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Sunday, March 14, 2010

You'll Thank Me Later For This In Your Dreams Tonight

Just keep watching this over and over and soon you'll be flying off throughout the universe, riding the moon of Titan, singing the songs of other multi-dimensional beings, while challenging them to an artistic duel. Yep.


Crazy Brunette said...

Eeeeww! I fucking hate aliens! They freak me the fuck out damnit! I received an e-mail very similar to this one earlier today!

Kelly said...

I hate them, too... especially because I believe there's a good chance that they do exist. Those big black menacing eyes seemed to be saying, "Peeky-boo, I see you. It's time for your anal probe."

Crazy Brunette said...

To me they seem to be saying,

"Hey bitch, I'm going to sneak in your window, abduct you and perform experimental surgeries on you with a dull fucking scalpel!"

*Crazy Brunette shivers*

The Wolf said...

I prefer the aliens with the double snapping jaws and acid for blood..........which explains my ex wife

klahanie said...

How the hell did you get a hold of those photographs of my friends?
What say we take off to Titan and bone a few Titanian chicks while singing sweet Titanian tunes in their numerous Titanian ears lol Who put the 'Tit' in 'Titan'?
Enjoy your day. Peace and shit, Gary:-)

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette: Ha ha. Yeah, that, too.

The Wolf: Wow, that bad huh? Gee, that must have been kinda rough for ya when your ex wife would give you a humjob. Where's Sigourney Weaver when you need her? Oh yeah, in Avatar World.

Gary: How did I get the photos of your pals? I had the CIA look into it for me. They took time off from their busy schedule of organizing several overthrows of middle eastern nations.

That sounds like a fantastic idea, Gary. lol. I heard Titanian chicks are hot. I hear they have numerous 'tits', too. Oh my.

Have a wonderful day. Peace and genital worts!

Dark Slander said...

Well it certainly is interesting, I'll give ya that ;)

You should have a picture of the zombie slugs!

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...

Yeah, isn't it? :-) I was hoping I could hypnotize people with it and steal their wallets while they were looking at it. Forget the fact that I'm likely hundreds of miles away from anyone looking it. Are The Zombie Slugs some sort of rock band?

Me-Me King said...

I see gray people.....

Kelly said...

Me-Me: Maybe they just need some Vitamin C.

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