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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worse Than Sniffing Panties

When toe sucking and panty sniffing just isn't sick enough for some depraved fuckers, people will engage in the following fetishes and activities:

Furry Fandom

What is it? It's fucking bizarre, that's what it is. It involves a bunch of people dressing up as anthropomorphic animals or watching other freaks doing the same. Members of this fandom watch pornography of people dressed in animal suits, engaging in sexual acts while doing so (most of the time, they will be in a costume, themselves).

This fetish was highlighted on a TV show, not long ago. On an episode of "1000 Ways to die", they showed a reenactment and told a story about an idiot who is high on magic mushrooms, stumbling upon a group of these Furry Fandom weirdos in a secluded desert area. All of the participants were dressed as animals, getting it on, having a grand ol' time. The dude on mushrooms sees this and wants to get in on the bizarre action, as well. All members of the party push him away and he goes off into the woods nearby and finds a bear. A real bear. Gee... Can you guess what happens next? Yes, the drugged up freak tries to fuck the bear and is mauled to death as a result. Its funny because he deserved it. Its just too bad the rest of the party wasn't killed by the bear.

I have the video of this episode posted at the bottom of this page for a limited time. Click on the link beneath the video if the video isn't working. Sometimes it does. Sometimes not.


Being sexually attracted to people who suffer from deformities, such as amputees or inviduals having a baby head growing out of their armpit is called Teratophilia. There's a lot of pornography dedicated to this type of fetish.

There are some freaks with an extreme version of this fetish that will search for doctors to perform amputation on them for the sole reason of attaining sexual pleasure. They can come to me for the job. I won't charge a penny. I'll be more than happy to cut off their arms and legs and throw them in the river. After all, the human gene pool needs to be cleaned of more than just a few imbeciles. As they float, stumpy-as-all-get-out, down the Ohio River, I will be sure to shout, "Bon Voyage, Bob!" Get it? Bob.


This is a fetish found mostly in Japan. It involves sexual gratification around having a full bladder. In most cases, sexual climax coincides with the moment of relief and it is sometimes associated with other urine-related fetishes. Most pornography for this fetish is soft core and involves clothed women squirming about on chairs or whatever, looking uncomfortable as they struggle not to wet themselves.

Crush Fetish

This one involves the desire to see small insects or animals being crushed to death. It is illegal in the U.S. and United Kingdom. Pornography created for this often entails a woman crushing an animal beneath her feet, usually shown in slow motion replays. Really... Fucking... Sick.

These examples prove, yet again, that the human gene pool needs a good cleaning. That's all for now. Happy thoughts, everyone!


The Wolf said...

What ever happened to the good old days of just wanting to get your freak one with some hot chick, mabye her best freind and or mom. Or even watching a couple girls go at, but I guess that's too boring in today's world.

I guess you're not getting off unless a kitten is in a microwave and some midget named hank is using a cheesegrater on your balls these days.....this brings me to my next point what the fuck is wrong with humanity

By the way that zebra was kinda hot in the video :)

Tom Eagerley said...

Worse than sniffin' panties?
Everything is worse than sniffin' panties.
Personally I like to wear my girlfriends used panties under my own shorts. Then they become really worth sniffin'.
Does that make me a bad person Kelly?

Crazy Brunette said...


Where do you find this shit? I am speechless...

I've heard of the whole pissing on people and fetishes like that...


"OH yes, I'm stroking my cock while some bitch crushes a rabbit in stilettos..."

I thing I would choke on my own vomit!

I don't know why the animal dressing up thing is so wierd to you though...

I've dressed up as SEVERAL different things... Now, I think I draw a line at being fucked while wearing a flamingo costume... But a maid's outfit and fishnet hose...
You WOULD NEVER want to try that shit???

If you say NO, you are a lying SACK of dog shit!!!!

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
First of all, congratulations! You've made the big time in the world of blogging. You now have, my new friend and blogger heckler 'Tom' visiting your site. So, well done:-)
There's some pretty strange fetishes going on out there. I heard of one group of folks who can only get sexually aroused if they are covered in dog shit.
Suddenly being sprayed with the 'golden shower' don't seem quite so bad.

Kelly said...

@The Wolf Ah, people have amused themselves to death. Just like the song on the right talks about. I think people are constantly looking for new things to stimulate or distract themselves these days because they are so easily bored. That, and the world is in terrible shape right now. But man, people have just taken it to a whole 'nother level, creating "entertainment" from things that have nothing to do with entertainment. Like crushing an animal with your foot or fucking an amputee or someone in a bear costume.

Yeah, that zebra was kinda hot. :-)

Kelly said...

Tom Eagerly: Welcome to the fold. I wonder now, how long do you keep those panties on? Days, weeks or months. And when you say "worth sniffin", are we talking a putrid tuna smell or fresh morning daisy type of aroma?

I'll be visiting your blog for more fun soon.

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette: YOU'RE FUCKING SPEECHLESS??? Is this even possible? Why... there have been epic movies created on behalf of your ever crazy mouth. I remember. They won oscars for loudest entertainment. Hahahah.... I farted.

Seriously, though, the only costume I want to wear while "making the beast with two backs" is the one of a psychotic clown. That would be beautiful. What sensible female wouldn't want to have a go with that? :-)

I agree... a maid with fishnet hose? Sounds good to me. Now a maid in a bear outfit. Eh, not so much.

Take care, Ashley

Kelly said...

@klahanie/Better known as Gary... this guy has too many aliases... hmmm. Yes, I have noticed Tom the heckler (?) bloggers' comment and his visit. I plan on going to his site after I'm done here. :-) I had a pen pal friend from my old underground magazine days send me a VHS tape. It didn't have any labels on it, whatsoever. Knowing his sense of humor was ALMOST as twisted as mine, I was kinda afraid of putting the tape into the player and seeing something a little bad. It turned out that it was a LOT BAD. These people on the tape were eating and fucking with SHIT. Real shit. That was their fetish. They were actually pooping into each other's mouths and using shit as a lubricant for fucking. All I could do was watch in shock until I became so ill, I had to turn if off after five minutes.

The name of their fetish is called Coprophilia. That one's fucked up, too.

Mr. Stupid said...

There sure are many strange people out there. Crushing an insect and looking at it in slow motion must be gross. By gross, I mean gross for everyone including the woman, her feet, the camera guy, the woman's other feet and oh yeah, the insect!

Take Care!

Crazy Brunette said...

I must agree!

NO fucking bear costumes!!!

Well I wasn't ENTIRELY speechless... as you could plainly see.

OF course I'd have a go with a Psychotic fucking clown!

Kelly said...

@Ashley- Ha ha... yes, I could see. You would do a psychotic fucking clown? I thought you thought clowns were scary or something. LOL.

Hey, take care, Ash

Topm Eagerley said...

Hi Kelly. I don't have a blog as yet old boy.
They don't let us have blogs in here.
I've only just been allowed my own crayons! Chin-chin!

One of The Guys said...

I knew about two of those. I think I saw a Furry episode on "Family Guy" or some show like that. Funny!

Thanks for the education. What made you think of doing a post like this?

Kelly said...

Tom- Are you in a sanitarium, there, Tom? Are you wearing a restraint jacket, perhaps? You can tell me. I'm nutty as a loon, too. :)

Kelly said...

One Of The Guys- Furry episode on "Family Guy"? Haha. I wouldn't put that past them. They're really raunchy and funny on that show.

Well, I felt I had collected enough material on fetishes to make a post out of it. Perhaps there will be a chapter 2 to this one. I don't know. Also: I thought since fetishes are recognized as bizarre social behavior, I thought it would be perfect for this blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should judge people for thier sexual interests so long as those interests or fetishes do no harm to another non-consenting adult, thus in this case I would suggest that a 'Crush Fetish' where animals are hurt is clearly unacceptable but a little dress up (regardless what in) or some interesting use of bodily functions is totally fine. Just because you find something gross or unarousing sould be no reason for you to rant about and make inappropriate comparisons.


klahanie said...

Hey Rachel,
How's it going, eh? How's your sense of open-minded humour (humor)?
Oh my, I just farted......:)

Kelly said...

@Rachel- This site is all about pointing out the irregular activities, egos and societies in this funny ol' world of ours and joking around about them. I do the same with the supposed "normal" among us, too. Frankly, I don't care what what anyone does during their off hours.

@Gary- I can smell that fart all the way over here. I'm breaking out the air freshener. Take care, eh?

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