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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

President Cristina Fernandez Loves Pork. So what!

The recent reports of what Argentine President Cristina Fernandez said about pork is true. But this guy making the video about the news item is, say, a lot over the top. Basically, she made little strange jokes about how eating pork can spice up your sex life and comparing it to Viagra.

Yeah, but this video is funny for a different reason, too. This guy sensationalized something not worth getting excited about, just as some news reporters sensationalized the story (but not really a story) when they first reported it.

I read about it here and there. Finally, I saw her on the TV news, myself and my first thought was -she's kind of hot and sexy! And just as good, or maybe better, she has a great sense of humor. But what's with the lip gloss? Did you smear that shit on with a spatula? Somehow, even because of that thick coating of lip gloss, I think she's even hotter. Mmmmm.

Before I get even more worked up about her than I already am (heh heh) here's the you tube description of the video, followed by the video:

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez was captured on the news saying that pork is better than Viagra when it comes to love making. The attractive leader of Argentina was speaking to a consortium of pork farmers when she said that she and her husband had a weekend full of exciting sex and she credited the pork sandwiches they ate for the exciting weekend of love making. She said who needs Viagra when you have pork.
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The Guy's Perspective said...

Somehow eating pork and getting porked do go together, wouldn't you say?

She's pretty hot. But something IS up with her lips.

Kelly said...

Yeah, Guy, you said it. You can either eat pork or be porked. Actually, I'd rather be the "porker" (or the poker full of some hot luvin') than the "porkee". It looks like SOMETHING should be in between those lips.

Hey, am I being too obvious, here? :P

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