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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fascinating: The Man Who Collects Mac and Cheese Boxes

Everyone should be inspired by this great man's goal: To own every kind of macaroni and cheese box in the world! Let us place this man's image upon our billboards and build gold plated churches in Ian Golder's honor.

Better yet, let's build the churches out of macaroni and cheese. Mmmmm.

Watch this strangely inspiring video and decide if he's a circus freak -or not. Or maybe he's just got an unusual hobby. I'll try to rustle up some sort of picture, as well. Ah, there it is. At the top now. Magnificent!

A little personal history for ya to munch on: My wife and I, when we were dirt poor, would get really creative with the Mac and Cheese Dinner. We eat still it the stuff -but it can't be the powdery stuff we did buy- every once in a great while.

We would, in one or various combinations, add the following:

Cut up hot dogs
Italian spices (that carried a lot of stuff sitting on our spice shelf)
Actually, any meat could be thrown in except cat meat. Or giraffe. We drew the line on that.

Here's the video clip from the show "Unwrapped". This episode was on tonight but it's a rerun. Still funny, in a weird way, though.


Me-Me King said...

Good lord. Can you say, OCD?!?

Kelly said...

Why yes, I can, as a matter of fact.

Anonymous said...

I saw him on a show on the Food Network the other day. Suddenly my obsession with James Dean seems less weird.

Kelly said...

Yeah, he may be weird but ya gotta admire his courage to go on the show -or is that another 15 minutes of fame crave thing going on?

And yes, your obsession with James Dean is crazy, just crazy I tell ya. And I know crazy cuz I'm a contributing member. :)

Anonymous said...

I was weird waaaay before I started collecting mac and cheese boxes.

Kelly said...

Anonymous- I believe it! The way you spelled "way" tipped me off right away. :)

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