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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mind Tricks

Here are a couple ways to have some fun by messing with the mind of a friend or relative:

Chair Control

Ask your friend or relative to sit in a straight backed chair with his or her knees pressed together, feet flat on the floor with his or her hands firmly gripping the side edges of the seat. Now stand in front of that person and place your middle finger in the middle of their forehead.

Next, breathe deeply and put on an act that you're focusing your mental energy upon on your chosen potential dupe. When you're ready, invite your mark to attempt to stand up. Just before the person stands up, explain to him/her that they will find it impossible to do so since you are using your psychic energy to keep them pinned to the chair.

The mark will not be able to stand up -no matter how hard they try.

The secret: In order for the person to stand up, he or she must move his center of gravity in front of his or her knees, but they won't be able to do that with their backside stuck at the back of the chair.

Head Case

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Put your dominant hand on top of your head with the palm face down. Spread your fingers wide. Now ask a friend to grip your arm at the elbow and attempt to remove your hand from your head. They will find it almost impossible.

The secret: Your arm is a lever and the powerful parts of any lever are the ends. Your elbow is the fulcrum, so any attempt to exert force at this point will be easily matched by the leverage in your arm. Think of it like this: Trying to open a door by pressing on the hinges.

It's fun to fuck with people, isn't it? As long as they don't shoot you.


Dark Slander said...

"These are not the droids you're looking for"

Here's one for you Kelly, get your mark to look straight again and get them to follow your finger with their eyes. Get them to look up as far as they can without moving their head, have them close their eyes and imagine the spot up high.

When a person is "looking up" with their eyes closed it is impossible to open their eyes. It does the trick.;)

Pratik Gupta said...

Oh you evil - evil creature!! Wat AN awesome Idea!! let me try it on my roommate and let you know the end results. In case I am left alive :)

Me-Me King said...

The Chair Control I have tried before. I'll have to wait for someone to stop by to try the Head Case. Of course, some people already think I'm a Head Case, I'll have to wait for someone to stop by to try this one out. Thanks!

Kelly said...

DarkSlander: I tried your trick. It does work! That's pretty cool.

Pratik Gupta: Evil is my game. Kelly is my name. And yeah, let me know the end results of these tricks.

Me-Me: I should add this info for the Head Case trick- You can be standing up and do it, too. It doesn't matter. That was the way I was taught this trick, originally.

Yep, you are a Head Case. :) But in a GOOD way. Tee hee.

Mr. Stupid said...

Well, there was a trick about a doorway. First stand by the doorway and press your hand against the frame like you're raising your hands. Stay this way for a minute. Now leave the doorway. Your hands should lift automatically.

In case they don't, lift them on purpose and convince yourself, "Wow they just lifted"... hehe

Have a great day Kelly!

Kelly said...

I'm going to try that, Mr. Stupid. That's sounds pretty darn cool. I'm glad you contributed that trick to the comment board.

And yeah, if my hand don't lift, I'll do it myself and say, "Wow. Mr. Stupid was right, after all."

Heh heh. You have a great day, as well!

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