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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Kind Of Meat Would You Like In Your Chili?

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Dark Slander said...

Gator for the win!

klahanie said...

Hi there,
How's it goin' eh? Being from Canada; I would also like to note that moose goes very well with chili. Also, speaking of Canada, 'beaver' goes very well with chili..but that's another story:-)
I gotta' agree though ..'gator for the win'

Mr. Stupid said...

I am a vegetarian...:) So, no meat as of now.
BTW, who is the 3 legged buffalo? hehe

lwr said...

Totally a 3-legged buffalo. It sounds rare and delicious! Plus that means you have bragging rights!

Kelly said...

Dark Slander: Gator meat would be different, eh? I'd be willing to try it.

Gary: I didn't know Canadians ate moose. But it makes sense. I think you guys have a lot of moose up there, from what I've seen on TV and read. I would try it. Beaver? Hmmm... What kind of "beaver" are you talking about? Heh heh.

Mr. Stupid: The 3 legged buffalo is a rare beast that lives in the northern plains of America. It feeds mostly on termites, fish and elves and lives quietly in caves where it enjoys watching porn movies from the 1970's.

It's all true I tell ya! Swear to Lucifer! Or something. :)

LoneWolf: 3 legged buffalo is delicious. I ate a whole one this morning at the local Burger King -gave me diarrhea. So now I have bragging rights and THE SHITS. Hurray!

Me-Me King said...

I'm a "throw it all in the pot" kind of chili chef. My favorites are pork chili verde topped with sour cream and red buffalo chili topped with chopped onions and tons of cheddar cheese. Damn, I'm hungry!

Kelly said...

That does sound good. I've never heard of red buffalo chili. I'm an experimenter, too, when it comes to cooking chili. A good "cheater" way of cooking is adding salsa to the chili. If you think about it, it has all the ingredients chili has in it, anyway.

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