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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Disturbing Neighbor and The Attention Needy

My neighbor that lives below us in our apartment complex is likely the worst one we've had in the ten to twelve years we've lived up here on the hill.

Not only is he annoying and disturbing, but he has that bad boy, punk ass, "gangsta" look about him. He has made it clear he is a bully and is possibly physically abusive to the woman and little girl who lives with him.

I'll get back to this douchebag in a minute but first I have to say....

It hurts me to utter or write the word "gangsta" because it's not a real word, but instead, something rappers and rap fans made up to make themselves sound tougher than they actually are. "Gangsta", which I'm guessing is supposed to mean gangster or some other similar tough guy nonsense, sounds silly to me.

In fact, anyone who tries that hard to impress me with their toughness or supposed uniqueness ends up making me shake my head. This especially goes for people who stick lots of metal jewelry into their skin or cover themselves with too many tattoos or black eye liner or wear their pants almost down to their knees.

I feel like saying, "Yeah, you're such an individual. How unique you must be. I get it." Or.... "Gee, what a statement you're attempting to make. I'm so impressed with your supposedly extreme, attention getting appearance, I'm clearly shaken by it all or, at the very least, popping a boner with excitement or whatever. Now, go away!"

At first, people like this made me laugh. Then I found them to be mildly entertaining. But as the years go by and I grow older, I find that they just bore the fuck out of me with their desperate need to get my attention or show that they are so much more different than the rest of us. Pure Silliness. Futility in action.

Hey, do you want to show me how unique you are, Numb Nuts? Talk to me and let me in on your thoughts or your true persona. Better yet, show me who you really are through your actions. No swaggering or over-the-top conduct, please. Just the real you.

There were real gangsters in the 1920's to 1940's in America. These were true criminals. Like Al Capone, for instance. Not that these true criminals have any more redeeming value than today's gangster wannabes in the rap industry, poverty-stricken districts and ghetto areas.

I guess you could call someone a gangster that belongs in a street gang. But that's really stretching it a bit for me. To me, they are just common street thugs, dealing drugs, involving themselves in petty crimes and sometimes committing violent acts. They have many excuses for needing to belong in these gangs and will usually acquire their money by doing anything but getting a real job and earning their money.

But getting back to my equally worthless neighbor....

He also wears the droopy pants, has tattoos all over his body and does the "tough" talk routine. Never before have we had someone (or something) like that living in our apartment complex in the years we've lived here.

More importantly, this gangster wannabe screams at the woman and little girl that lives below with him. He shouts at them in the parking lot, too, for all to see. I also hear a lot of thumping and banging down below. I can't say for sure if he's physically abusing the little girl but it wouldn't surprise me that much if I found out for certain.

My wife says the front door below, that sits below our stairwell, is broken at the top, where the metal arm thing was attached, because of him. My wife says she thought she saw him pushing his girlfriend so hard against the door one day, that the force of her shoved body caused the door to break free from the wooden frame above. Earlier that same day, she could hear what sounded like them arguing back and forth below us. The door is, indeed, unhinged at the top and I'll be calling our landlord soon to fix that.

This barely human turd also allows the little girl to drive her plastic tricycle all around the parking lot, not keeping a watchful eye on her half the time. With how busy our parking lot can be, this poses a real danger. On one occasion, I've seen him pull his car into the lot and the little girl looked like she was hanging halfway out of the passenger side of the car. At my angle of sight, I couldn't tell for sure if she was wearing a seat belt or not, but it still looked pretty wrong to me.

Whenever, I see the woman living below us, she is never friendly and, in fact, appears nervous, like she's hiding something. This is conjecture on my part, of course. There are also some unscrupulous looking types of people, "friends" of his who visit him time to time. Maybe they are decent people. I don't know for sure so I'm not going to assume -but all of these things put together make me a little nervous, myself.

Another bothersome activity this asshole likes to engage in, every so often, is thumping on our floor/his ceiling if we turn the volume up on our TV above the 25 mark. Not that loud, really, when you take into consideration that our TV goes all the way up to 100. We've had around five different neighbors living below us in the nearly dozen years we've lived up here and we've never had any complaints before -from neighbors or landlords.

Yes, I know. We should have called the landlord already for a variety of reasons. The couple of reasons I haven't done this so far are this:

1- I don't like to get people that live close to me in trouble. Usually, this will cause trouble for the complainer (me, in this case) and will sometimes result in having your car tires punctured or some other retaliation by the bothersome neighbor. Since I have a bad temper and am easily stressed out, I may do something even more stupid to him. I have my very weak and shaky emotional moments and then, on the other side of the coin, I have my super-motherfucker-I'm-going-to-fucking-kill-you kind of moments in these situations. I can be extreme, either way. And neither one of those ways is not good, I know.

2- Even though our most recent landlord is a cop, he's doesn't seem to care about when tenants complain about other tenants -even if it may concern a serious issue. One tenant, who talks to my wife, fairly frequently, alerted our cop landlord that she thought a person who had just moved into the apartment complex was a thief. He told her that he didn't care as long as he paid the rent on time. This tells me that he may not give a good shit when I tell him about the neighbor below us.

I don't know for sure what will happen next with this guy but I have a feeling I'm going to be forced to call the landlord and make a complaint or several complaints about him. I just hope it doesn't backfire -for our sake and if he pisses me off too much -for his sake. I don't want to go to jail over this gangster wannabe.

Besides, that would put a damper on my all-too-important cruise this summer. Ha ha. Good golly, I hate fuckin' bullies and other tough talking pieces of shit. How about you?


Sir Tom Eagerly said...

How terribly unpleasant this person seems to be; a "barely human turd" indeed. Lovely description - you should tell him.
On second thoughts, although he annoys you it's not worth getting stressed. As they say in Eastenders (UK soap opera) "Leave it, e's not werf it!".
Chin up old boy or as we say, keep your pecker up. (that means something in the UK than it does in the US)

The Wolf said...

Gansta's what a bunch of pathetic silly little bitches trying to play "tough guy" becuase daddy drank too much and beat them as a child. These types of people are nothing better then cockroaches in my opinion, I've had to deal with these ass clowns before. Like you said they are bullies and like any bully I've encountered when I got in their face they cowered, of course being ex-miitary, and a little bat shit crazy helps. I always wondered about the whole baggy pants ass hanging out thing if there not just closet fags.

Hang in there and don't let the fucker get to you. If it comes to blows though tell them he tripped on a bar of soap

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
I had a very similar situation to what you described. In my case, it was several neighbours causing us problems beyond belief.
Yet, I knew I could not tolerate it any longer. It took guts but I took action. One by one, through the proper legal channels, after attempts at rational discussion failed miserably; I got them all evicted.
It took two court cases to rid me of the scum that lived below me. Now I live in a peaceful neighbourhood. The surrounding neighbours are all pleasant and cooperative.
Even though I battled a very negative environment whilst being very ill; I knew it had to be done. I did it for me, my other neighbours and for my son.
Kelly, stay calm and I reckon, through sheer determination for you and your family to live in peace; that you can get this fucking bullshit situation sorted. Your landlord is responsible. If he wont do fuck all, there must be legal alternatives for you to pursue in America.
Wishing you well, Gary.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly. This is a difficult situation. Is it best to keep to yourself, relax and stay clam and try to ignore this reprobate or or go through the stress and strain of taking action?
While you may want to bury an axe in his head (don't!) it would substitute one problem for another.

One of The Guys said...

You don't mention how old this guy is, so I'm guessing twenties.

I think all people want to be unique but at the same time fit in. I have a neighbor that dressed totally punk w/mohawk, etc. I think she was trying to be an individual, but then all her friends would come over and they all looked the same. It was kind of funny. I thought to myself, "They're no different than the preppies, just a different costume."

This guy sounds like a punk. Less so for his gangsta tendencies and more so for his abusive, bullying behaviors. That is just downright wrong and offensive and would make lose it.

I feel for you. You're in a bit of a bind. I also feel badly for the woman and little girl. Some people just get themselves in the shittiest situations. Sucks!

Good luck! Tell the landlord soon. Or get some other neighbors on board and all of you go.

Crazy Brunette said...

Fuck that Kelly!

You walk down there and you beat his goddamn ass!

If I thought some little faggot ass piece of shit was smacking around a little girl and her mom, I'd be down there quicker than shit and he could take my little ass on.

I guaren-goddamn-tee you he'd have a Crazy Brunette so far up his ass he wouldn't be able to walk for a fucking week!!!

And I'd tell my husband if he didn't take care of it, my Daddy's fucking shot gun would!

Oh I'm mad at you. If you suspect something like this is happening how can you possibly sit back and just LET IT???

Kelly said...

Sir Tom- I'd like to call him a "barely human turd" but he seems nutty enough to go off on me -not to mention I'm not in that great of physical shape to take him on (with all the crap that's wrong with my body). Besides, I don't want to go to jail over a piece of shit like this guy. Take care... and chin up, pecker up and heads up and all that. Ha ha.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I agree, man. He is a silly, pathetic, droopy-pantsed ass clown. In my younger, more healthier years, I would have confronted him directly. It still may come to that, unfortunately, if the landlord doesn't do something about him. Like I said before, I've got a hot temper. It takes a lot of willpower for me to keep it in check.

I finally was able to get ahold of the landlord cop today. He was mowing the lawn. I told him about the door needing to be fixed. I couldn't tell him about the neighbor yet because we were right beside the fucker's open window and I didn't want "gangsta turd boy" to hear what I really wanted to say for fear of my tires being slashed or whatever. Anyway, the cop landlord is supposed to come up tonight and fix the door. When he does, I'm going to take him off to where gangsta boy can't hear and tell him about what's been going on since he's moved in. If he acts like he's not going to do anything about it, I'll have to call the cops... his buddies on the force. If they don't do anything about it... I'll have to take other steps. Take care.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hi there, ol' chap. Hopefully, you've read my responses to the comments made before yours so this will make more sense. I don't want to repeat what was said before. I'm with you on going through legal channels if talking to my cop/landlord and police dept. doesn't work. I doubt, very seriously, if I confront the piece of crap down below in person because I can guess what would happen next and I don't want anything crazy to happen. In the old days, I might have done that... but not now.

Your personal account has convinced me that going through legal channels, if talking to the landlord doesn't work, would be the practical, safer way to go. Thanks for the advice. Take care.

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, I'm doing the best I can to stay calm. It's hard but after all I've faced down in my life, this isn't as bad so I'll get through it. Hopefully, you've read the responses I've given to other comments here.

Ha ha. No, I won't bury an ax in his head- Though he may deserve that. Might help with his attitude. Heh heh.

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- In answer to your first question... Yeah, the guy looks like he's in his twenties.

That female neighbor of yours, with the mohawk and so on, sounds typical of that kind of group. It makes me laugh, at times, when I see people trying so hard to fit in or express their "individuality" in that way.

When I was in high school, I ran around with a group of friends that just dressed in t-shirt and jeans. Nothing outlandish. Actually, when I think about it, everybody dressed pretty normal back then. Nobody needed that much attention. Ha ha. What does that tell you about today's Young Society??? I think it says a lot, really, don't you?

As for the neighbor below, if you've read the rest of my responses to everyone's comments, you'll find which course I'm going to take in dealing with my problem. I thank you for your advice. I'll heed it, of course. Take care, friend.

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- No, Ashley, I won't be going down there to "...beat his goddamn ass!" Ha ha. I'm not in the mood to get killed or thrown in jail for getting in a fight with this "gangsta" turd. He's not worth it.

In the past, I would have, but since he's younger, healthier (in all respects) and looks crazier than me, that choice would be unwise. Even though, I'd like to put a bullet between his eyes, this ain't the Wild West anymore and I'm not going to do that, either. Besides, I don't own a working gun. :-)

If you've read any of my responses to the previous comments, you'll know what course I'm going to take. I'm going to take the steps necessary to solve the problem. Hopefully, he won't retaliate but he probably will. He seems like the type.

Anyway, I'm not going to sit back and let it continue. I'm not positively sure if he's abusing the kid and wife- that's why I haven't called the cops yet. I hear a lot of screaming and verbal abuse though. The fact that my wife THOUGHT she saw the douchebag pushing his girlfriend/wife (?) against the door, but wasn't absolutely sure, has also delayed my decision to call the cops. But I will relay my suspicions to the police dept if the landlord doesn't act as though he's going to do anything about it when I talk to him tonight.

If I wasn't living directly above the motherfucker, this would be easier. I have to take everything into consideration.

Anyway, thanks for the concern. I understand where you're coming from on this. Take care!

Crazy Brunette said...


Act now, think later.


Static said...

What you do is bake cupcakes that spell out "SHUT THE FUCK UP" on the icing, and then leave them on the doorstep around the time you know he'll be coming home.

Failing that, tossing an anvil through the floor and his ceiling, followed by poking your head through the hole into his apartment and saying calmly through gritted teeth, "SHUT THE FUCK UP", is also quite effective.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Kelly..

I feel for your situation.

It's always difficult to make the right decisions when you are tangled up in the middle of the turmoil.

But, it DOES sound like you've got your head on straight with this one.

Hopefully, the landlord finds dirt on this guy and removes the jackass from your neighborhood.

Good luck!

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

My friend I am going to take a short break and sort some stuff out, (dry out etc).
Sir Tom of Eagerly Hall will return! Thank you for letting me abuse your hospitality.

Mr. Stupid said...

Oh. This can be hard to tell. Having a stupid neighbor like him living under you. Complaining to the Landlord might just make the guy angry. Stupid and Angry can turn bad.
But, seeing all that happen next door is very unpleasant too.

Take care, Kelly!:)

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- Anytime I've acted before thinking... I always make trouble for myself.

Static- I'd rather bake this douchebag some cupcakes with rat poison in them, in the hopes, the dumb ass would eat them.

Unfortunately, it would be my luck he would give them to the woman and girl to eat. Thanks for the suggestions, though. They made me laugh. It would be nice if the anvil would go through the floor and land on his gangsta head.

Kelly said... Thanks, Penny. I am trying to keep my head on straight. Strangely enough, since I've written this post, the neighbor below hasn't been up to his usual antics. I haven't heard any yelling or anything else from down there.

I've tried to reach the landlord but I haven't had any luck. He hasn't come up to fix the door like he said he was going to do, either.

Kelly said...

Sir Tom- Good luck sorting stuff out.

Mr. Stupid- Yeah, I've taken that (complaining to the landlord) into consideration. Like I said to Penny, for now, the dumb ass below hasn't made any trouble since I wrote this post, Tuesday. Ha ha. Maybe he reads my blog. lol. Take care!

Dark Slander said...

He sounds like a douche bag that won't be missed if he "disappears", just sayin'


Kelly said...

I could make him "disappear" quite easily due to certain connections I "may have". Heh heh. But, now that I've said that... I've pretty much made myself a possible accessory to him possibly "disappearing". Oooops. :-)

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