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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peculiar Paintings

Pictures of unusual paintings I've collected over time. Click on each one and look closely for full effect. The Leo painting, for example, should be examined carefully. :-)


Crazy Brunette said...

I do not want to look at any of these closely!

Anytime I do not see WORDS upon entering your site, I am immediately frightened.

I don't like your videos or pictures, you purposely put scary ones up to torment the Crazy Brunette.

Damn you asshole!

Sir Tom Eagerley said...

Look here old boy, the next time someone calls me a sick fuckhead (happens quite frquently as it goes) do you mind awfully if I refer them to this post. Almost makes me look normal.
Perhaps this kind of private hell is kept to oneself! Tally ho!

Mr. Stupid said...

Now, I know were the "Seven Unusual, yet disgusting" paintings went. Maybe, a witch forced you in collecting them. The rabbit for nourishment proves it!
The first three had me thing why I was looking at them in a larger version.

Punch the witch when she arrives to collect the paintings. She deserves it!

Have a good day Kelly. I found you on Twitter. Teeth!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelly... I disagree completely with the Crazy Brunette, Mr. Stupid and Sir Tom Eagerley... I think these are FASCINATING pictures. Thank you for sharing these thought-provoking, over the edge pieces of art.

One of The Guys said...

I am only going to comment on the women on the right side of your blog that got a tattoo of her baby on her arm. It looks like the freakin' devil! I'm horrified. Frightened and want to run far away.
That's an omen for that boy for sure.

bazza said...

Blimey Kelly! You do go for the weird stuff don't you?
By the way; Tom Eagerley was described by someone in my comments (24th April) as 'Sir Tom' and it's gone to his head.
Mind you the commenter was 'Groucho Marx'.

klahanie said...

Now I'm getting very worried. Not only do I like your tales of screwed up I discover that I seem to be liking your art work.
And 'Leo' how the fuck did you get that painting of my ex wife?

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- Oh, buck up. These pictures aren't really scary... just interesting. They're not meant to scare. You'll find most of these paintings in art museums.

"Sir?" Tom Eagerly- Have you recently been knighted by the queen? Wow. And they call me crazy. Who dares to call SIR Tom a sick fuckhead? Surely, they must be JOUSTING. Aha hahah ahhaa. Eh, boy. What a knee slapper.

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid- Unusual... perhaps. Different, most definitely. But disgusting? Nah. It's not like I showed paintings of crushed fetuses spread on graham crackers. Gosh. I'm gonna tell that witch to come after you. I'm going to tell her that you're hiding some perverse art in your drawers. :) Take care. I know what you mean, Penny. I don't why they are so scared. They're just different and, as you said, fascinating. And you're welcome, Penny. And thank you for commenting. Take care and have a Happy Hour and more.

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- That mom, with the baby tattoo, has demonstrated bad judgement. For one, the tattoo face doesn't look that much like her baby's face. The tattoo face looks like it's eyes are bulging out of their sockets and the head is disproportionately huge compared to the actual baby. Alien Baby. :-) And two, only a crazy person would have a tattoo like this. Take care, Guy. Have a great day.

Bazza- Yeah, some of the stuff on here can be weird. It's just a reflection of society. Some of the stuff is mundane, humorous or introspective. I try to keep it fresh and interesting. Sometimes I just talk about how I feel. Depends on the mood. I didn't know Groucho Marx was still around to knight people. Tom's a lucky knight. :) Take care and thanks for commenting.

Kelly said...

klahanie- No need for worry, Gary. Enjoying tales of the Toadie kind are just what the mad doctor ordered. As for the artwork, I'm glad you like it. I thought the paintings were pretty cool. 'Leo' is actually a painting of your Ex? Oops. I guess the secret is out. Sorry. LOL.

Take care, friend.

Mr. Stupid said...

And that's one reason why I have my Anti-Witch Spray. It should drive her away! LOL

The Wolf said...

Some very odd paintings indeed. But they would be perfect in my bathroom around the toilet, then it would be some scary shit indeed

Kelly said...

The Wolf- LOL. "...scary shit, indeed" At least you wouldn't be afraid to have them somewhere in your house.

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