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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bizarre and Creative Sand Castles

Growing up, my family and I only went to the beach a couple times, down in the state of Florida. When I was a wee, innocent lad (the only time I was ever wee or innocent), I would try my hand at building sandcastles but I never could seem to get anything to come close to remotely resembling a familiar structure. Nor would my "masterpieces" stay together long enough to be appreciated by either parent, in the hopes of gaining a compliment from either.

Oh fucking well. At least, I had fun wriggling my toes in the hot sand. I could not have given a fuck less about making decent sandcastles back then.

This was long before BP let loose it's far stretching oil monster on the people down there and elsewhere in the Gulf. Now, a lot of people are afraid to swim and/or not allowed to swim at some of the most popular beaches in that once-beautiful massive area in the south. With tourism down along those coastal towns, people in the Gulf region are presently losing their spirits and livelihoods.

Anyway, as I've grown older, I've really began appreciating more the clever and imaginative ways people have been expressing themselves in art- in any form. I was watching the news a couple days ago and saw some video of a recent sandcastle contest in one of those southeastern coastal states. What I saw in this video were some really cool sand sculpture masterpieces. Don't ask me the name of the official contest or where, exactly, it took place. I don't know. I have enough trouble remembering how many days in a row I've worn the same underwear. I usually go by how deep the crust is down at the bottom.

But back to the meat of this subject... The contest I saw inspired me to peruse the Internet for some truly innovative sand sculptures. Calling them sandcastles just wouldn't do them any justice or make any sense. I saw these photos here and there and they provoked a mental response from me. Each one, I found, is unique for one reason or another.

Let me know what you think or feel about any or all of them. What do you see? I also will add that a few of these sculptures are obviously a reference to several pop culture phenomenons. Here ya go!

The End.


The Wolf said...

Nice sand castle thingy's. I never had the patience to for something like that. I would start to make one, get pissed off at it ten minutes later and kick it apart, then dig a pit to trap people in.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Never thought about digging a pit to trap people in. Sounds like a good time could be had. I guess the next logical step, after you've collected enough folks, is to fill the pit with fresh poop.

The Wolf said...

Poop.........hmmmmmm never thought of that one. I usually just filled it back up with sand once the pit was full.

Kelly said...

Well, next time, go with poop. The prisoners have to have something to eat, after all. Don't wanna be cruel or anything.

klahanie said...

Okay, I'm a bit late in the proceedings on this one. But, lucky you, I am here now.
Prepare to meet thy 'dune'.
Hey those sand sculptures are very impressive. It's a shame they go to all that effort and then the fucking things wash away. I can just see the day when some poor sand sculpturer type person creates the most awesome sandy thing ever! Then it turns out that every goddam camera and video recorder stops working and the most awesome sandy thing ever! gets shit on by a flock of nasty seagulls and washes away into obscurity.

Kelly said...

klahanie- I can see that scenario you described with the sand sculptures happening pretty easily. lol. All that work... washed away. Hmmm... nice. Hurry! Take the pic! Take the goddamn pic! The tide is coming in again, Wifey!

Late or not (as if I've never been late to comment- haha), thanks for commenting and have a sandy dandy day, friend.

Lana Gramlich said...

I'm always amazed at some of the sand constructions people build. Not to mention spending all of that time & energy, only to have the sculptures knocked down by a backhoe at the end of the day!

Kelly said...

Lana- Yeah, I am, too. Amazed at both of those things, that is. I guess it's a labor of love kind of deal. The only thing they have to show for their creations is pictures and video and maybe, more importantly, the memories of having built those incredible sculptures. Who knows?

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