gro.... Never gonna give you up!!!!"

Yeah I rick rolled you. ;)

I really didn't find the song all that amusing or entertaining. I'm too serious I suppose.

Mr. Stupid said...

To be frank, truly from the top of my heart and a lung, I don't know "Neil Young". To be frank again from my other lung, I don't know "Jimmy Fallon". But, I still liked the song. (Teeth!)

I can pick an eye. Hooray! Too bad there wasn't an option for Nose... OK, I'm sorry! (Teeth!)

Me-Me King said...

I saw the guy perform on American Idol this little ditty that has become viral. I just hope he gets the royalties he deserves.

The video is it!

Kelly said...

Dark Slander: The song, itself? Yeah, not that amusing. The subject matter, yes, and for anyone reading this, I think the song is about the trend of a lot of kids wearing their pants hung down so low -that they're almost to the ground. I've made fun of that before in a earlier post on the blog.

Mr Stupid: Oh now, don't be ashamed of your complete lack of knowledge concerning Neil Young. Instead, embrace the talented old fella by listening to some of his music. If you wanna, go to to hear his tunes.

Glad you enjoyed the song. And yes, by all means, please pick your teeth! I see a piece of chicken or something stuck in there!

Me-Me: Yeah, Platt should get the royalties for such a "masterpiece". Obvious sarcasm. Glad ya liked the video. After all, I'm here to entertain the masses and occasionally scratch my ass in public.

Long live Neil Young!

Dark Slander said...

Kelly: I see, that low pants thing died out in these parts. It was a short lived fad a few years ago that never progressed any further.

Kelly said...

Unfortunately, it stuck around here.

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