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Monday, February 22, 2010

Poor Tiger

This is my sister's cat. His name is Tiger -but I don't think the poor bastard feels very tiger-ish these days. Hurts just looking at him. When I first saw the photo, I winced while feeling vomit and coffee burbling up my throat.

Methinks my younger sibling has a somewhat evil, twisted sense of humor. Do you think it might run in the family? :)

Here's the email message she sent, a couple days ago, along with this photo. I double-dog dare you to click and enlarge the pic.

This is our male cat, Tiger. He was just neutered today, so his bikini area is shaved and you can get a good look at his junk. Oh, yes, that is his telescopic penis.
You're welcome.


Dark Slander said...

I'm not quite sure what to say, i'm not sure if that drop is a tear of shame/pain or perhaps some last hurray while there were still a few troops in the pipe to deploy.

Definitely an interesting angle, one of which I probably could have gone my entire life without seeing.

I did enlarge btw, major "wtf" moment.

To think I just rated your blog 5 stars and THIS was your next post...

Cupcake said...

Oh my fucking god! I'm damn glad I don't have balls, I bet they'd be shriveling up right about now!!! Literally, all I can call up is... FUCK!

Could be that it's 2:30 am or that I've never had balls...

lwr said...

Damn... that sucks. I can't look at that for more than 5 seconds.

Kelly said...

Dark Slander: I'm always trying to bring a lil' joy to everyone's heart. I'm glad I could do the same for you, friend. :)

Cupcake: To answer your question, it's both. :) If Tiger could speak he would probably sing, "Hoooooray for Hollywood." -Perhaps add a lil' dance or two to the song. Heh heh.

lwr: Oh now, lonewolfrepose, ya know ya wanna make it your computer wallpaper! Don't deny it. :)

I'll be seeing you all on your own sites, shortly. Gotta go to the gym and spend time with the wifey.

The good news is (from the doctor, recently) is that my glucose/blood sugar counts have dropped significantly -with regards to my diabetes. So working out at the gym has really helped.

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