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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need Help Around The House?


The Wolf said...

Does this mean when theres no more room in Hell we'll be overrun by pussies ?

Crazy Brunette said...

My cats would TOTALLY take this fucker down!

Mr. Stupid said...

OMG. This is scary. My Dog stands like that. Does this mean he's a Zombie? LOL

See ya!

Kelly said...

The Wolf: Pretty much, yeah. Maybe that's what the problem is now.

Crazy Brunette: LOL. Poor zombie kitty.

Mr. Stupid: That depends. Does your dog stare vacantly at nothing while standing up? If so, you may have to get him some anti-zombie medication from your vet.

klahanie said...

'Zombie Cat'? Don't let any cat fool you. They have this evil plan to take over the world and shit in my vegetable patch.

Kelly said...

That was me. I shit in your vegetable patch. That was me. Zombie Cat shits in the fruit tree. It's a conspiracy. Watch out!

Me-Me King said...

Here's another reason why I've never been a cat person. Yikes!

Kelly said...

Me-Me: Oh don't worry, Me-Me... Zombie Cat won't hurt you. He's here to serve mankind. Zombie Cat sez, "Would you like fries with that?"

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