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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Discovery of Habitable Planet

Last month, a group of astronomers reported that a new planet, likely habitable, has been found by using regular sized telescopes. They say they can see that the planet has a lot of water despite it's high temperature. The astronomers head up a project called MEarth. It's a low budget project. Nothing like the multi-billion dollar projects Nasa has going on.

Space entrepreneur Jeff Manber says, "The planet is close – it’s 40 light years away. It’s not that hot – 400 degrees – and it has water, it seems to have an atmosphere."

In the video interview below, Manber, when asked why this an amazing discovery, says it is a great thing because it means we have another planet to possibly move to once this one is ruined. He doesn't say that in those exact words but, to me, was the gist of his statement.

Check out this video. It explores the possibility of other habitable planets just outside our solar system. It is interesting but I have to tell ya, I have two problems with this newly discovered planet. One, 400 degrees is too hot for me. I burn easily just being in the sun for ten minutes. And two, 40 light years away? Are we in the warp drive Star Trek Era already? Also, do we really really need to infest, er, I mean- inhabit another world (and kill the shit out of that one, too?) Just askin'?

Check out the MEarth Website for more detailed information. It's intriguing. And I'm not sure many know about this recent discovery.


rusty said...

Holy freakin' crap. I always knew I was not from Earth!

Kelly said...

Everyone knew but you. We were all in a conspiracy to keep that knowledge from you.

BTW, good to hear from ya again.

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