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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Courage To Experience New Things

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Indiana. In days, previous to this one, we were overwhelmed by a deluge of rain. In fact, the rivers and creeks around the tri-state area are reaching flood stage. You can't really do much outside in the rain. And I hate being kept inside like a caged animal. You'll see me, in those situations, pacing back and forth like a tiger in the zoo, bored and waiting for the next meal. Unlike the tiger, however, I'm not waiting to die. I feel pity for caged animals.

Early in the day, my wife and I went to our bank to make a payment for our truck. We were pleasantly surprised to find they were having a Customer Appreciation Day. Some of the bank staff were out in front, grilling hot dogs and handing them out to customers, along with free drinks and snacks. That was nice. The hot dogs tasted great, too.

Later, we took a walk in the park, not far from our place. Hand in hand, we joked and laughed about many things. The smells of Honeysuckle and other trees and flowers were pleasing, invoking memories for me of times when my family and I would take nature walks in the woods of the many state parks in our area.

For a change, we didn't carry our pesky cell phone with us. Cell phones, those detestable electronic gadgets, are creations made by the Devil. They attack you with their constant interruptions, dumb ringtones and calls from people wanting something from you. My wife has a love affair with the damn thing. I... do not. I would very much enjoy crushing the motherfucker with my foot.

Anyway, as we were enjoying our casual two mile walk/workout, my allergies got the best of me and I sneezed. Unfortunately, when I sneezed, I shit myself a little. Even though it was uncomfortable, I continued walking back to the truck (as if there were any other choice) and enjoyed the rest of our stroll.

Afterwards, I made dinner for us by grilling out on our brand spanking new charcoal grill. As you can see, you can fit a lot of food on this grill and it has a handy thermometer on the cover, telling you how high the temperature is getting inside. Yesterday, I was cooking two inch thick rib eye steaks that had been marinated in pineapple juice and Teriyaki sauce, overnight. Off to the left of the grill, I'm grilling corn on the cob with pepper and garlic butter. Sometimes, when I'm cooking steaks, I'll use a dry rub consisting of garlic, paprika, chopped onion and other spices.

I'll try a different combination of things almost every time. I'm not afraid to try new things. The only things I'm afraid of are losing people I love. The nightmare of losing my mother five years ago trumps anything I could be confronted with in the future, besides losing other loved ones.

Everything on the grill turned out great, I'm happy to report.

Speaking of things that people are afraid of....

A new restaurant has recently opened in town the other day. A Chinese restaurant. Surprisingly, an abundance of hillbillies living here, along with the wifey and I, patronized the place the other day. This town mainly consists of fast food joints and plain old "meat and potatoes" type of rest of restaurants. This establishment had some very unique, at least to me, cuisine on the buffet. While some patrons (ignorant rednecks) made disparaging remarks about some of the items, based on looks only, I happily dove in and tried almost everything they had. A little bit of this. A little bit of that. It was all delicious.

I even had a go at the Hibachi grill section of the restaurant. Just a couple other customers and I were brave enough to try it out, picking out different items (eggs, pork, lettuce, mushrooms, shrimp and many more), putting them on a plate and handing them to the poor, bored, under-worked chef standing behind the grill to cook for us. I felt a bit of pity for him, like the tiger, as well.

The reactions of the ignorant rednecks, concerning the looks of the food at the Chinese restaurant and their unwillingness to try some of the items got me to thinking, once again, about how fearful people can be about experiencing things that they are not accustomed to. It can be food, activities, ideas or any number of things. It's sad, really. People miss out on so much by staying stagnate in their comfortable, monotonous ways.

I plan on taking up oil painting after our cruise. That's something new for me. The classes cost some money and since we've been saving every spare penny for our upcoming cruise, it will have to wait until after that big event. In the near future, I would like to try parachuting. Although I'm afraid of heights, I'm eager to try it out. For our cruise, I signed up for snorkeling. This is a big deal because I'll be snorkeling in a large body of water in the Caribbeans. This has real meaning to me because in the past, I've almost drowned in large bodies of water. Once in Lake Michigan. The other time in the Ohio river. Ever since those times, I've been leery of getting into water that is that deep and expansive. But... I have the courage to do it again and I'm sure it will be a wonderful new experience, being in the beautiful blue water and seeing all the different, amazing types of marine life.

I can't wait.


bazza said...

You covered a lot of ground in this post Kelly, but it paints a vivid picture of a slice of life in a place far,far, away......(from London!)

Kelly said...

Bazza- Yeah, it did cover a lot of ground. The main thing I hope people take from this post is to have courage in the face of fear. Fear can be a real ball and chain attached to one's foot. Have a great day!

Lizzy and Elle said...

Great post, wish I would have read it...I mean I loved reading it. Made me tired though, and hungry, so now what...a walk in the park?

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
A very thought provoking story. For sure, we have to challenge our fears. For, if we don't, we can live our lives with regret and be suffocated by our phobias.
It is indeed better to visualise a happy and positive outcome. You clearly demonstrate that in this posting. My friend, you show great courage and fortitude in confronting your fears.
Your attitude is refreshing and you have my total respect.
Kind wishes, Gary

Kelly said...

Lizzy and Elle- Uh... thanks, I think.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Thanks, Gary. Your positive words mean a lot to me. I agree with you on being suffocated by our fears. The human race, in general, has enough rules and restrictions without the individual creating them for him or her self. Take care, friend.

Qelqoth said...

I did try to link back to you but MySpace still doesn't like links to Blogspot, damned Nazis that they are. So instead, I've pasted the links on my comment section and readers can copy/paste them to find their way here.

Thanks again for showing me the Sanctuary fiction and I'll have a proper read of it over the weekend. I reckon it would be far better if you concentrated on making it as comical as possible though. Still, quite entertaining from what I've read so far. :)

The Wolf said...

Sounds like it was a pretty good day for you. nice bbq by the way very fancy and futuristic looking...and thanks for making me hungry you bastard now make me a sandwich :)

Kelly said...

qelqoth- LOL. I clicked on your name here and it took me to your latest post and myspace site about the BDSM/Sci-Fi/Humor story I was talking to you about that I wrote five and a half years ago. I just said all of that because some people reading this might be scratching their heads about now, wondering what the hell you and I were talking about. :-)

Anyway, your post was hilarious. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the story, too. Yeah, you have a point about the combination of sci-fi and erotica. Heh heh.

Thanks for the shout out. Stop by anytime. Take care.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- yeah, it was a pretty good day for me -except the part where I sneezed and shit my briefs. Oh well. You can't have it all. :-)

Yeah, the bbq grill works great. The heavy duty cast iron grates are easy to clean and they are in sections so you can take out them out easily.

BTW, if you're curious about the story I was commenting on with Qelqoth, an old blog pal from the past, here is the link to that story.

Don't say I didn't warn ya. :-)

Mr. Stupid said...

Wonderful post Kelly. Looks like you did have lots of fun. I like taking walks to the park. But, they make me dizzy! hehe

Wow. That's great. You should even give Parasailing a try. Go ahead with the Painting classes. You should be a fine artist. Oh yeah, don't forget to post your paintings here...:)

Have an awesome day...:)
Take care!

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid- Thanks, dude. Walks in the park make you dizzy, eh? You know, they have pills for that sort of thing. :-)

I would like to have signed up for Parasailing on the cruise but it was little expensive and we had already signed for quite a few other things.

I'll be sure to post my paintings on the blog. Just promise you won't be afraid to look at them! Hahahahaha. Take care, friend.

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