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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is This Feminist Code Speak?

Some of these "translations" I find to be humorous. Some are outlandish. Yet some are true, I believe. What do you think? By the way, I have nothing against feminism. But I do think the more militant factions of feminism do go to negative extremes by pretty much suggesting that all men are worthless, abusive shits and, by doing this, these certain factions actually hurt the cause of feminism.

These "translations" were taken from

Men seeking equal treatment = "backlash"
Women seeking equal treatment = "
Discrimination against men = "equal opportunity"
Discrimination against women = "discrimination"
A woman with grievances = "victim"
A man with grievances = "angry"
Open discussion of gender issues = "misogyny"
Men looking for equal treatment in the courts = "abuse"
Consensual sex between a man and woman = "rape"
Heated discussion between a man and woman = "domestic violence"
Women receiving preferential treatment/privileges = "equality"
A numeric majority of the human species = "minority"
Any woman = "victim"
Any man = "oppressor"
Any child = "property"
A woman talking about hating men = "empowerment"
A man talking about hating women = "hate speech"
A sexually predatory woman dressed like a hooker = "liberation"
A man with any interest in sex = "rapist"
A woman who wants to be with her children = "mother"
A man who wants to be with his children = "abuser"
A woman who forces children under her care/authority into sex = "the
child was lucky"
A man who forces children under his care/authority into sex
= "pedophile"
A shelter providing emergency services to abused women = "women's
A shelter providing any services to abused men = "prison"
Female genital mutilation = "sexual repression"
Male genital mutilation = "acceptable custom that protects women from
A man assaulting a women = "(domestic) violence"
A woman assaulting a man = "humor"
A man who beats his female partner = "batterer"
A woman who beats her male partner = "victim"
A disposable slave = "man"
A human being = "woman"
Hating women = "a crime"
Hating men = "'a viable political act'"
Distorting or lying about reality = "
feminist analysis"
Biology = "lies"
Reality = "discrimination"
Any power a man has = "patriarchy"
Any power a woman has = "empowerment"
Pornography pleasing to lesbians = "erotica"
Pornography pleasing to men = "exploitation and degradation of women"
Person who says feminists are wrong = "hate criminal"
Woman-firster and advocator of any measure against men = "
Patriarchy = "bad"
Matriarchy = "good"
Male leader = "backwards"
Female leader = "improvement"
Pro-lesbianism and female, anti-male = "
feminist ideology"
Same standards, honest competition = "unfair"

Female sexuality = "nurturing"
Male sexuality = "objectifying"
Female virgin = "pure"
Male virgin = "pathetic"
Female modesty = "noble"
Male modesty = "creepy"
Pandering to male audiences = "sexism"
Pandering to female audiences = "fulfilling a niche"
Women standing up for themselves = "empowerment"
Men standing up for themselves = "chauvinism"
Woman proud of her appearance = "confident"
Man proud of his appearance = "vain"
Innate female advantages = "complementary"
Innate male advantages = "sexist"
Women's space = "safe haven"
Men's space = "patriarchal breeding ground"
Women discussing their issues = "theraputic"
Men discussing their issues = "whining"
Female intellect = "pioneering"
Male intellect = "masturbatory"
Man obeying a women = "respect"
Women obeying a man = "slavery"

Men being sexually critical = "shallow"
Women being sexually critical = "having standards"
Female rage = "indignation"
Male rage = "insecurity"
Male abuse of power = "direct consequence of patriarchy"
Female abuse of power = "indirect consequence of patriarchy"
Unemployed woman = "homemaker"
Unemployed man = "loser"
Female indulgence = "happiness"
Male indulgence = "selfishness"
Any male who argues with a misandrist = a male who "has issues".


The Wolf said...

When I read the different meanings to each one I thought some were funny and others were pretty ridiculious. I'm all for equal treatment of women in the workplace, at home or whatever, but when did that mean that men have to get treated like shit. It seems were rapidly entering an age where men are being treated like second class citizens. Of course I'm sure some woman will read this comment and think I'm a woman hating asshole with "issues". So just to clarify yes I have issues, no I don't hate women, and yes if you have a great rack i'll take a peek :)

klahanie said...

Wow Kelly. That is some list there. So what do they call a 'multi-tasking' man? Well according to the ladies I've met. That's impossible.
As a single father, sorry but I disagree that men cannot multi-task. If I don't do it; it doesn't get done..and hey, I can read a map :-)

Sir Tom Eagerley said...

Hello Kelly. That list is what one could call exhaustive but I would like to add one more, old thing:
Feminist = dungaree-wearing, shaven-headed, carpet-munching lesbian....
Have I gone too far Kelly?

Crazy Brunette said...

Like you, I agree and disagree.

I'm the fucking anti-feminist though.

Those bitches would tie me to the stake and light the fucking fire without a second thought!

Women can't drive. Truth
Women are emotionally driven. Truth. (See all 95 examples above as to why they are so goddamn worked up!)

I believe that women should be treated as such.

HOld my fucking door open, carry my fucking bags and hold the umbrella when it's raining.

If I'm bitching and acting like I've got a cock and I want all these goddamn equal rights and bullshit, how can I ask you to treat me this way also?

Dumb bitches are making it impossible for MEN to behave as GENTLEMEN because they will be seen as being 'not equal'.

Sam said...

I think there are still a ton of double edge swords that women don't like to pay attention to.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- It's also sad that, as men, that when we say what we're feeling on the topic of feminism, men feel the need to say something like "I'm all for equal treatment of women" or the equivalent because some overly sensitive women, radical feminists and so on will point and say, "You're sexist for saying what you said." Assumptions will get you nowhere except for spouting off things you do not know for certain.

One of society's favorite pastimes.

Forget that freedom of expression is your right as a human being. In some places (wink) it can be in their country's constitution. Not that it's more important than what I said before.

And yes, I will take a peek at a great rack when available... And if there's a radical feminist who does not care for what I say... Go find a carpet to munch on!

Take care.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Men can do pretty much what women can do and vice versa... Except men can't spread their legs and have a lil' rugrat pop out of their blessed, holy of the holies- hoo hoos. All must bow down to the all-knowing, mother earth-goddess-miracle making, baby-shaking snatches all over the world!

Yayhoo and pass the bullshit!

Hahaha! I am now about to be crucified by the wimmins. Buhhhh-bye, friend. :-) Take care. Wait! You can't read a map... you're a guy.

Kelly said...

Sir Tom Eagerly- No, you haven't gone too far. Except you forgot the butch attitude stereotype remark. You'll probably be in line with me and others when it comes to being crucified by the Militant Feminist Carpet Munch Brigade. Stand tall. Stand proud. They don't kid around. Really.

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- What a relief that you agree with me. It doesn't surprise me, though. great minds think alike. Hmmm... Is my ass kissing that obvious? Well...

Getting back to the point. The militant faction sub-group in Feminism likely WOULD tie you to the stake to fry. They would call you traitor and all sorts of ridiculous names. Only the closed minded engage in those tactics- so if the shoe fits them...

I agree. Men are given mixed signals on what to do. Lucky for me, I don't give a shit. I'm as nice to the individual as they are to me. Man, woman or whatever.

You? Emotionally driven? Say it ain't so. :-)

Kelly said...

Sam- Thanks for commenting. Be at your site, if you have one, shortly. That's just how I roll.

Yeah, I agree on your point, too. Women, just like men, are quite capable of using the ol' double standard in action, words and argument.

Take care.

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow Kelly. That's a huge list. I had to take three breaks and came back every time to continue. Though, I lost track of what I was reading and had to do everything again.
I did gain a lot of knowledge... hehe


One of The Guys said...

I loved reading this post Kelly!

Men and women are fundamentally different, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm all for female empowerment and I understand why it's needed, but like anything, when taken to the extreme it actually has the opposite effect.

So really I have a problem with extremes on both sides. There are plenty of men who deserve some of these labels.

But for most people, men and women, we're a sprinkling of everything.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelly... a WHOLE bunch of hot buttons here...

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid- I'm glad you gained knowledge. :-) Now you're ready to conquer the world!

One of The Guys- Glad you loved it. Usually, the extremes you mentioned have very negative effects. Men and women should appreciate what we have in common and tolerate what we don't. And really, since we are individuals, we should treat each other as such. Promoting stereotypes of either gender only creates quarrel and chaos in the end.

And you're right. We're a "sprinkling of everything".

Kelly said... Yeah, loads of hot buttons. Ha ha. Sometimes I like to bring up stuff to think about and make trouble. :-)

Static said...

I thought all men were worthless, abusive shits?

Kelly said...

Is that a question or are you making a statement or do you think you are a contestant on "Jeopardy"?

Static said...

Um...all of the above.
Alex Trebek is an abusive shit when he's drunk. Here's an example: watch it, it's most lol worthy...oh, I'm sorry, I meant | "What is most lol worthy for $2000, Alex?"

Kelly said...

All of the above, aye? Cool. lol

I watched that video. It was funny. According to some of the comments I read on youtube, this was put up on the site by someone who was fired from the show. That could easily be wrong, though. I always did think Trebek had some major anger issues going on. I've seen him in a couple interviews before and he always acted pissed off. I'm sure he still does Jeopardy, after all of these years, only for the big bucks but you can tell, when you watch him, that he hates doing it.

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