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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Do You Do For a Night of Fun?

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Dark Slander said...

I loved how the options broke down more and more sanity wise and I read down the list.

I voted, and I'll never tell ;)

The Wolf said...

I love it your a sick sick man. I don't usually do those things well except for the bubbles one but that's for educational purposes only. It teaches you a lot about life.........just don't do it in front of children the cops don't like that

The Guy's Perspective said...

You set that one up great. I'm still fucking laughing now! "Set a cripple on fire....." Horrifyingly funny! Sick dude.....

My children love anything to do with gas and bubbles. We all get along great.

ps. who would know you're a "softie" too.

Kelly said...

DarkSlander: Heeho. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME. The world depends on it. Matter of life and death. Or something. I would say more but I have to entertain the crowd below.

The Wolf: Thank you. I accept that as a high compliment. And you're a very wise and kind-hearted man for teaching the ways of ass bubble blowing. Not many would be so giving of their time and effort. Oh no, I wouldn't do that to the kids. Instead, I would expose them to going into combat in needless wars when they grow up to the ripe old age of 18. Much better... ethically, morally. Hooray!

Kelly said...

Guy's Perspective: Thank you. I do try hard to bring about a sense of peace, love and stuff to my beloved public which I so adore. That's just the kind of guy I am. Teach your children the Ways of Kelly and they'll do just fine in life.

klahanie said...

Okay I voted. Here's a bit of clue to my voting. I just love sitting in the bath, while letting a juicy one rip; which then floats to the surface in a stink bubble and spreads beautiful aroma around my bathroom.
I also like to stand butt naked in front of my full-length mirror and yell out really fucking loud: "Who's the awesome dude in the mirror? Fucking's me!"
Take care, my friend. With respect and some rotting buffalo shit, your way, Gary :-)

Kelly said...

Gary: Gosh, that's a beautiful image you tossed into my head. I can just picture the whimsical dance of your bathtub stink bubble floating about in your bathroom. Sweet. Too bad you didn't work for the Lawrence Welk show back in the 60's. His show always opened with a bunch of bubbles coming out of nowhere.

You do that in front of the mirror, too? Cooool. Ha hahahaha. You're freakin' twisted, dude. And I mean that as a compliment.

Can't wait for the rotting buffalo shit. Hope it comes by Fed Ex so I can get it as soon as possible. Take care, Kelly

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