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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad Hair

Sometimes the wifey complains about my hair before we go out in public. Since I'm not into the vanity and superficial thing about appearances, I don't care that much how I appear to people. People, in general, are far too worried about such trivial matters.

Now, I won't go so far as to leave my dick hangin' out of my pants before we go into a restaurant... but when it comes to having everything perfectly adjusted (hair, clothes, stray booger sticking out of my nose, etc) on my non-perfect self, I really don't think it's that important.

Looking good for the ignorant, unworthy masses is just NOT a high priority for me. They don't deserve such effort on my part. In fact, they should be overly delighted and tickled pink that I even take notice of their existence.

Besides, I don't think my hair looks that bad. It could be worse. At least I don't look like this...


Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Hi Kelly. My hair problem is that it seems to want to fall out of my head and start growing in my ears and up my nose.
Where next? The palms of my hands?

The Wolf said...

Nice pics, I suddenly feel like a superstar compared to some of those train wrecks.

klahanie said...

If you want to check out some seriously 'bad hair'; go check 'Boris Johnson', the Mayor of London.
Or as the Brits would say 'hair, hair, old chap!'
Take hair, I mean care, Kelly:-)

Kelly said...

Sir Tom E.- Hair only grows on your hand palms when you masturbate frequently and furiously to midget porn. This is a known scientific fact. I suggest you cease chocking your chicken, immediately.

The Wolf- You are a superstar. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

klahanie- I will check Boris out. Take hair, Gary.

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Why would I want to change the habits of a lifetime?!

Kelly said...

Sir Tom- Keep up the good work. Your habits save millions from poverty every day!

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