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Sunday, February 28, 2010

William Blum Interview

This clip below features an audio interview with William Blum, author of five books. He talks about how America has become an empire, using war and other forms of intervention to control the rest of the world. Whether you agree or disagree, he makes a compelling point that the CIA and U.S. military has changed other nations, throughout it's short history, in dramatic ways that the American public doesn't know about (or likely not care about).

It's all about manipulation, money and power, folks.

And hey, if you really want to support our troops, let's get them the fuck out of these needless wars so they can go home to their families in one piece -both physically and mentally. I'm tired of reading about U.S. soldiers killing themselves because they've been deployed over and over again in countless tours of duty.

Yes, the video is over ten minutes long. And yes, it is worth watching if you care about the truth.


Dark Slander said...

Interesting interview. I personally try to stay out of other countries business because I hate it when other countries bitch about how my country runs things.

However with that said, lots of great and true treatments can be found in that interview.

Kelly said...

Yes, I thought it was, too. Interesting, that is. As a rule, I believe we should always stay out of another country's business, unless it's for TRULY humanitarian reasons (like Haiti for the earthquake disaster).

I'll be stopping by your site tomorrow to comment on your recent post. The wifey has been holding me hostage for most of the night and she's calling again.

Me-Me King said...

I had seen that interview and feel there are many valid points. Why "we" feel the need to police the entire world in beyond me. Personally, I don't go nosing around in my neighbors' business nor should "we" as a country.

Kelly said...

Me-Me: I think our government polices/intervenes in whatever country they think they can get something out of. Our government acts much like the Mafia, too often, if you think about it. Thank you for your input.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
As someone presently living in Britain; I would note that the general consensus from the Public here is just why the USA seems to think it should be the 'world's police'.
We get media bullshit shoved down our necks here that Britain and the US have a 'special relationship' and are 'shoulder to shoulder' in sorting out the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Well from a British viewpoint, I'm getting fucking tired of seeing British 'kids' coming back in coffins from Afghanistan. I wish the propaganda machine that feeds bullshit to you guys over there would realise that kids from all over the world are dying in these bullshit conflicts.
I really wish the brave kids of the USA, Canada, Britain and all the others participating in this crap could just go home and live in peace.
Are we not all just citizens of the earth?
With respect and peace, Gary.

Kelly said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Gary. I'm in full agreement with you on the matter. The propaganda machine is tireless in it's endeavor to perpetuate fear, lies and fake patriotism in the minds of Americans.

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