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Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Tooter" by Ashton Kutcher

This clip shows the stupidity of our infatuation with our present excessive social media technology. Not to mention, it's a funny spoof on Twitter. For laughs, watch this!

s taking social media technology to the next level.


The Guy's Perspective said...

Funny! Actually the funniest part to me was,
John Paul Jones, "I was in Led Zeppelin" love the randomness of that! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Am I allowed to say that? :) Being a guy and all........


Kelly said...

No! You're not allowed to say that! lol.

Yeah, I thought the John Paul Jone's part was funny, too. Glad you liked it.

Dark Slander said...

I really, really, really, really.... etc HATE twitter.

I'm shocked it has caught on as huge as it has. It just seems like a redundant social networking tend which (hopefully) will soon die out out.

Kelly said...

Wait a minute.... Are you trying to say you may, perhaps, have a dislike for twitter? I need clarity on this. :)

Yeah, it certainly is another "fad-ish" thing that our society has embraced. I use it to irritate people with my delightful and charming crude remarks and to tell people that I am currently expelling a small pocket of gas from my rectum.

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... that's better.

klahanie said...

Hey dude,
This comment I am about to submit may be slightly surreal. You see, I cannot really comment on 'Tooter' because I'm getting these weird messages telling me that because I'm not in the U.S of A., I cannot watch this clip. Hmmm...
So here I go anyway, leaving a form of a comment in regards to something I cannot comment on. Must go now..heading of to this new social network called 'Twatter'..because, right about now, I feel like one:-)
All the best to you, Kelly. Kind wishes, Gary:)

Dark Slander said...


I had luck looking it up elsewhere. On the net by googleing "Tooter".

Kelly said...

Whaaaaat? That's freakin' weird, dude.

Twatter? Oh, don't say that. You can't help it if you were born in the wrong country. Heh heh. Sorry. I'm bad. :)

Take care, friend.

klahanie said...

Greetings Kelly,
I tried 'Googling', hell man, I tried em' all, such is my dedication. However, I kept getting the same darn message about not being in America and thus couldn't access the clip.
I will try and check it out next time I'm back home in Vancouver, Canada. Then again, being back in Canada, may mean I get the same message. Now as they say in Canada, 'have a good day, eh!

lwr said...

I totally thought of this idea like before twitter was popular. Damn Ashton.

Kelly said...

DarkSlander: Thanks for the suggestion for Klahanie.

Klahanie: This is the EXACT link/website address to where I got the video.
Maybe this will help.

Have a great day! If you can, let me know if this helps.

LoneWolf: Wow! I had no idea. LOL. This is probably the funniest thing I've seen Ashton do since "That 70's Show". His movies have been kinda shitty.

klahanie said...

Hi there,
Yes, it's me again. I thank you for the link, I had already tried that. However, I get this message, 'we're sorry but the clip you've selected isn't available from your location'...well excuse What's NBC so scared of? Heck, I effin' harmless:-)
With respect, Gary

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you couldn't see it, Gary. I know I've said this already but -that is weird that you keep getting that message. Also: I don't know what NBC is so afraid of. Apparently, they don't fear crappy ratings or making promises to late night show hosts and then breaking them. LOL.

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