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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gored Through The Neck

Several days ago a bull fighting match took place that ended badly. The bull ended up being killed. But, at least, the bull got to score one for the rest of his animal brethren by goring the matador through the neck. Looking at the slow motion playback of this clip, you can clearly see the bull's horn puncture the fucker's neck and go up out through his mouth. The matador lived but needed extensive surgery. Sadly, they killed the bull.

What's more pathetic is that they still have spectacles like this where animals are tortured and killed for the viewing pleasure of a cheering audience. I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Kelly... I can't believe I actually watched that...

It was good to see the guy up and around after, though.


The Wolf said...

Bull fighting is one of those weird anciet rituals that Spain has. I read something on it once that it goes back in one form or another a few thousand years when many places in Europe worshipped bulls as gods before the Romans conqured them.

I think they should change it up a little though. Instead throw a sex offender or pedophile in the ring instead of a matador, hell even give him the fancy sword and red flag. Give them 5 minutes of matador training and then have them square off with the bull. Also take away the people who stab the bull with those spear things before the matador get in the ring. Then the Spanish can keep their traditions while riding the world of scumbags at the same time.

Kelly said... I don't know. I have mixed feelings about that guy surviving. As far as I'm concerned, matadors and any group of human beings that enjoy torturing animals for sport should get paid back for whatever pain or death they bring onto an innocent animal. Now, for his family and loved one's sakes, I'm glad to see he made it out alive- but only for their sakes.

P.S. I'm glad you were brave enough to watch the video. Some visitors to this post would likely dismiss it right away just because bloodshed was involved.

I often enjoy showing examples of human stupidity and cruelty on this site as my attempt to show humans everywhere how ignorant and unjust they truly are. Sorry about my long-winded response. :-)

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Thanks for that short history lesson. I didn't know that the history went back that far. It seems odd to me that in the present day, we're still practicing barbaric acts such as these... along with waging wars and so on.

I agree. Let's throw pedophiles and rapists into the ring. I'll go it even further by saying the following human pieces of shit should also be gathered up and thrown into the arena, in no particular order:

*Corrupt politicians
*Corrupt businessmen and women
*People who use snakes as part of their religious service
*People who purposefully engage in acts of extreme risk just for the thrill of it. (I say we allow their vice of human stupidity to be our entertainment. Why let it go to waste?)
*People who name their kids after automobiles
*People who don't pay child support but are supposed to.

And lastly but not leastly (yeah, I know it's not a word)...
*My douchebag "gangsta" neighbor that lives below me

Note: Everyone is cordially invited to add to this list. Good day. :-)

The Wolf said...

I'll go even further Kelly and say let's put it on pay per view and make a profit from the sick fuckers and use the profit for charity like feeding the hungry or building shelters for the homeless.

Kelly said...


One of The Guys said...

The whole thing made me sick. I was almost afraid to watch. But it helped my stomach get moving this morning, so I guess that's a good thing.

I shouldn't make light of this. It's sad all around.

Take care.

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- Glad to hear you were brave enough to watch it. I agree. It is sad that the human race still practices barbaric acts like this to this day. Thanks for commenting and take care, Guy.

bazza said...

Kelly, the sad thing is this:
The bull ALWAYS dies. If it is deemed to have been a brave bull they respect it, honour it, even revere it but IT ALWAYS DIES.
There is no other option.
I feel the same way about fox-hunting which has been banned in the UK.
And while I'm having a rant; why do they always shoot an injured race-horse?

Kelly said...

I'm bettin' they could do a better job of respecting the brave bull if they didn't stick swords in him and kill him. I, for one, wouldn't want to be respected like that. :-)

I have no idea why they shoot injured race horses. I'd hate to think they did it just because the horse was unable to run in races anymore. But... That's people for ya.

Dark Slander said...

I'd rather see people goring each other like in Ancient Rome, but I'm kind of a jerk like that.

This video makes me think, "Hey look he got 20 points..." but then again the bull does lose in the end.

Steak for everyone! (And Human chops for a little extra.)

Kelly said...

Ahh, you're not a jerk. You just enjoy a little quality entertainment. I hear Human Chops taste better when they're marinated in Teriyaki sauce overnight.

20 points, for sure!

It's too bad the bull loses in the end. I think they should have retired him from bull fighting and put him somewhere out in a pasture to fuck all the cows he wanted.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
I've never been able to comprehend these so-called 'sporting' events.
Of course, it aint only that bull fighting crap. Bazza mentioned the now, thank fuck, banning of fox hunting over here. Then again you got other shit like, 'cock fighting', (no innuendo please)and dog fighting.
Like you, I don't get it. Matter of fact, I never want to get it.
Take care, Gary.

Kelly said...

klahanie- I'm with you on that. The torturing and killing of animals is not "sporting" at all. And it's not entertaining, either. We humans, you would think, are supposedly more intellectually superior to animals- but we certainly don't show it in these cases.

Mr. Stupid said...

To be frank, I hate this sport. I have always hated both the Matador and the audience watching this.
Looking at the video, I felt sad for both of them. The man was badly hurt and the bull was put to death. I just hope he learns his lesson and never returns to the sport. Hope he gets well soon!

Have an awesome day, Kelly!

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid, I know what you mean. I agree that the guy shouldn't return to bull fighting. I doubt he will have learned his lesson, though. It would be RIGHT if he learn it.

Take care!

Crazy Brunette said...


Oh my god!!! You always post videos that literally leave my mouth hanging open for at least 2 minutes!

What the fuck do they expect??? Jesus God!!! They are waving this fucking cape in front of a goddamn BULL!!!!

Maybe the bull was having a shit day and didn't want to be fucked with!!!


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