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Monday, March 8, 2010

My Computer Blew Up!!!

Yes, you read that post title correctly. I'm using one of the library's PC's. Which sucks, because it is very inconvenient for a variety of reasons. One being, the library is kinda far from the house.

Moving on... (gotta hurry writing this, I suppose... I'm on a half hour timer here)

After pushing the power button on my own computer, repeatedly, and getting nothing but whirring sounds, I almost gave up on the damn thing. So rather than throw it out the window, in utter frustration, I sat back and let the damn thing "rest" for a half hour.

I pushed on the power button, once more, after I gave the damn thing a break. This time I got a loud POPPING noise and smoke coming out of both ends of my CPU. Hooray! If you thought I was insane before, well, ya oughta get a load of me now! I had no idea my addiction to my computer was that severe until now. It's only been one day, and I'm already driving my wife completely nuts. She has threatened to cut my jingle berries off!

Anyway, I take the computer to the repair shop. They say the power supply is dead and they don't know what else is wrong yet til they get a chance to look at it. If the motherboard is fucked, I might as well get a new computer (which really, I don't have the money for). So say a little prayer, cross your fingers or speak in tongues for me, please, for some miracle I get my computer back soon before I become completely unhinged.

Now, the library timer says I have 13 minutes left...

Bottom line: Don't be surprised if I'm unable to correspond with anyone by BlogCatalog, Email or my own blog or your blog or whatever anytime soon. If I'm unable to get my CPU repaired and I have to buy a new one, it may be a couple weeks before I can get back to one of the things I love doing... blogging and commenting. I promise, when all is well in my computer situation again, I will comment back to all of ya and get in touch, in general.

Till then... Take care, everyone!

And cross your fingers that my wife doesn't cut my nuts off before then.


Dark Slander said...

I hope you get back here with haste, since you're away though you may as well relax and do something productive.

Put your insanity down for a bit and relax. ;)

Take care.

klahanie said...

Fucking computers eh!?
I appreciated the effort you made in contacting me from the library. The last time I was in a library it was full of fucking weirdoes telling me to be quiet. What's wrong with singing really loud, a series of Devo tunes. 'Are we not men? We are Devo!'
Whoops..sorry. All the best with getting your computer problems sorted soon. I know what it's like having computer withdrawal symptoms. I remember when my internet went down for three days. No 'surfing the net'. The closest thing I got to surfing was the 'waves' of panic that I experienced for those three days.
All the best, friend. Oh yeah...good lucky with retaining your nuts..
With respect, Gary

Mr. Stupid said...

Well, I just finished a 3 week "No Computer at Home" time. Looks like, Computers are here for revenge... hehe
Have a good day!

The Guy's Perspective said...

Yes, we've got our fingers crossed! And our "Thingies" tucked far between our legs in case your wife decides to take it to your buddies too!

Good luck. Sorry to hear about your computer.
That really sucks!!

The Wolf said...

It's probably all that sheep porn you've been downloading. I had the same problem happen to my old one, I hate to say it but it sounds like yours could be screwed. Mine was not only the power but the motherboard was toasted nicley, I had to go a month without a PC and I damm near went on a shooting spree with my Ipod blasting wake me up before you go go by wham (it's the perfect music to shoot at people with it gets you in the mood)

After that month I vowed never again and now own two just in case, my regualr desktop and a netbook as a backup and mobile porn viewing device, or as I secretly call it my mistress. i recommend in your time of need to tape the keyboard to a TV in your house then whenever your watching a show simple start tapping away on it to feel like your surfing the net. Best of luck and remember I feel your pain.

Me-Me King said...

My fingers and toes are crossed, hurry back!!!

Crazy Brunette said...

:( I posted a broadcast for you "Oh Great One"

I'll miss your psycho ass until you get back fucker!

sewa mobil said...

i have the same problems as yours
and then i complain to the shop owner besauce it was still guaranted and fortunely he changed with new one

Kelly said...

DarkSlander: I'm back and will write up a post later... what went wrong and what went right, in regards to the computer going BOOM. Just got it back today and hooked it up about six hours ago.

Gary: Yes, all computers piss me off. Yeah, I wanted to let you and the regulars know about the situation. Glad you appreciated it. I didn't want anyone to think I was avoiding them or whatever.

Sounds like you had a good time at the library. Ha ha. I'm surprised security wasn't called for disturbing the peace. Weirdos, aye? Only weirdos like you and me listened to Devo. They were fucked up. Not as bad/good as Mr. Bungle, though. Didn't they have a song called "Another One Bites The Dust?" My friends and I got drunk a lot with that song in High School. Fond memories. (O =) means Open Butthole with Tremendous Fart Emission.

I was able to at least check some of my
Email there, comments made here and create a small post. So you experienced waves of panic, huh? What did you do to fill in the void, I wonder. For all of my talk about doing other things besides being on the computer, such as reading, watching TV and talking to the wifey, I had almost immediate computer withdrawal but I got used to it and started reading a lot again and trying to converse with the wifey. Unfortunately, her sister was creating chaos for us, too, so we had to deal with that crapola. Family is just dandy, isn't it?

Good news: I still have ownership of my nuts. Thanks for the concern and support. (O =)

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid: Yes, it's the rise of the machines... computer machines, that is. They're all going BOOM about the same time. Yipee. It certainly sucks and I know you know all about it. NOOO... you have a good day... or else. (O =)

The Guy's Perspective: Yeah, it did suck. And thanks for crossing your fingers for my nuts. It certainly beats crossing your fingers around my nuts and then snipping them off with a pair of scissors like my wife warned she was going to do. :-)

The Wolf: That's true. I heard that sheep porn will make your computer explode and actually catch fire. And I, as well, was well on my way to a shooting spree until my wife reminded me it was against the law. So, instead, I would walk towards some poor schmucks at Wal Mart and projectile vomited on them. They didn't really care. They just scooped the chunks up from their clothes and ate them. It was "Feeding The Hungry Day" so I felt I had to do my part.

Sounds as if you received a royally good ass fuckin' from your computer disaster. Adding music to your killing spree? Good idea. Hmmm... sounds like a Hollywood movie. I might invest in another back computer someday. We're saving money up for the cruise and paying off lots of medical bills nowadays. I'll have to try that keyboard and TV trick. :-) Or should I say (O =) ??? Thanks for your support.

Me-Me: Thanks for your support, too. And might I add (O =). Now I feel better. Ahhhhh.

Crazy Brunette: Thank you for broadcast post! That's great! And you are correct... "Oh Great One" is my number one nickname and official city title by my disciples, friends, family and strangers off the street, alike. My wife, however, has chosen the title of Fucker for me. Isn't that sweet? Makes my nipples hard. (O =)

Poot! Have a great day!

Sewa Mobile: Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience.

Crazy Brunette said...

Well, then that just confirms that I'm am officially fucking awesome because I guessed BOTH of them!!!!

'Oh Great One' AND 'Fucker'


Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette: Yes, you're fucking awesome, and nutty as a fruit fly, to boot. You must be psychic to have guessed both of them right. Either that or psychotic. But we loves ya, anyway. ;)

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