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Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 QUESTIONS For One Crazy Brunette Chick

The third blogger to appear in my 5 QUESTIONS post series is a delicate little flower (NOT!) who goes by several names... One Crazy Brunette Chick. CB. Crazy Brunette. Ashley. No matter what you call her (And I'd be careful while doing that if I were you) you have to admit this woman is hysterical and easily speaks her mind. I admire her directness and telling ya how she feels. She's intelligent, beautiful and very funny. And she only had to buy me a decent cup of coffee to say that.*

*Just kidding on the coffee part, there. Don't kill me, Ashley! Oh shit!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

The Crazy Brunette runs a most excellent blog by the name of.... wait for it.... One Crazy Brunette Chick. If you're not afraid to laugh your ass off at what CB says or read the word FUCK about a gazillion times, then I suggest you check her out. And by check her out, I mean her blog, you perverts. Why can't y'all be well mannered, respectable gentle-persons like me?

Ashley also co-authors a blog with The Wolf called Two Foul-Mouthed Fuckers, a hilarious, raunchy, back and forth, telling-it-like-it-is fest between the two of them.

In these posts, I will ask an established blogger 5 questions that may range from the downright silly to the depraved to the serious. It is up to the highlighted blogger of the particular post to answer the questionnaire however they want. Here's the Q & A I had with Crazy Brunette Chick. Enjoy!

* Have you ever been embarrassed when you have said "Fuck" out in public? If so, what was the occasion and circumstances? If not, have you ever flashed an old geezer just to give him a stroke?

Wait... Really? Like are you dicking me in the ass? Is this a real question? FUCK no I've never been embarrassed when I've said "Fuck" in public. That being said, I have mortified all of my friends, family and co-workers on SEVERAL occasions with my casual and over use of the word "Fuck". Eeeeh, they can suck my happy 'fuck' saying ass.

*Have you ever flashed an old geezer just to give him a stroke?

Why yes, yes I HAVE in face flashed SEVERAL old fucking assholes just to see if I could put them in the hospital. No, I don't flash old people. Surprisingly, I do not like to be the cause of fatal death to little old men.

Once when I was about 16, I was out washing my car in my parents yard (A 1982 Cutlass Supreme... Jealous? I would be too, if I were you!) Yes I was clothed, and wet and YES I happened to be bending over. There was a fucking pervy old guy staring so hard at my cleave that he missed the stop sign and hit a vehicle turning right onto my parents street... That's right, I've always been so fucking hot that I can stop traffic!

BUT, I must confess that in High School I had a serious inclination to flashing pretty much anybody and everybody. No, I shit you not... Truck drivers, school busses, random guys walking down the street... I was more often than not inclined to flash construction workers... they always seemed to be the most appreciative!

* How would you describe the perfect man, while using the same description of a steak? Rare? Tough? Use your own words.

Oooooh... I LOVE this question.

Thick (and YES I mean that in EVERY way you fucks are thinking), Tough and hard enough to take my shit and give it right back to me. Soft and pink in the middle (fuck, one of us has to have feelings!) and lastly he has to be willing to let me smear melted butter all over him and lick it off.

Kiss my ass fuckers, I like butter!

* After "accidentally" running over an annoying asshole, what would be your next step(s)?

I do nothing 'accidentally'. If I hit a dumbfuck asstard, I'd damn well have MEANT to take his ass out. (But you already knew that, and that's why you put quotations around it!) So after I took the son of a bitch out with the Escape, I'd smoke a cigarette, pop a few Xanex and call 'The Royal Family' to help me hide the fucking body.

* Describe the most awesome dream day you would love to have.

You know, I've never really thought about it. I guess it'd be jumping on a plane with my favorite hookers. Shooting over to Vegas, get dressed hotter than you can possibly imagine, and go slut it up in Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... Right???

* Think quick. Act quick. Some escapee from an insane asylum is running toward you, with his arms straight out and with a booger on the end of his finger. He also happens to be wanking off, while running as fast as he can. Not only is he a talented multi-tasker that way but he's also singing, "What's Love Got To Do With It" while he heads right for you. What will you do?

Pull out my concealed .38 pistol and shoot that cocksucker right where he'd never be jerking off again. If you think I'm fucking around, I'm not. Daddy taught me to shoot when I was 7. I've only gotten better bitches. In other words... DO NOT FUCK with a Crazy, armed Brunette!

* Bonus question from The Wolf. He felt it was highly important that I ask this... Why do you smell like cabbage?

Wolf! You are an asshole!!!! Damnit, I DO NOT SMELL like cabbage dipshit! I smell like mother fucking sugar plums! We've been over this! I will kill you! I don't care if you are an ex-military bad-ass! I'm an armed and dangerous Crazy Brunette on the rag!

And on that delightfully, uplifting note, our Q & A ends here. Thank you, Ashley, for participating in 5 QUESTIONS.

Anyone with a blog and is a regular or even a semi-regular reader of Psycho Carnival can contact me at this email address- if you wish to have fun with the gang and participate with our 5 Questions series. Anyone fitting the above description and is able to successfully answer my 5 QUESTIONS will be highlighted like the above blogger and links to their blog(s) will be presented.


The Wolf said...

Too funny, but CB never answered my question about the cabbage smell. I mean is this a medical condition, perhaps she secretly baths in a tub full of cabbage scented water, it could even be her perfume who knows ?

Crazy Brunette said...

God damn... I am a funny bitch! Damnit WOLF, I DID answer your question! I've told you 100 times I smell like sugar plums! I hate you.

Gucci Mama said...

This is my favorite fucking thing I've ever seen and I WANT IN. We haven't met yet, maybe, but you'll fall in love with me fast. CB will vouch for me. We've already decided to be red hot lovers. That happened when she had an O watching me balance shit on my boobs. Now she wants to eat cake off them, and goddammit, if we ever find ourselves in the same room she WILL be eating cake off my tits and we WILL be recording it for the internet at large. It's hot, okay? You know it. And you know you want to feature ME next.

Love to love you. Any man whore of CB's is a man whore of mine.

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

YOu are so Damn Amazing,.. My fave is the flashing thing,.. I enjoy,.. oops enjoyed it much when I was younger,! HA! You Dirty Bitch sayin Fuck all the time you have incouraged me to release my inner foul mouthed Bitch,.. I have been droppin the F bomb like no other since meeting you! You Fucking Rock!

The Wolf said...

CB you hate me ? I didn't know you were such a romatic, you're making me all misty eyed over here

Crazy Brunette said...

Gucci- Not just an O... the BIG O!!! And I want to smear coconut cream pie all over them! We'd be the number 1 rated video on youTube hooker!

He is sooo my man whore! He's been with me almost since the VERY beginning!!!

And he will soooo love you!

Sassy- What can I say? I'm an influential kind of bitch! In the very best of ways though!!!! Everyone should let the FUCK YOU flag fly!

Wolf- Try not to get too emotional... I'd hate to hold that shit over your head for the rest of your life!! Pussy.

klahanie said...

Well, I read this in a flash..
You like butter? Well spread the word and whatever else suits ya.
A highly uplifting, thought provoking and most inspirational response to those questions. I am in awe of the modesty of such a fine looking and talented lady.
I reckon you are most definitely the sugar plum fairy.
With much respect and a bag of rotting cabbage, your way, Gary

Crazy Brunette said...

Gary- I tell you what all this 'princess' and 'sugar plum fairy' shit may make me go soft!

bazza said...

Kelly, you have hit a vein of gold here. This is some of the funniest posting and comments I seen for a while. Thanks for the laughs everyone.

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, it is pretty funny, eh? The comments here in my comment box are funny, too. If you'd like to participate in 5 Questions, let me know. The more, the merrier.

Gucci Mama- I will check out your blog again and leave a couple comments and if you can do the same for me- I'll let ya do the 5 Questions thing, too. Being CB's man whore, I'm kinda easy, ya know. Just trying to be fair with my regular and semi-regs, in regards to back and forth commenting. Also: I'd would like to run the camera while you and CB eat desserts and spaghetti off each other's chesty parts. Sounds like a wonderful, quality time scenario you folks have planned.

I'll be at your blog soon. Watch for me! I'll be the one scratching his ass and eating baked bean from the can.

You sound like you have a good sense of humor. A real plus.

@Sassy Pants Freckle Face- Hey, welcome to the site. I agree, that CB sure has a potty mouth. Golly, before I met her I was an innocent young gentleman, full of hopes of going into the priesthood and stuff. Then... lo and behold... CB and her wicked brainwashing ways turned me away from the lord and I started wanking to midget porn daily.

Eh, oh well. I forgive her. Come back again, anytime! And take care.

klahanie- Gary, you're right. Inspirational Q & A and then some. I, like you, am in awe of her many talents. Especially the eating cake off another woman's boobin's talent. Read above comment from Gucci Mama to understand.

I don't blame you if you're confused. Take care, Gary.

Kelly said...

boobins- boobins- boobins. The more ya say it, the more ya say it. That's what i always say.

Crazy Brunette said...

Do you see how many people love me??

Kelly said...

Yes and i'm jealous and have a boner or something because of it. praise be to butter jesus, hellah-u-yah.

sarcasm ahoy

klahanie said...

Yes indeedy do, Ashley, even the 'wee folks' love ya! I caught a garden gnome playing with his rod and calling out your name. And the goblins were gobbling the pixies but fucking hell, that's another story...

"boobins- boobins- boobins. The more ya say it, the more ya say it. That's what i always say." You don't say? Oh, you do say. Me confused? Well, there's no confusion about the fact I'm confused.

The Wolf said...

What in the name of fiddilers fuck are bobbins anyays........ I'm confused my head hurts and I think I need to pee

Kelly said...

@The Wolf and Gary-- That's boobins, sirs. Boobins, as everyone knows, is the highly technical medical term for breasts.

A gnome calling out CB's name while stroking his magic wand, thus magically turning goblins into sex-crazed, pixie porkin', public pool peein' zombies?

Well, now it all makes sense.

Crazy Brunette said...

Well damn! You KNOW you're a badass when you've got garden gnomes screaming your name while jerking it!
I think I may have FINALLY made it in the blogging world, I can die a happy woman!

The Wolf said...

Close CB but you truly make it into the big leagues when some guy who sells fireworks in Mexico puts you're face on a donkey.......or a midget, then marries it. Then you know you're a star.

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