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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recently Added Blogroll Bloggers Reviews

Lordy, Lordy... I'm about to do something nice for a change. The End Times must be nigh! It's a sure sign of that there Apokylips or somethin'.

On with the show...

I'm a mess of contradictions, sealed in a bag of flesh, blood and a bit of brain matter. Just a bit. One minute, I'm deadly serious. Next minute, I take a bloody stab at humor. And so on. Ya never quite know what you're going to get when you stop by this site. Whatever I feel like posting that day... that's what goes up on the blog.

My point is this: My interests are just as varied as my traits, actions, likes and interests And that's how the blogs I visit are -Varied. My choices of blogs I visit often, enjoy reading and, eventually, put on my blogroll are off to the right. Just in case your friggin' eyesight is going, freako!! I say that with love.

I highlight recent blogroll add-ons, every so often. This would be one of those occasions. These blogs I'm about to describe and recommend, each come with a link so you can visit their blogs, yourself.

In no particular order, I present to you the following websites:

Klahanie is a site that offers huge doses of slightly wacky humor, compassion, interesting posts, his personal stuff and terrific writing. You want laughs? Gary, who runs the blog, is the dude to turn to. And with all of the commenting we've done, back and forth, I can tell he's, genuinely, a good man. I hope that doesn't sound too gay. ;-)

The Guy's Perspective: His team of guys writes mainly from a guy's perspective. Which shouldn't be too surprising to you, since his blog title pretty much says that. Duh! The main Guy is very accurate, in my opinion, in his observations on what men are really like and why they do the things they do. And he does it all with humor, right-on-target insight and great writing. His blog is also a personal one.

One Crazy Brunette Chick features (what else?) a crazy brunette chick who is a self described "trophy wife who has a trucker's mouth..." Oh yeah, and she's blunt, direct and hysterical as hell. Her twisted, nasty sense of humor hooked me right off the bat. She's my most recent blogroll add-on and you should check her out (her blog, I mean) as soon as you can. Not right now, damn it! You have more reading to do.

Stupidation is a blog that is charming. Honest. And funny as hell. Not that hell is funny or anything... eh, where was I? Who am I? I've got a cramp in my leg. More importantly, go visit Mr. Stupid's blog for fun, interesting posts and a lot of other good stuff.

Slanderous Entries is ran by Dark Slander. Not Darth Vader. That's someone else. Slanderous Entries studies the Human species and makes fascinating, thought-provoking observations on us, the beings that are on top of the food chain but, not necessarily, on the top of the intelligence
chain. Whether you agree with him or not, you will always be aroused to think about what he has written about -because his writing is just that superb and, often times, profound.

Lone Wolf Repose is a whacked out blog with hilarious posts, pics and observations on just about anything . If you can't find it here, good luck finding it elsewhere. The writing at this website is damn good, too. Check it out!

Beyond The Wire gives great advice in the event of a Nuclear attack and the dramatic aftermath that will follow. This is not a whacked out, conspiracy, paranoia site if you're thinking that. It's an invaluable source of instruction on how to survive in many situations, which I have found fascinating. This man's military experience and thorough research is the key to a blog that offers lessons/posts that should peek your interest, at the very least, and maybe save your life in the future.


Dark Slander said...

Well I got to say Kelly, I'm quite flattered. It is an honor to be recognized by someone who I really appreciate as a blogger.

Does this mean I have to sacrifice offerings to the clown on the alter of insanity? If that is the case so be it.

Thanks very much for the shout out. :)

Now I need to check out those other bloggers. :D

Cupcake said...

You asshole! When you said 'a bit of brain matter' I was like, ooooh I'm going to kill him with that one. You ruined it!!!! 'Just a bit' you say after. FINE THEN!

Yes, I'm am utterly flattered (bet you didn't make everybody else flash you to get on your blogroll!) AHEM, utterly flattered, and um having that Sally Field moment in that one movie. "You like me..."

The "Guys" are one of my FAVS!!! I can give them as much shit as I can think of and they take in on the chin and give it back soooo 'nicely'! They've gotten um, whatever the masculine word for sassier is with me lately! But they love me!

I can't wait to go look at these other blogs either!!! Oh, and you'd quit getting cramps in your legs if you'd just stop dry-hum... oh, too much information!

The Wolf said...

Leg cramps eh.......are you sneaking around goat farms late at night again for a little....shall we say "encounter"

Thanks a huge bunch for including my blog in your shoutout. Does this mean I have to flash you like Cupcake did ? Anyways I am deffinitly going to check out all the other mentioned blogs.

lwr said...

yay!! I'm whacked out!! I'm finally an internets success! Hey mom!

I feel kind of bad for not saying nice things about you. You son of a bitch... putting a guilt trip on me. I see through your games.

Psycho Carnival is a blog about a rly crazy dude who I think is rly cool. If it wasn't for his blog I wouldn't have bought my automatic egg cracker!!

Oh wait... I'm not supposed to say nice things about you on your blog... am I? Damnit.

Dark Slander said...

Cupcake: I had to flash him too.. I just couldn't help myself though. Damn his Bill Clinton like charm!

The Guy's Perspective said...

Thanks for the Props!! We appreciate it immensely!

We're going to check out some of your other recommendations.

klahanie said...

Greetings Kelly,
For a second there; I misread the title of your posting. Thought it said 'Bogroll' which in Britain, is a slang term for toilet paper aka 'asswipe':-)
One of the reasons I like your writing so much is because you like to do variety. Not only do you have a great sense of humour (humor) you have clearly demonstrated that you have a sensitive side. I admire that.
Now speaking of 'gay'. Dude, I'm old enough to remember when 'gay' meant carefree and cheerful. That's how old I effin' am:-) Oh by the way, shall we be seeing you at the 'Blue Oyster Club'? lol
Thank you for such an honour. Coming from a guy who I have had the great privilege of interacting with lately; it is one hell of a compliment.
I shall have a check of some of the other fine folks. If you recommend them, then they must be friggin' awesome.
Thanks Kelly. I think you are a genuinely nice guy. Respect and peace, your way, Gary...

Kelly said...

Now, Dark Slander, tell the truth about the flashing only once. It was 243 times, to be exact, and you did it outside, in our driveway, where the neighbors could see. Remember? You got arrested for indecent exposure?

Yeah, you're welcome about the shout out, dude. No sacrificial offerings taken today. My Dungeon of Suffering is full, already.

Cupcake: Hey, girl... it's your fault... after you flashed me -that's why I had to... Oh, too much information.

For the record, Cupcake, I was talking about ME having the little bit of brain matter. Look above (Paragraph 3).

Hell, when I went to the doctor today, I forgot my own damned birthday. Then I forget to zip my fly every other day when I walk out the door to walk amongst the public. Haven't been arrested yet, though, like that Dark Slander fella. I had to pay his bail, too. :-( Thanks for the flash! :-) I owe ya one.

Kelly said...

TheWolf: Aw damn, you got me. I sodomize goats. Ya got me there, dude. And boy, are they tight! And I jerk my stink log when hot female bloggers flash me, too. Gee, life is grand. :) No flashing from you! Nobody wants to see that! LOL. And you're welcome about the shout out. By the way, all of you guys + 1 gal -reading these comments, you're gettin' too sick and twisted like me. Cut it out! You're taking my job away.

And now we move on and respond to LoneWolf's comment... That's right, LoneWolf! I was playin' the ol' Sneaky Bastard Compliment Trick on you. That's how I get my jollies. Ha ha ha. Woohoo. And now you can tell your whole family, with pride, how I said nice things about you. OOooh... I'm a wicked, wicked man. :) LOL. You're welcome!

The Guys Perspective: You're welcome, too and thanks for the visit.

Kelly said...

Klahanie/Gary: Thanks, my bloggy friend. I enjoy our interaction, too. Now... if I may ask, how old are you? I'm 46. I thought I would be older than you. Anyway, you're welcome and I meant everything I said.

And I remember when gay meant cheerful, too. :)

Bogroll? Really? Means asswipe...hmmm. I didn't know that was a slang word there. Take care, dude.

Dark Slander said...

Thanks for the bail dude, I think that she cop was just jealous. What took you so long! I was in the holding cell for a whole 6 minute, I mean its nice to visit my family... but a whole 6 minutes!

Kelly said...

I wish I had a jail family. I'm jealous. I bet the holiday gatherings are nice, too I would have gotten ya out sooner but I had to stop to fuck a goat. You know how it is.

Dark Slander said...

You should hear them on thanks giving dinner, "Mom!, Jimmy is shanking me!" Ah, good times. No worries, I'll repay the favor for bailing you out one of these days.

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