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Friday, May 14, 2010

Funniest Video You'll Ever See

Short but sweet.


The Wolf said...

There are videos that inspire us, videos that recall great moments in history.....this was the greatest of them all...well okay mabye not but it's up there for sure.

Crazy Brunette said...

oookay, I closed my eyes! Did the cat go? Did he blow up??? What the fuck happened????

bazza said...

I wonder if there are cat Darwin Awards. (See my latest post!)
I really thought the cat was going to do something else.....

Sir Tom Eagerley said...

He is now an ex-cat. He's 'shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to meet his maker'.
That's from the British Classics you know; Monty Python.

Mr. Stupid said...

HA! Its really sad how Cat's sacrifice their lives to show what an explosion can be... hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kelly.... haha.... boys will be boys, won't they? LOL ;-)

klahanie said...

Nice to see a cat having a shit in a toilet. Yeah, I know, makes a change from a cat shitting in a vegetable patch...
Still that explosive ending has made me realise that cat's evil plan to take over the world may take longer than planned.
Have a good weekend, Kelly.
With respect, Gary

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Nah, it's not the greatest or funniest video clip of all time but it's good for a laugh. I just gave it that title as an attention grabber but you likely knew that already. :)

Crazy Brunette- Quit being such a Fraidy Cat and watch the dang clip!

bazza- I can't say for sure if there are cat Darwin awards, bazza. I would look that up on the net but I'm busy, now, teaching my cat to poop on my shitter.

Tom E. Sir- Yes, I'm well aware of that inspiring quote. There was a time when I watched Monty Python. Now I watch Monty Cobra and Monty Rattlesnake. I suggest you do the same.

Mr. Stupid- Yes, Mr. Stupid, I was so saddened by the cat's demise that I had to pause for a moment to collect myself. After that, I perked up, put my own kitty in a cannon and fired him over the city landscape. I felt better after that. Yep, boys will be boys. That's for sure. :)

klahanie- Cats are, indeed, devious creatures. My cats take money out of my wallet, while I'm not looking, often, to get their catnip fix. I'm going to enter them into a drug rehab tomorrow. Wish me luck!

One of The Guys said...

That is funny as hell!

@Vineyard Road........Hell yes we will!

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- Glad you liked it, Guys. To me, the best part was when the cat farted before taking a dump and exploding. Ooops. Hope I didn't give too much away. :)

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