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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supposed Scandals and China Nonsense

What's this sick, hardly disguised fascination with celebrity men being caught cheating on their girlfriends or wives? Every other channel on TV I bounced back and forth to, yesterday, had Tiger Woods' public apology video on it. This is yet another example of blatant, cold blooded ignorance, coupled with greed.

Woods shouldn't have to apologize profusely to anyone but his wife. Yeah, he's a sex addict or whatever. I don't know for certain or care. I certainly don't give a rat's ass how many women he's fucked. By the way, Tiger, I thought I'd let ya know.... They could be boinkin' ya because you're rich and famous and not because of your less-than-sparkling personality. Not that you would care about that or anything. Heh heh.

Pressing onward... The thinly veiled spectacle was on TV all day and night, yesterday. The media was feasting on the supposed "big story" like a retarded, cross-eyed lion chewing on a zebra. No offense to the mentally impaired. Just my hearty offense to the media.

Like the David Letterman "big story" about him and his interns before Tiger and whoever before that -Whatever is going on in anyone's personal lives has nothing to do with the rest of us -unless real help is wanted -and should not be exploited as an excuse that it is somehow "news". It is a greed-oriented media/government and/or corporate kind of mind trick that should be exploited as the real news.

These supposed scandals certainly should not involve the media. The media believes it is their job of publicizing "news" that really isn't news. I'm hopeful you aren't blind to the fact that it is all done for profit. The bigger the supposed "scandal" (which isn't really a scandal), the more money they make with higher ratings. We, the lesser- We, the consumers- Are tools for their greed. As long as people keep tuning in to these non-scandals, non-stories and buying newspapers, books and whatever media they are selling about their worthless shit, the more Corporate America will keep putting it out there.

To the corporate ran media the motto is: To hell with how the people of those "scandals", the victims directly involved, feel about being publicly disgraced. That is the main message they send out and it is obvious to any individual who can think or feel.

I say, "Fuck that!" And I also say,"Fuck the kind of society who feels that intruding on a celebrity or non-celebrity's personal life is anything resembling news." I can't speak for the rest of the world but the United States is completely fucked up. This country's society seems to be the most puritanical, backward and hung up on sex than any other country in the world.

Do you want to know what news you don't see more of that reflects the reality of life? And is the real news.

Try: Poverty, the hunger of millions of people, global warming, deforestation, pollution, future deadly climate change -for the real story. The real news.

Too much news and reality for ya, America? Better divert your eyes, mind and ability to fight for what's right, as you usually do! Movies, video games, sports idolizing and other diversions of reality.... HERE WE COME! Come? Fuck it, we're here already here and have been for so long that generations of people have been brainwashed into thinking it is normal.

And what's the big deal about Obama meeting up with the Dalai Lama. The government is worried about what Beijing, China thinks? It's none of their fucking business. I don't care what kind of threat or concern they feel with the Dalai Lama meeting the U.S. president. The Dalai Lama, someone who teaches and understands what real peace is all about is absolutely to be thought of, highly -and their problem with him is absolute nonsense.

Even more importantly, so what if we owe Beijing, China a trillion dollars? China's corporations owe us the lives they've taken with their shitty products. In my opinion, they should get down on their knees and apologize for sending/selling the U.S. countless poisoned bags of pet food, lead-laden children's toy trinkets, recent poorly produced lethal cars and and more. Fuck you, government and corporations of China! Go take a hot lead and melamine bath! Before you do, be sure to ask the American media to join you!

Thank you and have a rip-dandy day! :)


Dark Slander said...

The issue here is that people are so uncomfortable living their own lives in our culture that they have to live through others using a medium like the idiot box.

I can't tell you how much contempt and disgust I have for those who make idols out of the famous. This is probably why I do not watch mainstream news, and limit my television viewing.

This whole issue with Tiger, they make it seem like he was the first man to cheat in the world. WRONG! I'd be too unpredictable to be in that situation... I'd tell the media off publicly then settle with my ex and enjoy the rest of my life with the rest of my millions...

Kelly said...

The other main issue is that people are just easily duped. They can't see the world as greed and power motivated and the ones that do, as I mentioned, hide their eyes. They might as well be mannequins or androids. Technology, diversions and money are the main things in this society. There are only a handful of people with the intelligence and courage to speak the truth.

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
Man I think you're reading my friggin' mind. (Now there's a potential scary thought lol).
It does beggar belief what the 'media' deems to be a priority. The cynic in me reckons they know what sells and crap about 'celebrities' having affairs seems to be far more important to the media than such 'trivial' things as poverty and starvation.
Kelly, we are getting similar media bullshit over here in Britain. A couple of football (soccer) players, major sporting stars over here, are being dredged through the media crap because they cheated on their wives. Now, I'm not condoning what they did, but what they do on the sporting field should be what the media reports. What they do in their private lives is no fucker's business.
Excellent posting, Kelly. I must also concur with the comment of 'Dark Slander'.
With respect, Gary

Mr. Stupid said...

TV's gone crazy. Tiger woods was on yesterday. I agree with you. Maybe an apology to his wife was enough. At least he didn't have to embarrass himself in front of the world. After the confession, more people are gonna hate him.

Hope there's something better on TV now.... hehe

Kelly said...

Gary: Agreed. The mind reading, on either your end or mine, might be a scary thing, indeed. lol. Especially if you could read MY MIND! You would likely want me thrown into a loony bin. :)

I had no idea that the media in Britain was into that sort of hyped up crap. The media will get into anyone's personal life for profit gain. Their priorities are messed up. And you're right... what they do in their private lives is no fucker's business. Also: Thanks for the compliment and Best Wishes to you!

Mr. Stupid: Yeah, TV and everything else in this world, such as wars and politics, is crazy. If I were Woods, I would have told everyone, media included, of course, to go screw themselves. I'd rather have a lot less endorsement money coming from corporations than give in to whatever anyone else wants.

Yeah, finding something decent on TV is quite difficult, at times. I usually watch the Discovery Channel, Comedy Channel or History Channel when I'm not watching the news. The REAL NEWS, that is.

Chrissy said...

You better hope Sarah Palin didn't hear you say the word "retarded".

BTW, the clown is scary as shit.

Kelly said...

Crissy: You're right about that. Sarah Palin would take great offense since she was once Queen of The Retarded (I mean Republican) Party. :)

Yeah, I get that lot -about the clown... but don't be afraid. He doesn't bite :)

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