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Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 QUESTIONS For Pinklatex

The girls at Pinklatex are the last but certainly not least that dared to answer my 5 all-too- important questions. is ran by Collie, Rusty and Jenn. Go to their site and you'll have a great time. I've been interacting with them for the last couple of years and it has been a true pleasure.

The girls are hilarious and right on target with their acerbic commentaries on today's pop culture figures. Pay a visit to their site and you'll see that they do a super fuckin' dandy job of making sarcastic (and very true) remarks about celebrities, Craigslist freaks and other odd fuckers in this world. Funny pics, podcasts, viral videos, wild, yet honest rants... They do it all.

Without further ado, here are the life-changing 5 Questions and Collie and Rusty's answers:

1. What is the most disturbing or oddest thing (picture, video or written material) you have ever seen on the internet? Please describe it.

Collie said:

I would have to say Goatsee. There was a picture of a gaping asshole that was circulating around the internet for many years. One day my husband called me over the computer and said will you reply back to my father about the weekend? I said yes and when I sat down a picture popped up... this nasty giant butt hole complete with innards was staring me in the face... I have never been the same.

Rusty said:

Dale from Open Pride Radio introduced me to a special video in which a man inserts a bottle up his mangina as well as a screwdriver into the head of his peen, very unattractive indeed, we all laughed really very hard.

2. What celebrities would you like to see involved in an orgy? Please describe any details going on in your fantasy orgy.

Collie said:

Carrot Top
Brad Pitt (because with his scruffy beard he looks like a sexy Bum)
Chui (Chelsea Lately)
Bruce Jenner

I Love mutants, and what better way to see a mutant than in all there naked glory, We will place them in a baby pool filled with pickle juice... Snooki goes in for the kill, half diving into the juice screaming HELL YEAH BITCHES, she lands on Chui, he dies. Brad Pitt is suckling the ear of the uber tight Bruce Jenner while carrot top watches and lovingly blows himself.

Rusty said:

Me, Davey Havok, Bowie, and perhaps a little Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe. I call the shots, its just me having a rockin' roll Harry Potter all out orgy, what, they are all of age now, especially Bowie.

3. If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?

Collie said:

I would vote yes, however if I was one of said swimmers I would pretend to go down with the ship while using my dying team mates as a make shift raft, before I eat them for survival.

Rusty said:

If they include Michael Phelps, he is the only one required to die, but a little death and destruction is always nice, don't you agree, Kel?

Kelly says:

Thanks for asking, Rusty. Why yes, a little death and destruction is always nice, especially when you wake up in the morning (or in my case, the afternoon) and see a bright and beautiful day outside. Well, then, it's a wonderful time to go on a killing spree, of course.

4. What really makes you happy?

Collie said:

Carbs, sleep and survival shows... sometimes just picking on Rusty is more than enough to keep me happy.

Rusty said:

Food, cigarettes, vigorous intercourse, and lighting the boy who sings Johanna in Sweeney Todd on fire, any questions?
5. Finish this statement... Craigslist is good for...

Collie said:

Selling yourself on the black market as well as your chachkis... Or maybe trading homes... wtf is that about? Why would anyone trade a home?

Rusty said:

Well, its good for finding large meat hooks, prostitutes, mail order brides, traffiked Russian hookers, and people who enjoy being vigorously fisted for hours.

Thank you, Collie and Rusty, for participating in my Q & A fest. It's been fun!
For more fun, check out Pinklatex.


Donda said...

I was completely traumatized by the answers to question thanks for that! Now, I will go check out their site and maybe I will find pictures of puppies and sunshine to clear my head!

Gucci Mama said...

They had me at murdering Micheal Phelps. I want that mutant douche bag to choke on his Speedo.

Pinklatex *collie said...

ahh, that was much funnier when reading it here... I would also have to say ... Death to Phelps his head bugs the SHIT out of me.... He is so douche he makes the Situation look almost undouche, well kinda...

Love ya K

klahanie said...

Hello Collie, Rusty and even Kelly,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the responses too, yet again, the most thought provoking and intellectually profound questions to be found anywhere on the internet.
I think all synchronized swimmers should be drowned. They look fucking ridiculous with their smug grins and those stupid pegs stuck up their nostrils...

The Wolf said...

Couldn't agree more that a little death and destruction is always nice.......especially when it's some cock jawed ass nugget who's getting destroyed.

Kelly said...

Donda- Pics of puppies and sunshine are likely the only things you won't find on their site. Unless either are in an unusual setting. :) And hey, you're so welcome for the traumatizing answers. I try to inspire madness within people wherever I go. Tee & Hee. But really, with Collie and Rusty, they don't need the inspiration as you'll see when checking out their site. Have a great day!

Kelly said...

Gucci Mama- Just out of curiosity, why is everyone suddenly calling that Phelps boy a douchebag? Did I miss some news on him, lately? I guess I have. Have a great weekend, GM!

Kelly said...

Collie- Yeah, I agree. All of it does look better here than in the emails we traded back and forth. Phelps' head bugs the shit out of you? lol. Wow! Is it misshapen, somehow, like a boomerang? lol.

Take care, Collie.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Gosh, you hit the nail and the proverbial cripple's head when you say these questions are profound and shit. So true. It's my hope that all of mankind can gain a pantload of wisdom from this fine Q & A.

Heh heh... Such hostility towards swimmers these days. Can't we all just get along? Now excuse me, sir, I have some BP executives in my basement that are due for dismembering.

Ta Ta and Take care, Gary.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- You? -Agreeing that a little death and destruction are nice? Why... That is sooo unexpected. Heh heh.

Have a great weekend, dude and try to crack open a few assholes' heads for the fun of it.

rusty said...

Swimmers suck with their stupid tight suits, retarded heads, (Phelps head), and goddamned muscly arms and skinny legs, they make me sick. Phelps is a douche and had a retard head like Telly from Kids, except Telly is better looking and has more game. He also dresses better.

Kelly said...

Rusty- Lol. Please, for the love of Lucy Fur, someone kindly tell me what the heck are people seeing about Phelps' head. So far, I haven't figured it out. lol. I get the part about the skinny legs and stupid tight suits, though. Those suits look as though they would squish a dude's nutsack.

Hey, thanks for stopping by, Rusty. Take care.

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