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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baltimore Weatherman Flips Out

This weatherman in Baltimore loses it before the upcoming Snowmaggedon.


Dark Slander said...

14 to 22....

Pansies! We get 3 feet or more at a time... This guy is just a little bitch. :)

Mr. Stupid said...

I wonder what he had for Breakfast. "Crazy Cereal"?
Oh My god. I had my speakers turned up when he shouted. Nightmares... aaaa!

Kelly said...

Dark Slander: Wow! Didn't expect that! hahaha
You got 3 feet? You must be on the upper East coast. All we got was a little more that half a foot.

Mr. Stupid: LOL... "crazy cereal" I imagine you practically crapped yourself if you had the speakers turned up at that point. :)

Me-Me King said...

This is so funny! He starts out dead-pan and then goes "postal"!!! Ahahahahahaha!

klahanie said...

I reckon that weather dude could show a bit of enthusiasm in his forecast:-)
Hell dude, a couple of flakes on the ground here, in lil ol' England, and everything stops.
Then again, some folks might enjoy 18 to 22 inches...
Perhaps they could send all that snow over to Vancouver..the Winter Olympics aint got enough of that 'white stuff'

Kelly said...

Me-Me: Yeah, he does start at a low point, then zooms up to a hysterical high point. WeeeHaaa! Perhaps his true calling is being a comedian.

Klahanie: Yeah (snicker) the dude needs to be more enthusiastic. Really? No snow in England now? I figured they would have gotten some snow this winter -so far. And yeah, Vancouver needs snow, badly. They should take Washington, DC's 3 feet of snow off their streets... if only that were feasible

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