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Friday, July 2, 2010


In these posts, I will ask an established blogger 5 questions that may range from the downright silly to the depraved to the serious. It is up to the highlighted blogger of the particular post to answer the questionnaire however they want.

Next up is Penny, my fifth blogger to participate in my 5 QUESTIONS series.

Penny authors an exciting and well written erotica blog called Vineyard Road. On her blog and other places on the net you'll find her high quality, enticing and addictive erotic fiction just the stuff to get your juices flowing. Check out Vineyard Road for a "Happy Hour" and then some.

Here are Penny's 5 QUESTIONS and answers.

* Being a writer who writes erotic stories, would you ever consider creating a sensual tale involving Winnie-The-Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet? If so, what would it be like?

Haha... funny, funny... um... no. Because I know that you are a faithful reader of Vineyard Road, I know that you know that ... that story would never happen. My erotica is classy... Master Heathen... classy...! And besides, child pornography is completely taboo in my world, along with non-consensual anything.

* What's the funniest thing you've ever done with a kitchen utensil?

The funniest thing? Hhhmmmmm .... that could be the time I had my ass flipped like a pancake with a spatula... or it could be the time, I had said spatula sticking out of my pants like a rooster's tail... or .... shaving my first boyfriend's beard with a carrot peeler. Those things were pretty funny... now... erotic... that's a whole *other* story!

* If you were to suddenly stumble upon a haystack-sized bag of weed, what would you do? Sell it to feed the poor? Enjoy a leisurely game of table tennis with an imbecile? Jump up and down, while yodeling (can be tricky)? Or something else. Think hard about this one. The weight of the world rests upon your shoulders. I farted.

Stumble upon ...? What the hell were you doing in my backyard, Heathen?? Oh.. and ... that fart of yours.... is making my eyes water... take it outside next time, would you please?

* What is the oddest thing someone has ever written to you?

A lady once left a note in my mailbox, saying that she wanted to clean my house because she was Russian. WTF??

* If MaryAnn and Ginger lured Gilligan into the jungle and raped him, would anyone hear his screams of pleasure or pain? If so, what would they hear, exactly?

Remember, Heathen... no... non-consensual... ANYTHING...!! Now... if Gilligan was a willing participant.... well...

Thank you, Penny, for your participation in 5 QUESTIONS.


Mr. Stupid said...

The fourth one was pretty weird. I wonder how being a Russian made her want to clean a house.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Kelly for inviting me to participate! This was fun!

Of course, no one in their right mind turns down the Master Heathen... ;-)

One of The Guys said...

Loved it!
And she is a damn good writer!

Crazy Brunette said...


I'm totally into hearing about Mary ann, Ginger and Gilligan!!!!

Hell yes bitch!

klahanie said...

Hello to Penny,
Glad to see that Kelly, the 'Heathen' asked you to give your insight into his questions that will most definitely make a major impact for the inevitable betterment of mankind and purple unicorns.
I reckon you might have had a great time with the millionaire dude on Gilligan's Island. Evidently, the fucker who played the millionaire, was the voice of Mr. Magoo.

The Wolf said...

I wonder if that Russian was really an ex KGB operative and by "clean you're house" they meant blow some shit up?

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid- Now that's a good question. Perhaps the answer will be found in the GOOD BOOK. You know... "101 Tasteless Dirty Jokes". I always use that one as a reference for everything in the Universe.

Kelly said... You're welcome, Penny. And you're right... How can anyone in their right mind turn down the wishes of the Almightly Handsome and Quite Nicely Evil Master Heathen?

Heheheheh. Hey, thanks for the shout out/linkback to my blog, Penny. That was very cool of you!

Kelly said...

One of the Guys- Ahhh... I finally have a chance to sneak off to BloggyWorld. Have to be quick, though. The wife is due home any second.

And yes, that Penny gal is a damn fine writer... I agree. And btw, you're up next.

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- Not to worry, CB. I'll write a "nice" story about Gilligan and friends on the blog, soon. But I'll leave out that part about the Skipper forcing Gilligan to take it up the ass as punishment for his latest goof.

I have no morals, whatsoever.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Who would you rather "do?" MaryAnn or Ginger?

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I bet you're right about that Russian being a spy. I think you should look into this and report back, possibly take them out and then have your story made into a movie.

klahanie said...

I think I might like to do the millionaire's wife.
Okay, to answer your question. Ah, another question from Kelly.
I quite fancy doing MaryAnn. I reckon the she would be one hell of animal in the bedroom or on the beach, or anywhere, really.
And who would you do? Gilligan, the Skipper, or both? lol

Kelly said...

Ha ha, Gary. You know I want the monkey. Imagine a threesome with Mr. and Mrs. Howell. AAAAHHH! Yes, that was me screaming... not shooting a wad, sicko. lol.

Seriously, MaryAnn was always my first choice. She just seemed like she would be more grateful for the boinking, plus she looked better and seemed less apt to have a sexual disease like the Hollywood Harlot, er, I mean Starlet... Ginger. I've really put some thought into this, as you can see. :-)

Anonymous said...
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