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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dressed As The Statue of Liberty

It's amusing to see someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty, on the side of the road, waving at the passing cars. The ones responsible for this silliness is a company called Liberty Tax Service. I'm not sure if you have seen any of these people, dressed in the turquoise gowns with a crown of matching color before, but it's a little freaky to witness. I know. It's a job. Somebody has to do it.

I've seen these guys and girls in three different states so far and in every instance I see somebody in the SOL costume, I can't help but to laugh. I've seen a few of them rollerskating, doing their moves and seeming to have a good time with the job. Others, I've witnessed, will be dancing around or doing cartwheels on the side of the road. One of these times, I'm afraid I'll see one of them tumble out in the street and get crushed by a semi-truck. That would be shocking. How would you like to die with that get-up on? That would be embarrassing, to go out like that.

Lately, I've been seeing either this one chick or dude on the corner curb, in costume, waving frantically, smiling like a loon and jumping up and down while it has been either raining or snowing outside. That would suck -to have to be out in the snow, freezing your ass off in a Statue of Liberty outfit. The costumes don't look very warm. I guess they're attempting to keep warm with all the movement they're doing.

No matter what the weather is like, they're always so happy looking, nearly bursting with joy. That's great. Keep a positive attitude, no matter what you have to do to earn a living.

My first instinct,when we slowly pass one of these folks, is to give them "the finger". But, since I've had my fair share of doing some embarrassing things for my employers in the past, I kinda feel sorry for them. When I worked at a grocery store, I had to dress up in a Twinkie The Kid costume. It was hot, bulky and a real bitch handing out free Twinkies to a bunch of snot nosed brats all day long.

Still, the image of me rolling down the passenger side window, sticking my bare ass out towards these Statues of Liberty people and squirting projectile watery shit at one of them does make me smile. Give 'em some of that wacky sprinkler activity. I guess that's a natural impulse, though. At least it is for me. Would doing that be considered impolite?

But I would never do something like that.

I'm too much of a gentleman. :-) Actually, the real reasons I wouldn't do something so cruel to any of them is because I'm just too old and mature for those types of shenanigans, anymore.

Plus, I wouldn't want some asshole treating me with disrespect while I'm working, doing a job most of us wouldn't want to do. I will go as far as making a funny face at them at times while waving back at them. Sometimes, both my wife and I will put on our "stroke faces" where one side of our mouths are turned downwards, as our faces are pressed against the car window. We do that, at times, for laughs. They seem to really enjoy that, waving back at us with even more enthusiasm than before.

That makes me feel good.


klahanie said...

Hey Kelly aka 'Twinkie the Kid',
Well this here posting has got some 'SOL'.
Some folks will do anything for the 'almighty buck'. Still, bless 'em, at least they appear to be 'nauseatingly' cheerful.
I'd been tempted to take the piss, if I saw them. Then again, would I really want some spiky crown shoved up my ass?
Great posting, as per usual. Kind wishes Gary ( some old Canadian dude):-)

Kelly said...

That's me, Twinkie the Kid. I even have the cream filling.

Yes, people will do, I suppose, what they have to -in order to pay the bills. I've had some crappy jobs, myself, that I had to do to make money. Namely, some factory and assembly line work.

No, I wouldn't want that big spiky crown shoved up my ass. Ha ha. That would sort of hurt. :-)

Thanks for the compliment, Gary. Take care!

The Wolf said...

We don't people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty up here in Canada for two very good reasons 1. The seals, polar bears, the majestic moose, dog sled teams, eels, guard dog's that bark and shoot bee's at you, and the andriod Richard Simmons would eat them. 2. Being one of the few Canadians who can turn on and off our geneticlly pre-dispositioned politness I would systematically punch them all in the face.

That and we have dancing people in chicken costumes already :(

Kelly said...

I was with ya until you said "guard dogs that shoot bees at you and the android Richard Simmons (do you think he might be a tad gay?) eating them". I became so confused, I had to fist my cat! Me-OOWW!

On your 2nd point, I have heard that Canadians are polite. I'd like to venture up there sometime and see for myself. But, like you, if they're too friendly, I might have to punch them all in the face. Except you. I kinda like you. :-) Besides, you might dispose of me.

Dancing people in chicken costumes? Are they advertising for a restaurant or something or do they just do that for kicks? Sounds insane. Take a picture of them for me and send it.

The Guy's Perspective said...

Funny! You know we've all done stupid, silly, crappy jobs. One summer I worked in a lab freeze drying urine samples for psoriasis patients. Are you freakin' kidding me!! Yikes! It paid well though. And no one saw me do it.

Of course we may see one of these Statue of Liberty characters on the big screen someday. I'm sure some of them are hopeful actors trying to catch a break. Nahh......

Hope you're having a good weekend.
Your site was one of the Blogs we gave props to in our new post today.

Kelly said...

Quite an unusual job you had -freeze drying urine samples. Are you sure know one saw you? No hidden cameras? :-)

It wouldn't be surprising to see a Statue of Liberty Character in the theater some day. Ha ha. Hollywood has made worse movies. Maybe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could play the part. Hell, he's playing a friggin' Tooth Fairy now. Why not? lol

So far my weekend has been alright, with the exception of my wife's friend from work won't stop calling our place every hour upon the hour, bugging the shit out of my wife and I.

Unfortunately, my wife won't tell her to stop. I swear that "friend" doesn't have a life, man.

Yes, I saw that you put my blog title/link on your site, today. Thanks much for that!!! Very nice of you. I'm going to your site now so I can finally comment. Take care.

Julio said...

It's funny; I used to beat up this guy at a grocery store who wore a "Twinkie the Kid" costume. Oddly enough, I never saw his face as the beatings occured ONLY while he wore that ridiculous costume. I guess this is my apology. I'm doing the "12-Step" program for quitting internet porn. Step 4 is oddly specific "Apologize to every costumed mascot that you've beaten up, with or without a lead pipe"

Kelly said...

So that was you? I should have known. Thanks for the lead pipe beating! Yeah, I did that 12 step program for quitting net porn. Had to quit that program, though. I missed having calluses on my hands.

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