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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Escaping Through Movies and Other Means

By whatever means necessary, people going through some personal hell should be able to take a break from it and escape for awhile, as long as it doesn't knowingly make the personal hell worse. It's not avoiding the problems in your life. It's just taking a break. Let me be perfectly clear for those who confuse the two. I'm all for this idea, since I'm going through my own hell right now and I'm trying to tip toe through the land-mines of things that could complicate this period of life further.

Seeing movies is a great way to escape from times of stress and pain and -good golly- I've been trying to catch one here and there any time I've had the chance the last couple weeks. Whether you just lost your job, have family members giving you grief or you're just sick and fucking tired of all the negative news and stupidity and cruelty of society, I'm a firm believer in escaping for awhile.

Here's what works for me:

Seeing a movie. It's quick and mostly effortless. Make sure the flick is either funny, action-packed, interesting or any and all of the above. Do not see a movie that you suspect will bring your sorry ass down further into the abyss like a "weeper". A "Terms of Endearment" type of movie. Watch a "weeper" when you're strong enough or want to feel like complete shit. For some fuckers, that's their thing- to have a good cry. In my mind, these are folks who are not experiencing enough pain and suffering in the real world. With that said, let me introduce you to my friend, Mr. Baseball Bat. Stop by my humble abode and I will gladly give you your money's worth of suffering by caving your skull inward with one of my favorite instruments of pain- the baseball bat. If you like, I'll even explain to you what all of your personal flaws are, to encourage sadness within you, while you desperately attempt to suck in your last dying breaths. Hell, I won't even charge you the price of a movie matinée. How's that for a bargain?

Reading a book. I know some of you younger folks probably don't know what a book is since computers and electronic gadgets have become so popular in the last couple of decades, but books are wonderful things. A good example of a book can be found at the top left corner of this post. See if you can find it! Oooh. Ahhh.

Let your eyes feast upon the written word of a book and let your mind travel to different realms and/or engage in imaginative experiences. Make sure the book is in the same type category as the movie I prescribed above. No weepers, please, or I'll have to bring out Mr. Baseball Bat to have a word with you. Again, no charge. I'm doing the lord's work here and it is always a pleasure to help out.

Best of all, with books no electricity is needed. If you can point, click, text, twitter, Facebook and all the rest of that shit (and really, it is shit), I'm betting you can turn a goddamn page. I know it's old fashioned to read and turn the page of a real papery paged book but think of it as a challenging game if you must. Books can be found at the library. You do know what a library is, don't you?

Going out amongst nature. Even if you are living in a new ice age type area, like I am and will be for the next century or longer (it will feel that way, anyhow), being amongst the natural surroundings of the great outdoors will help to clear your head many times. If you must, put on four to five layers of clothing on yourself and roll out the back door like an overinflated beach ball. Staying inside your car to avoid frostbite is also a good idea, too. Without your fingers, you can't text and twitter that well, unless you are adept at using your nose or dick on the keyboard.

At the very least, you will likely find peace in nature, provided you are far away from people. Remember, kids... People = Chaos and/or Stress. Avoid people as much as possible unless they, by some miracle, instill feelings of positivity and contentment in you. I've heard of people like this before but I've never had the pleasure of meeting them in real life. I think they may belong to a tribe of mythical creatures. Who knows?

The following are some reviews of escapist type movies I've recently seen:

Tron: Legacy 3D

I liked this movie a lot. Often times, Hollywood will produce 3D movies that are absolute crap and didn't need to be produced in 3D in the first place. For me, this movie lived up to it's hype. The storyline was simple but interesting enough. The acting was great. The special effects were fantastic.

And Olivia Wilde gets naked (just kidding- but wouldn't it be great if she did?).

Jeff Bridges stars in the movie in two separate roles. In one role, he plays a computerized clone of himself that appears to look the same as he did in the first movie when he was younger. In the other role, he is the same guy, human, but 30 years older. He's much wiser and kind of beaten down by being trapped in the world of Tron for so freaking long. When his son comes back for him in the world of Tron, it is a happy, yet a little bit of a bittersweet reunion. While the years have somewhat diminished him, he has gained a lot of wisdom and it shows with both his words and actions. This movie was not exactly what I expected it to be and I'm glad of it. I liked the ending, too.

Little Fockers

This movie, starring Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and the cast of the first two movies of this franchise was hilarious. Again, Gaylord "Greg" Focker plays the victim and De Niro is his antagonist. This time around, the story is centered on Jack Byrnes (De Niro), after suffering a minor heart attack, going about pressuring Ben Stiller's character to be the main dude to take over being the head of the family if and when De Niro's character bites the big one (dies). There are a lot of funny scenes in this movie, including one where Greg has to stab Jack in or around his old wang because of a prolonged boner as a result of taking too many erectile dysfunction pills.

I also like the scenes of the Early Human School, where Greg Focker and Jack Byrnes believe this school will provide the best education for Greg's kids. Laura Dern's character, Prudence, acts as the headmistress or something like that of this psycho-babble-ly, artsy-fartsy type of learning institution. The things they put these kids and their parents through is entertaining, humorous and disturbing. See the movie to know what I mean!

Though this 3rd installment of the movie franchise isn't as good as Meet The Parents or Meet The Fockers, this flick will give you something to think about and laugh at during the recession burdened times we're living in.

True Grit

A remake of the John Wayne western classic, this movie was good because it was very well acted and genuine in it's depiction in the way people likely talked, dressed and acted in the American Old West. Jeff Bridges stars in this movie, as well. Though I didn't think the last ten minutes of the movie was a satisfying as the original, I still think it was well worth seeing because of the storyline, the authenticity of how things appeared and the way people acted during those days.

Plus, I like the part where an outlaw takes out his big knife and chops off the fingers of this other outlaw who's trying to give Bridges' character some much needed information on the whereabouts of a certain gang of criminals. While the guy is holding up his blood spurting hand and screaming, the same outlaw with the knife shoves the knife blade in his chest right before Bridges' Cogburn character shoots the knife wielder in the head at point blank range.

Funny stuff, really. You'll have to see it for a chuckle.


This sci-fi/Viking action movie is one I rented a couple months ago. I liked it so much, I bought it, recently. For some odd reason, this satisfying movie didn't do well at the Box Office in 2008. For me the acting, storyline, special effects and message it conveys is superb. Without giving too much away, it is about a man from a futuristic society who crash lands on Earth during the era of the Vikings. At one point during the movie, he tells of the sorrow of losing his wife and child shortly after helping to massacre a race of beings that prove to be "too much in the way of his people's expansion and progress".

While these moments of truth are sad, they don't control the entire movie with it's "weepiness". This movie has a vital message and is basically the same message that Avatar expresses- which causes me to bring up another point. There were some critics of Avatar that bashed James Cameron because he was rehashing a point of view or message that other movies have made. And that is, is that it is ethically and morally wrong to massacre an entire society simply so another group of people can move in, set up their communities and take control. In my opinion, I don't care how many movies convey this same message. It should be repeated and repeated until when and if we ever finally get it into our heads that it is wrong.

Here's a short clip of Outlander, that takes place shortly after Jim Caviezel's character crash lands on Earth.

Well folks, that's it for this post. I apologize for not being at your websites, lately and commenting but I've been pretty busy with family obligations and woes. In another hour, I have to pick Dad up from the assisted living place to take him to the doctor to have the staples removed from his head. You can read the previous post to learn how he injured himself in case you're interested. Hopefully, he'll keep his outrageous behavior, verbal abuse and negativity down to a tolerable level. The head injury hasn't kept him from his usual asshole antics, unfortunately.

So wish me luck on dealing with him today.

I'll catch up with all of you soon at your sites and in other avenues of communication. I think I'll be getting a short break from my obligations after this day is done. In conclusion, happy escaping, everyone!


klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
Thought I'd come over and check out your latest posting, you 'Focker'
Well, dude, you just know I'm going to agree with 'escaping', taking time out from the bullshit and seek out positive resources.
Keeping busy and finding pleasurable distractions...hang on a second..ah that's where was I? Oh yeah, reading a book. What an interesting concept. Then again, anything's gotta be better than that shit aka 'Farcebook'. I don't give a flying fuck that 'Suzi Creamcheese' thinks I need to know about what's going on her life via her 'fascinating' profile updates. Giggle, giggle eh Suzi!
Great selection of films. Just one question, why no 'Mary fuckin' Poppins' or 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' in your list?
And getting out there in the great outdoors. Can't think of anything better than going out into nature and admiring the beauty on offer.
Kelly, I do so hope all is cool with your dad and things are okay at the doctor's.
In conclusion, I wish you much peace and positivity in 2011. Take very good care and try to take it easy.
With kindness and goodwill, Gary.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,

Escapism is actually a fantastic way to start off the year on a difficult foot. I couldn't agree with you more. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, and I hope that you get a real respite from the grind. It sounds exhausting. I agree with Gary...what? no "Singing in the Rain"? Yes, I'm a sucker for sappy musicals. I hope fresh air, walks, humor, and distractions will carry you through. Happy New Year, and please take it easy when you can.

LilPixi said...

Happy escaping indeed!
I really like your plan - Good movies & books.
Being as I'm about to crack from negativity overload, I really should adhere to that plan myself.
Never any need to apologize for a much needed break. Take things at your own pace & do what you have to do to replenish.

My favorite writer in the whole blogosphere, I laugh so hard at everything I read here that's not related to any woe. And then there's all the priceless wisdom. If you're down, I surely will be for you.

MartyrMom said...

yeah a good book and a movie will often do the trick but don't knock going to a sad film to cry. Girls have to do it or we explode...ya know...

If I knew your wife's name...I'd holler "take away his damn bat before he hurts himself!!!" LOL

gotta be a better year....are you Sagittarius? I just know somethings got to give this year.

MartyrMom said...

PS the book sounds interesting! if you love bizarre and hilarious read Carl Hiaasen. He has the funniest books around start with his first novel so you get to know the characters . his books will also excite your sense of rage
1. tourist season,
2 double whammy tight...
you should be hooked by then! his website

Kelly said...

klahanie- Well, hey there back, focker! :) Yes, indeedy, I do know what ya mean about that damnable Fartbook and all the silliness that go with it and other social network thingamajiggys. I find it kinda amusing and sad that they plastered the Fartbook creator's face on Time Magazine and called him Man of The Year. At least I think it was the Time mag. Who cares about that or about Suzy Creamcheese's latest acne outbreak?

I knew you'd agree on the distraction stuff, ol' friend.

No Disney "Blowjobs on Broomsticks While Popppin' Mary's Cherry" for me, thank you very darn much. I can't stand that family oriented crapola or the weepy shit.

About Dad- I wish I could say things were cool with him but they're not. He called my sister on the phone last night and accused of this and that. She, in turn, called me, crying and badly hurt by all he said. We agreed to take action soon.

Take care, my friend. Talk at you soon again, I hope.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Hi Rebecca. lol. Nope. No "Singing in The Rain" or "Singing in The aisles of Wal Mart" or "Singing While Picking My Nose" for me. Sorry, Gene Kelly. Haha. You enjoy the sappy musicals, eh? Nothing wrong with that. I truly do thank you for wishing me well throughout the New Year, though it's getting off to a terrible start. I wrote a little more about that situation in the return comment to Gary, up above. My sister and I are making hard decisions that will effect everyone. Likely, we'll have to put Dad in a nursing home soon, for one thing... For his safety and everyone else's.

Take care, Rebecca. I will comment on your latest posting soon.

Kelly said...

LilPixi- So you're getting the ol' negativity overload, too, eh? Might I ask if it's derived from friends, family, work or all of the above? Yeah, the plan of distractions and escape seems to work for me most of the time- unless I'm too far down in the bottomless pit- then nothing works. I advise you to engage in The Plan, as well. lol.

I think I'm going to have a break here tonight to catch up on blogs so I'll likely be stopping by yours. LOOKOUT! :)

I thank you for saying I'm your favorite writer in the blogosphere and I make you laugh and that I' a giver of wisdom. That honestly does make me feel good and supported. And thanks for saying that you're there for me, too. It means a lot to me. Anytime you're feeling bad, you can talk to me, as well. Gary and I do that for each other, too.

Take care, LilPixi

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Damn... It's like pulling teeth getting anything done blog-wise. Every time I get on the computer for two minutes, something comes up. I would pull my hair out but I'm starting to get a little bald spot in the back of my head.

Yeah, I've read and heard that about the "girls needing to cry while watching sad movies" phenomenon in order to not 'explode', so to speak. Maybe that's like guys when it comes to masturbation. I read somewhere if guys down't get the junk out of their system one way or another, it causes them to lose their minds.

Since I've already lost my marbles, I don't have that problem. Btw, my wife's name is Ladonna. I'll relay the message about the baseball bat even though I don't actually own one. lol. Hell, I wouldn't even trust her with a baseball bat. Her temper is just as bad as mine. She's a redheaded Irish/American Indian girl. Nice volatile combo, don'tcha think? hahaha. Also: I'm a Libra, since you asked.

I will certainly look into the Carl Hiaasen's books. I know of them quite well since I go into Barne's and Nobles all the time and check out every danged book in the place until they push us out the door and close. I've just never actually read any. His humor sounds like it's my kind of thing, though. Thanks for the info. Take care, MM.

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- I meant I've never actually read any of HIS books but I'm certainly game.

LilPixi said...

The shit from friends & family is somewhat tolerable believe it or not. Lol.
It's the taunting conformist commie bastards that want to spread & the negativity & fuel mine, ignoring those fuckers. Can't let em' bring others to their level.

Trying to flip a switch right now. Hope it works. Lol

I actually watched Little Fockers last night per your suggestions. I thought it was great, and movies & reading are such a great outlet for escaping. I think the right music & nature as well.

The rest is just too true. You're the best. I'm glad I've now gotten to cross paths with someone so great & kick-ass.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly. I'm all in favour of escapism. I think any film or book (or even an e-book!) are suitable becuase it's the message not the medium that counts.
I have lately 'escaped' into a book about mathmatical theory (Fermats Last Theorem) and all sorts of TV crap that I recorded over Christmas New Year. It hardly matters as long as it takes you out of yourself.
The remake of True Grit hasn't opened in the UK just yet, but the Coen Brothers are my favourite film-makers (Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy, Brother Where Art Thou, No Country for Old Men etc etc).
I hope things look up for you and yours in 2011.
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

LilPixi- You know, if we put all the conformist commie fuckwads on an uninhabited island far, far away, there probably wouldn't be too many people left around us. People who think for themselves, like you and I, are a dying breed. But as you said, 'can't let 'em bring you down to their level'.

Glad you liked Little Fockers. It was funny. As you said, too, listening to music is a great way to escape or at least put you in a different state of mind. Pink Floyd, Queens of The Stone Age, Tom Petty and many others usually help me out, in that area, when I'm feeling out of sorts.

Glad to have crossed bloggy paths with you, too, LilPixi. Stay cool, as I know you will.

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Hello Kelly old boy. You Yankee chaps seem to want to cure the world's ills with baseball bats; bloody good idea say I.
As for escapism, in a historical context, Confucianism and Taoism disputed over the validity of the metaphysics of each other, and their applications to Chinese society and its disheveled state. Confucianism blamed Taoist philosophy of escapism, while Taoism responded by deeming Confucianism as escapist from one s true nature. Instead of placing emphasis on self-cultivation propagated by Confucianism, the Taoist would argue for ego-less, self-less state where the Tao or the way of nature is in control. With this process the Yin and Yang become balanced in producing harmony in nature. Emphasis on non-duality, interdependency and desire-free society would be applications of Taoism.
But I suppose you were going to say that weren't you Kelly?

Kelly said...

bazza- Glad we're in agreement on escapism. Some folks, I believe, think 'escapism' equals avoiding problems or whatever. That's true only if you are in a constant state of avoidance.

You're getting into a book about mathematical theory, eh? Sounds heavy. As for myself, I've never liked math or numbers enough to be interested in that subject. But to each his own. Words, art, music, philosophy and more are my thing and I know by visiting your blog that you show those same interests, as well.

Yeah, it's weird about when movies appear first here and where you're at. Sometimes they arrive here first, sometimes elsewhere. The Coen Brothers are among my favorite film makers, too. I loved "O Brother, Where Art Thou" I've listened to the soundtrack of that movie over and over, too.

Take care, friend. Thanks for wishing me well. I also wish nothing but the best for your grandson and the rest of the family throughout the year.

Kelly said...

Sir Tom Eagerly- Well I'm happy as a horny toad that you're with us on the "baseball bat philosophy". Join us, won't you, on our head mashing-baseball bat smashing 2011 world tour? It will be grand fun for the whole family. Bring Granny! She'll love it!

Everything that you said about escapism there up above- that's exactly what I was going to say. You, my upstanding friend, took the words right outta my head. Are you sure we're not brothers separated at birth? I, for one, am siding with Confucianism and Taoism and a nice hot double bacon cheeseburgerism with mayo and onion.

And now I must ponder all that has been said here. Farewell.

Lana Gramlich said...

Sorry about your Dad being injured (& a right bastard, from the sound of it.)
I wanted to see the new Tron, too. Unfortunately, as you say, people = stress & BS, so I'll see it on DVD in the future. <:\
And nature rocks! (Pardon the pun.)

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- Thanks, Lana. Yeah, he is a bastard most of the time. Verbally abusive and stubborn 99% of time. My sister and I are having a tough time keeping him safe because he refuses to do things that are safe, on purpose.

Tron: Legacy was great, I thought and nature does rock. (Pun forgiven and is quite clever...heheh)

Papa K said...

Outlanders, eh? I'll have to check that out.

What's up with Jim cavizel? He's a great actor who hasn't been in a big movie since the passion...

Ange said...

Kurt Vonnegut is absolutely my favorite author ever. I got hooked on him as a teenager.

Loved to see one of is works mentioned.

Kelly said...

Papa K- Yeah, it's a good flick. Very multidimensional and there's never a dull moment. I don't know what is up with Cavizel? Maybe he's taking a break from acting or he's starring in low budget movies.

Kelly said...

Ange- Then we share our regard to who is our favorite author. Like you, I got hooked on him as a teenager. I would say my outlook on people is/was somewhat influenced by his humor and his completely in tune perspective on human behavior. I own all of his books.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you here again. Take care. I'll be at your site here in a sec.

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