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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ice, Snow And Cats

Since yesterday, our area has been hit with ice, rain, freezing rain, sounds of thunder and five to seven inches of snow. I know there are areas in this country, especially Washington DC and most of the North Eastern US have got it a lot worse. According to the news, Washington DC is going to get bombarded with two and a half feet of snow. The most snow they've seen in years. I pity them and everyone else on the East coast.

It will be rough.

I've survived four major blizzards, that I can remember. A couple of them were the cause of the power going out and the water lines freezing for days. Fun ahoy!

Here, in our county, we have a level 3 snow emergency -which means if you are seen driving out on the roads, you can be ticketed by the cops. Our county is the only one in the tri-state area to have this level of emergency. I'm glad we went to the grocery store Wednesday to get food, drinks and most importantly, toilet paper. Wiping your ass on paper towels can be rough -literally.

Many people in our area live on back country roads. They're pretty much fucked because they are the last ones to have their roads cleared off by the city.

Needless to say, WalMart, Krogers and every other store was packed with panicked customers buying salt, snow shovels, cans of de-icer and so on, the day before. My wife not only had to work at WalMart nearly ten hours that day but she also had to struggle up the incredibly steep ice and snow covered hill to make it home after work.

Here are some photos, I just took, of our scenery outside. I've also included a picture of my oldest cat, Mufasa (the one that looks completely relaxed, on the floor) and my younger cat, Victor (the orange tabby on the chair). We keep them indoors, of course.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sibel said...

Tell me that the cat is made out of fur, but not fat? lol sooo cute.
He no snow yet, I am waiting for it I love it...yes I do, the shoveling, the playing in it...

Kelly said...

Sibel: Thank you for commenting on the post. I just visited yours and was going to leave a comment, too, but my wife wanted me to call for the cats. They were bugging her while she was trying to make tuna salad.

Nawww... Mufasa isn't as fat as she looks. She's mainly a big ol' fur ball. But she is plump. Plump enough to eat on a cold winter's day. LOL Just kidding.

Mr. Stupid said...

Well, that is a lot of snowing. Two and a half feet of snow? Washington DC is surely gonna get bombarded with snow.

BTW, your cats look really cute. I never knew you had two cats...:)

Thank you so much for adding my blog to your Blog Roll. It deserves a Candy. Well, I just ate it. And I don't have another one. Sorry. I will try to send in your candy, pretty soon...:)

Stay indoors and have fun. Big smile...:)

Dark Slander said...

We were supposed to get some of that severe weather here but didn't even get a snowflake. :)

I suppose I got all the luck. :P About time too!

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