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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dropa Stones and The Dropa People

I've always found "ancient alien" theories fascinating. And I find, with more and more information, ancient texts and artifacts surfacing up from our past, that the probability of an alien race visiting Earth long ago is pretty damn high. I've read and heard what the naysayers say and have written and I still find it odd that they continue to be incredibly close minded. My motto has always been: Nothing is 100%, absolutely concrete. What was true yesterday may be suddenly or gradually studied to be found false today. You see it all the time.

Authors and others in the past and present have written and told of many encounters human civilization has had with ancient astronauts or ancient aliens that have visited Earth. There are those who believe that this contact is connected with the origins or development of human cultures, technologies and religions.

I've talked about this subject before in a previous post, showing artwork of the past that uncannily seems to exhibit alien spacecraft, technology and a connection to those who may have witnessed such phenomena.

I've been doing research on the net about The Dropa Stones. Maybe you've heard of them. There's no way for me to tell unless you let me in on that. Regardless, here's what I've found out about these intriguing artifacts found over 40 years ago:

The Dropa Stones, 716 disc plates or disks, were first discovered in 1938, when a archaeological expedition led by Chi Pu Tei, stumbled across a cave high in the mountains that border China and Tibet.

It was obvious to the archaeologists that the cave had been occupied by primitive people from long ago. This cave is said to be around 10 - 12,000 years old. This cave also connected to other caves that were more like a complex system of tunnels and underground store rooms than anything else.

The walls of the caves were squared and glazed. They described them as if they were actually cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat.

On the walls of the caves were carved pictograms of the heavens, the Earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. Each were connected with lines.

The most incredible discovery, half-buried beneath the floor of the cave, was an odd stone disk, which was approximately nine inches in diameter and three quarters of an inch thick. In the center was a perfect 3/4″ hole, with a fine groove spiralling out from the center, resembling that of an old phonograph record.

The groove, on further inspection, was a continuous line of weird carved hieroglyphic writing.

Dr. Tsum Um Nui, in 1962, had the difficult task of transcribing the character from the disks to paper.

He estimated that they were at least 12,000 years old, with writing so small he had to use a magnifying glass to see it clearly, much of the writing had worn away, but he was so puzzled at how these primitive people could of created these stones and how they managed the almost microscopic writing.

Eventually the doctor made progress and a word emerged, then another and another until he made out an entire sentence. Incredibly, he had broken the code.

Dr. Tsum Um Nui, discovered that the stones were written by a people who called themselves, the “Dropa”, but what he was reading 12,000 years later didn't make much sense to him. However, when he had finished his translation, he wrote up a paper on his findings and presented it to the University for publication. The reaction he received was not what he expected.

The Peking Academy of Prehistory expressly forbade the doctor to publish or even speak about his findings. The world, the Academy decided, would not know about the “Dropa” and their fateful journey to Earth. The information could bring about disastrous socio-economic consequences, according to the academy. Eventually, against their will or with their approval... No one is absolutely sure... Dr. Tsum Um Nui did, in fact, publish his findings and entitled it "The Grooved Script Concerning Spaceships Which, as Recorded on the Discs, Landed on Earth 12,000 Years Ago." Admittedly, a long freakin' title. The important thing is, is that he believed in his work enough to get it out to the public.

In his published findings, Dr. Tsum Um Nui related the following:

The Dropa Stones tell an amazing story of an alien space probe from a distant planet that crash landed in the mountains of the Himalayas of which the occupants of the space craft, the Dropa, found refuge in the caves of the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains. The members of the Han tribe, whom were occupying neighboring caves, were fearful of the Dropas, and misunderstood their intentions. In turn the Han tribe hunted down the aliens, killing some in the process.

Here is an excerpt from one of the transcribed stones: "The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions...."

The Dropa Stones then go on to say that the Dropas became stranded on Earth when they were unable to repair their disabled craft. Not being able to return to their home planet they learned from the Han tribe how to survive.

Interestingly enough, there is also an ancient Chinese tale that tells of small, slender people of a yellow hue that descended to the Earth from the clouds and who were shunned by everyone because of their ugliness. Today, the isolated mountain region of the Himalayans is inhabited by two tribes of people- the Dropa and the Han. No one in the scientific community has been able to prove that either tribe is of any known race on Earth. They are of neither Chinese nor Tibetan descent.

Another wild thing about this is that their heights don't exceed 3 ft 6 in and they weigh no more than between 38-52 pounds. The physical features correspond exactly to the skeletal remains found in the caves in 1938. The Dropa clan has unique features in that they are extremely thin, have disproportionate large heads, are yellow in color and have sparse hair on their bodies. Even more convincing that the Dropa have some relationship to the people who made the Dropa stone is that they have large inset eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises.

In 1968, 6 years after Tsum Um Nui decoded the Dropa stones, a Russian scientist, W. Saitsew, conducted scientific tests on the disks that yielded some very interesting and peculiar results. The physical properties of the disks contained high concentrations of cobalt and other metals. This combination of metals would have made the stone so hard that it would have been virtually impossible for the primitive people to carve the hieroglyphs, especially with such small characters. When the discs had been tested with an oscillograph, it was discovered that the discs had once been electrically charged and had functioned as electrical conductors as well. When placed on a special turntable they vibrated or hummed in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge was passing through them. Like some part of an electrical circuit? Who knows?

Who knows, for sure, about any of this? And I guess that's my point. Why completely close your mind that it did not happen? To me, that's just as "wacky" as saying that all of it did happen just that way, for certain. The thing is this: The story of the Dropa Stones and the Dropa people is just one of a number of stories from ancient cultures that claim their descendents came to Earth from the heavens. And having an open mind about this and any other seemingly impossible phenomena, I believe, will only allow you to grow in wisdom.


MartyrMom said...

I'm gonna have to check into this, Kelly. I'm a firm believer in "something" out there?? The Dropa I've never heard of...thanks

Gorilla Bananas said...

This link says it's probably a hoax. If the alleged descendants of these aliens are still alive, hasn't anyone got a saliva sample to check out their DNA? That would settle the issue one way or the other.

If intelligent aliens exist, they should land on the White House lawn instead of sneaking around kidnapping people and sticking probes up their butts.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
A fascinating article with many points to ponder. You know, we may have all come from another world. And no, I'm not going to say something silly like, we all came from Uranus. No sir.
And Gorilla Bananas, sorry must disagree. The last place intelligent aliens would want to go is the White House. Hardly intelligent life to communicate with there either:-)

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- You're welcome. It thought it was interesting enough to write about. I'm a believer in life forms that we don't know about, as well. I don't respond well to skeptics because, often times, it's like banging your head against the wall. It just doesn't do any good. Their supposed strict scientific reasoning leaves a lot to be explained.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Glad to hear your opinion. I clicked the link you gave and read what this guy had to say and I'll have to admit, I'm not completely persuaded by his skepticism, even with his supposed facts of the story. Like I said before, I don't believe in anything 100%. There are parts to this story that I've read here and there that cause me to think there is something definitely to the story. I would like to see the DNA results of a spit sample, too. It would be interesting.

And I doubt they would ever show up on the White House lawn but, there again, you never know. lol. Take care.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Ah, refreshing. Someone with an open mind to these types of things. I believe it is possible that our species or a part of our species did, originally, come from another planet. Who really knows?

To me, it seems about as likely as what we were taught in school.

And really, that was my point at the end of the post. Who knows about any of it?

LilPixi said...

How about a response from a converted skeptic like this one?

I don't dismiss these possibilities at all like I used to anymore.
My best male friend is obsessed, OBSESSED with his beliefs & we often have talks for hours on these philosophies. He's opened my mind a lot & vise versa.

I don't believe in anything 100%, but I never count it out now either, & deep down I so strongly believe in all forms of mysticism; paranormal, extraterrestrial & so on.

Kelly said...

LiliPixi- Welcome, converted skeptic! I'm with you. I'm completely open to possibilities concerning the the paranormal. It's great that you have a friend who's like minded and offer you other perspectives on the whole phenomena. I'm lucky that I know a couple people like that. They are few and far between. Then you have people who believe, if only a little, but don't openly admit it. These are cowards in my eyes.

Deep down, I believe in a lot of paranormal phenomena. I've seen and heard some shit for myself. And I openly admit that. Take care. Glad you commented.

aimee said...

I meant everyone before the flood but noah and his family sorry about that.

Developmental biologist said...

Very interesting story!
Should be worth while looking into this congenital defect:
This girl does have some similarities to what we would expect from a small marcian!

Most ancient myths and description are, in my opinion, likely to be real! For example, the Cyclops might have actually existed, even though it is very unlikely that it survived long. A Shh abnormal signaling during embryonic development is known to cause Cyclopia, as seen recently in the case of “Cy, the cyclops kitten” (
I find intriguing that there is a lot of painting in ancient (and more modern) times where strange out worldly creatures are depicted, but I also find it extremely strange that rare developmental disorders have not been used more often to explain some of these observations!
It would be interesting for UFOlogist to actually have a look into this in a more scientifc way and establish possible relationships!

Kelly said...

Developmental biologist- I'm glad you thought the story was interesting. I thought it was compelling enough to write about and share my own thoughts about it. Like you, my opinion is that elves, Cyclops, fairies and all the rest of those mythological creatures are all based on ancient beings that did likely exist. whether they were from this world or not is something we may never know and we will NEVER KNOW UNLESS SCIENTISTS actually take it seriously enough to look into these stories and possible evidence and come up with conclusions that are satisfactory.

I'll check out the link you provided. And yeah, like you and I have said, those ancient paintings of otherworldly beings should be taken into careful examination and consideration. I fully concur with your idea that UFOlogist should look into any of of this to establish certain connections. Glad you commented on this post. Take care.

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