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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Do People Have A Problem With Health Care Reform?

The Health Care Reform Bill will ensure that low income U.S. citizens and small businesses, alike, will be able to afford health care. This would be great, for many reasons, if and when it ever passes approval from fat and wealthy politicains. It means anyone unable to receive medical attention because they could not afford it due to being unemployed, not earning enough money or their job doesn't carry health insurance -they won't have to worry about the added problem of not having health insurance.

In other words, when and if some poor woman is cooking herself a meal of Ramen noodles in the kitchen and her uterus just so happens to fall out onto the linoleum floor, without notice -if she has government health insurance- she will be able to afford having her uterus pushed back inside by a doctor -instead of her five year old son, who only moments ago was cheerfully playing with his puppy dog and not being screamed at by his mother with instructions to gather up her dragging uterus and hurriedly jam the whole bulging thing back into her woo hoo, thus scarring the boy for the rest of his life with images that will force him to fear women's vaginas as if they were uterus vomiting monsters.

And yes, that really is a stuffed toy uterus, meant for children, on the upper left corner, complete with fallopian tube arms and soft little nubbins the manufacturers call the ovaries.

As I've pointed out so many times before, people will sell anything and people will buy anything.

Back to the point of this post: I don't see why health care reform has been turned into a political power struggle for Democrats and Republicans. This is something our country desperately needs. Everyone deserves health care and it is inhumane to withhold something so vital to everyone. There are people in this country that constantly have to choose between putting food on the table or receiving medications or undergoing much needed medical treatment -such as surgery, medications, therapies and doctor visits.

Almost every country in this world, industrialized or not, has some sort of health care system, provided by their government. Why can't we get our act together in this country? Too busy policing other nations? Too busy getting fat and wealthy while the other half of the world dies in poverty? Too many Republicans using fear tactics, as usual, to sway an illiterate nation into whatever insane idea is being repeatedly drilled into our gullible minds?

Hey, it worked for George Bush. How many excuses and outright lies did he use to go to war in the Middle East? Weapons of mass destruction, anyone? And we, along with other participating nations, are still paying the price with soldiers' lives and destroyed relationships and the destroyed mental health of soldiers who survive.

And with this health care reform, anyone can still opt to pick their own health care insurance. The government provided health insurance plan isn't being forced down anyone's throats. It's there for those who can't afford it. I can't make it any clearer than that. I think if anyone that actively goes against this needs their brain examined. And if they don't have health insurance, they can consider themselves fucked because many doctors will refuse to look at their mentally impaired brain if they don't have health insurance.

Feeding America, the nations largest domestic hunger-relief charity, provides a quadrennial comprehensive study of domestic hunger called "Hunger in America 2010". The data from this study showed the following truths:

  • More than 35 percent of adult clients report having to choose between health care and food in the past year.
  • There has been a 60 percent increase, over four years, in the number of adult clients who report that they or another household member has no health insurance.
  • Almost half of our adult clients report that they or a household member has unpaid medical bills.
  • One in three adult clients report that someone in their household is in "poor health."
  • One in 10 adult clients report that they have been refused medical care in the past year because they couldn't afford it.

That last point is the one that bothers me the most. 1 in 10 people don't have health insurance. That's a disgusting legacy or condition for a nation that is supposedly a major leader in the world today. It isn't socialism, as Republicans often cry out, to have the ability to see a doctor or have a much need operation performed because you have health care insurance, whether it's government sponsored or not. Like having the right to be given an attorney to represent you during a court hearing, everyone should have the right to have health care insurance.

No one should be in the position to have to decide whether you will have your electric bill paid or your kids fed at the table or a life disease disease or condition being treated in any given month(s). In my opinion, that is an inhuman condition and should not be allowed and those who would oppose Health Care Reform are fucking monsters.


The Wolf said...

When I read things like that I thank God that I'm Canadian and don't have to worry about having to go hungry in order to afford medication. While our health care system isin't anywhere near perfect, it's light years better then what you have in the U.S. It never ceases to amaze me how greed from so few who have so much can royally fuck up so many who have hardly anything

Dark Slander said...

People fear social change, this is especially true in your country where there is this deep set ideal about traditional values...etc.

The rest of the world sees change as inevitable and that progression can stem from it. This is why socialized health care for everyone is a wide spread idea through the rest of world.

Keep in mind not everyone in your country thinks that way, a lot of people understand the stakes involved and how universal wellness can be obtainable at least in some degree.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly.
I know the whole health care reform situation is in a right mess in America. I am not well informed enough to understand all the complications involved.
However, I do think, from what has been told to me by Americans who I interact with; that you have one fucked up insurance system.
I am used to 'universal' health care. Thank fuck that when I got ill, I didn't have to worry about the costs or be scared shitless that I didn't have the right type of insurance.
To echo the comment of 'The Wolf' and to relate to what 'Dark Slander' alludes too; Thank goodness I have lived in Canada and Britain. I think I would have been in a lot of trouble with my health concerns if I lived in the USA.
I hope this health care reform get resolved and America starts living like they do in other civilized countries. It can indeed, be a matter of life and death.
With respect, Gary

Kelly said...

The Wolf: Yeah, dude, unfortunately, I live in a country that is manipulated by the wealthy elite. The poor and the homeless mean nothing to them. They will do whatever they have to in order to keep them at the top of the "human chain". Thank you for your comment. Canada is sounding better and better whenever I talk to you and the other guys about Canada. Hmmm.

Kelly said...

Dark Slander: Oh yeah, I know not everybody thinks that way here. Hell, you can check out the topic on the internet and see that. There are more intelligent voices to be heard, so to speak, on the net than most places. If you know where to look. :-) The media in TV and the papers here are more bent on a conservative, dumbass, stay-stagnate-or-go-backwards point of view and I'm afraid they're persuading the gullible and blind.

Hey, I totally agree with ya.."People fear social change, this is especially true in your country where there is this deep set ideal about traditional values...etc." Every type media around here, fueled by the wealthy elite, spread fear like horse manure. Thanks for commenting, man.

Kelly said...

Gary: Hooray, I'm finally able to comment to everyone. The wife is keeping me pinned down, so to speak. I have to sneak off to the computer when I can. :-) As for your comment...

Damn, you guys are making me wish I could move to Canada right fucking now. I agree with ya... there should be universal health care here, too. What can I say, I live in the proud (why?) Land of Retards. Money, politicians, media manipulate the people, here, like puppets on a string. Some will debate them and take action. Others blindly repeat what is told to them and obey. A handful do not. Like you, I hope this gets resolved, too. Generations of people will be affected by the decision for years to come. I haven't watched the news much in the last two days (wife has kidnapped me) but the last I heard, things were just starting to push along, forward, in regards to health care. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I'll be by your site and everyone else's soon.

Me-Me King said...

To be honest, I'm still on the fence when it comes to Health Care Reform. I guess we'll know if it will truly be a benefit to American citizens soon enough.


Crazy Brunette said...

DAMNIT Kelly! I get so goddamn confused about government and politics!

PISS! I totally get the health care reform thing, I so think we NEED it. I didn't know so many other countries HAD it!

Kelly said...

Me-Me: Nothing wrong with that. At least you're not close minded. Take care. Tweet Tweet. :-)

Crazy Brunette: I think the government, politics and this country, as a matter of fact, have one thing in common. And that is they're almost entirely corporate owned. Not completely, though. Some politicians aren't morally bankrupt.

Yeah, I didn't know so many countries had it until I did some added research. Glad to see you have strong convictions for Health Care Reform.

Static said...


Kelly said...

Static: What evil have you been up to? And for the love of Beezzulbub, The Dark Lord Hamster, stop eating ovaries!! You know how they give you a belly ache.

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