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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Her

Good news for all you guys out there. Finally, a gift you can give to that special someone that shows how much you care and how much style you've got up inside ya. Don't waste your money on candy or flowers.

I'm talking about Real Squirrel's Feet Earrings. Beautiful, affordable and quite fashionable. Your lady will be the talk of the town. And if ya go to this website, you can order the Real Squirrel's Feet Necklace to match the earrings.

What joy you'll bring to your significant other! Expect to be showered with kisses when she receives this! Woo Hoo!


cathy said...

Wow. All I can say to this is "take me, Romeo!"

Me-Me King said...

So, I'm surprised there's nothing in beaver, like a nice fat tail.

~Static~ said...

Q: Why did the squirrel scream?
A: 'Cause someone grabbed his nuts.

..and lopped off his feet.


Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Oh... how I laughed.
This summer a group of us went camping. While we were walking we stumbled upon a squirrel one of the girls hit while driving to the camp site. She nearly cried while I was doubled over telling her she should cut off its paw and put it on a key chain for better luck next time. Some people have an awful sense of humor. I call those people 'friends.'

Kelly said...

hahaha. I agree, those are friends. By the way, did your camp friend enjoy your chuckle over her squirrel slaying?

Have you ever had a mentally retarded person make a funny noise continuously in a crowded McDonalds.

This guy kept saying "Whoop"... "Whoop" ...."Whhhoooop!" My entire family started laughing uncontrollably. I ALMOST asked Whoop Boy's non-mentally ill friend if his mentally impaired buddy was about to take flight because he sounded like a helicopter. I know it's bad, but hey, it was a funny noise.

Kelly said...

Static: Why did freak grab a squirrel by the nads and lop off his feet?

Because he didn't want the screaming squirrel to run away while he fondled the squirrel's nuts while he was fuckin' up the ass and makin'it squeal like a pig.

Me-Me: If you're still reading this and haven't fainted yet.... If you want, I can surf the net for ya and try to find some nasty ass junkie ho's "beaver tail" necklace. Woo hoooo.

Damian (666) said...

Nice I wants it in my nose and the end of me wang, be my valentine?

~Static~ said...

Q: Why did the squirrel scream twice?
A: 'Cause someone grabbed his nuts. ..and lopped off his feet.

Then they lopped off his nuts. =|

Those are avail as either ear rings or mounted on a silver wedding band...squirrel nuts are quite versatile.

Gareth said...

Very fetching, can't believe I missed these.
My wife would've loved these!!!

Kelly said...

Hell, I'm only a month or so late in responding to these comments...

Damien: That sounds like a good time, putting that squirrel earring in your nose and wang. I know a crack ho named Susie Q who will be your valentine.

Static: I bought a pair for my wife. I pinned them on her nips, myself. Hee hee.

Gareth: There's always next year!

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